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Steelcase Leap Chair Review


Have you ever felt a stinging pain shooting up your spine while working at the office? I don’t know about you, but I have thought it a majority of times. During a typical work day, professionals spend around 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting at their office desk. As per the latest research, always sitting at a desk for a considerable period is detrimental for mental and physical health. I have also noticed that standing desks are now an integral part of various offices. But believe me; these standing desks are not so ergonomically designed. Even if they are ergonomically designed, they are quite expensive which your office cannot afford. This is where a Steelcase Leap Chair comes to the fore. Interestingly, having an ergonomically designed office chair is quite vital as it renders proper rest to your spine.

steelcase leap chair

Top reasons behind the practicality of opting for Steelcase Leap Chair

A work-friendly chair would significantly eliminate the stress on your spine. If you spend more than 6 hours at your work desk, then I should recommend that you opt for a Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair. This would ensure that you do not have any problems associated with your lower back. In the following section, I would highlight the significance of having a Steelcase Leap Chair in your workplace.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Offers a variety of options to fit your group

You are well aware of the fact that not all individuals are the same in your office. Whether tall or short, these chairs would ensure that there are plenty of alternatives for all. Interestingly, the weight, height, and sizes of your team members would vary. Ergonomic office chairs like the Steelcase Leap Chair would help you and your team members to adjust to the chair height. It has a height adjustment knob that works wonders for an individual. I have often reiterated that maintaining correct posture is of vital importance to a healthy body.

Moreover, this chair is also equipped with the revolutionary seat to tilt tension feature. This helps one to increase or decrease the springiness to recline a chair. Being equipped with a varied number of seat adjustments, it would help your team members to achieve their preferred level of comfort.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair

Encourages good posture

I have often seen a plethora of individuals suffering from spondylitis as a result of a bad attitude. Interestingly, the case history of many of these patients depicted that unfortunate seating position at the workplace is the main reason behind their illnesses. Using traditional office chairs can be detrimental to your health as it gives rise to poor posture. Poor posture can lead to various types of spine disorders. This is the reason that you should always opt for ergonomically designed chairs in your offices. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Black Chair is a classy product which is not only famous for its looks. It is also ergonomically designed and comes with an array of adjustments and style to benefit the team.

Flash Furniture High-Back Chair

The Steelcase Leap Chair creates a flexible team environment in your office

The Steelcase Leap Chair allows one to spin, move and rock. Doesn’t it sound enticing? Well, if you believe me, these chairs can go a long way in fostering a positive team environment. Group dynamics is an integral part of working in a team. If you want your team to be superior to others, then this ergonomically designed chair would be your best bet. Further, sitting on an ergonomic chair allows one to concentrate without distractions from discomfort. These chairs provide the team with comfort and flexibility, and you may notice a surge in their productivity levels.

office chair

These chairs are an excellent way to show appreciation for your team

Over the past few years, I have noticed how employees feel miserable due to long working hours at the office. But a recent study suggests that the discomfort emanating from the office chair is what makes an employee tired-both physically and mentally. This is where the flash furniture High-Back Chair can be an ideal option. Interestingly, the second most important feature of a versatile office chair should be its adjustability. Take the example of the Steelcase Leap Chair. It allows one to adjust the height of the chair as per the height of the desk.

Moreover, I have also noticed that one way to show a team your appreciation is making their health your utmost priority. Thus if you want your team to increase their productivity levels, gift them an ergonomically designed chair. On the flipside, investing in a comfortable and healthy working environment shows that your organization cares for its employees.

Height adjustment- the essential part of an office chair

It is a commonly observed fact that an office employee spends more time sitting in his office chair as compared to his cozy bed. This is the reason that these days, offices around the world are taking concrete steps in ensuring that each employee has access to an ergonomically designed chair like the Steelcase Leap Chair. So, why are most of the offices still doing away with traditional chairs? Have you ever given it a second thought? Well, the answer is quite simple. The ergonomically designed chairs are quite expensive. But when it comes to the health of the employees, nothing is much valuable before the prospect of their health. But as you see, a few organizations understand this.

steelcase leap v2

Interestingly, the Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is one such piece of office furniture that every employee would love. It includes advanced features like pneumatic adjustment, armrest adjustment, and also an adjustable tilt tension. However, speaking of features, none can beat the Steelcase Leap Chair. It has a properly adjusted seat tilting feature which ensures that the weight on your lower spine is evenly distributed. Moreover, a properly fixed seat height allows you to extend your arms properly. Also, this seat enables the employees to raise their height as per their comfort levels. This gives rise to a good posture and ultimately to good health.

steelcase leap chair

Another vital feature of this office chair is its seat-pan depth adjustment. Not many chairs in this price range have it. However, the Steelcase Leap Chair is equipped with this functionality. It is essential for you to note that this feature helps an individual to avoid sitting too far back or too now forward in their chairs while working in the office. On the other side, with the help of this feature, individuals with larger or smaller stature or varying body type can benefit holistically from this chair.

