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Permobil C300 Wheelchair Review


A wheelchair is a mobility wheeled device where the user can sit. The unit is either manually driven (by turning the wheels by the side) or through different automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by individuals who, owing to disease (physiological or physical), injury, or disability, walking is hard or impossible. A wheelchair helps individuals become more autonomous and mobile. Many distinct wheelchair kinds are used for different purposes. Understanding the constraints and secure operation of whatever wheelchair you choose is essential. Wheelchair mobility provides wheelchair users with possibilities to study, work, participate in social activities and access facilities such as health care. A suitable wheelchair, in addition to offering mobility, advantages users' physical health and quality of life by helping to reduce prevalent issues such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities and improvement of respiration and digestion.

Wheelchair users need a wheelchair that suits them properly and meets their particular requirements to guarantee efficient mobility. However, statistics indicate that around 10 percent of the world's population, i.e., approximately 650 million people, have disabilities, and about 10 percent of these require a wheelchair. It is therefore estimated that about 1% of the total population, or 10% of a disabled person, needs a wheelchair, i.e., people worldwide around 65 million use the chair.

You should have access to a complete seating evaluation from an occupational therapist or physiotherapist qualified in this field for someone who needs a wheelchair all or much of the moment. If you have special requirements, you need to have a professional evaluation to get the right chair and seat. You can use your GP or other health care professional to refer to your local wheelchair service.

Even if you don't need a professional evaluation, it's essential to recognize what your needs are to get the correct wheelchair to assist you in your conditions.

There are several factors to consider buying a wheelchair

  1. Your movement–That's your mobility capacity. It involves walking, relaxing, and standing in the chair, adjusting or shifting your body. You will need to consider how to get in and out of the chair, depending on your skill level. Can you walk a short distance? Can you stand up and sit securely? Will you have to transfer, maybe using a transfer board?
  2. Your tolerance–This is the length of moment you can tolerate doing something like standing, walking, or sitting, for example.
  3. Your balance–This is your capacity to stay constant when you're standing, sitting, and moving between the two.
  4. Your skin stipulation – is your skin intact and healthy at any possible pressure points? The appropriate pressure points could be your bottom and hips' bony prominences, your spine base, and your knees back. Any regions you lean on without relieving the stress, such as your