The exciting features of the Steelcase Leap Chair

If you want your workplace to be full of energy and productivity, then opting for the Steelcase Leap Chair would be a viable choice. It is because this chair not only supports your lower back and upper back, it is also available in a wide array of colors. Interestingly, it is equipped with a live back technology that exudes practicality in today’s context of increasing lower back problems and posture problems. Let’s take you through some of the fascinating features that this chair has in store for you.

steelcase leap chair v2

Arms telescope: This is a feature that most individuals die for. The arms telescope would help you to move in and out. Moreover, you can pivot and adjust up and down so that you can be in a position with the level of your desk. It also helps you to find a natural place which would help you to support your needs comfortably.

Recyclable: How often have you heard that an office chair is recyclable? Besides being ergonomic, this chair is also recyclable. It is also a great way to show some responsibility towards our environment. This also highlights the seriousness of the manufacturer towards serving humanity as a whole. The Steelcase Leap Chair is made of 30% recycled content, which is simply awesome. Moreover, it is up to 98% recyclable by weight.

steelcase leap review

Weight Limit: The Steelcase Leap Chair is one of those chairs which can easily support a large amount of weight. As per my personal preferences, this is one of the best chairs in the market. It is so because no other office chair in this price point supports up to 400 pounds of weight like this chair. Moreover, being ergonomic in its construction, this chair is one of the must-have furniture in your office.

Live back technology: It is one of the revolutionary technologies which would allow the back of the chair to mimic the movements of your spine. Haven’t heard of this feature yet? Well, let’s get you enlightened on this topic. It is one of those technologies which would help you to keep your discomfort at bay for the most part of the day. It corrects your posture also. The Steelcase Leap Chair is equipped with this kind of technology and hence exudes practicality to a buyer.

Comes equipped with recline support: The amount of push back your spine can control can be effectively handled by this versatile chair. Not only that, but it also facilitates the incorporation of adjustable arms. This would help you to eliminate misplace your wrist while being at an essential piece of work. On the other hand, with the presence of adjustable arms, you can easily find a supportive and natural position.

steelcase leap plus

Equipped with customizable lumbar: Have you ever heard of a chair that has lumbar support? Well, the Steelcase Leap Chair is one of those unique chairs that are equipped with this technology. By now, you must be wondering over the context of the lumbar bars in chairs. Well, worry not as I have got you covered. A lumbar can easily be positioned to fit comfortably in the curve of your spine. This would also help you with additional back support.

The firmness of your lower back: If you are on the lookout of AmazonBasics Mid-Back Black Chair, then worry not! You can easily find it in the online arena. But what about availing some much needed lower back firmness for your body? If you have answered yes, then the Steelcase Leap Chair should be your preferred choice. This would also help you to maintain the natural curve of your lower spine.

Some cons of the Steelcase Leap Chair

You must be thinking that an ergonomically designed chair equipped with latest features would hardly have any disadvantages. But this is not true. Everything has some good and bad aspects. This notion holds for the Steelcase Leap Chair too. It is no doubt a versatile chair that has an array of features. However, as an interested buyer, you must know about the downsides of this chair also. So, here is the list of some of the disadvantages of buying this chair.

  • In case the workers are not that educated or aware of how to use the vivid features of this chair, then it can pose a considerable threat to their posture. So if you are buying new chairs for your office, then it is essential that you conduct an awareness session of the various features of this chair. It may sound a bit worthless, but it is a valued piece of advice that I can give you
  • Do not opt for its semi-adjustable variant as it can pose more problems for your employees. Always ensure that you buy the Steelcase Leap Chair that has all the essential features imbibed in it
  • A 2-meter tall employee would hardly reap any benefits out of this chair. This is the reason that always opts for a chair that can suit the needs of a tall person

steelcase leap office chair

So, if you look at the disadvantages of this chair, there are not too many of them. The only problem associated with this chair is that all individuals cannot access it. However, there are various pros if you buy this chair. It would help your employees to stay fit and would also help your office to up the ante of productivity levels. Are you feeling excited to buy this chair? Head to Amazon and have a look at some of its exciting features that I have mentioned.  

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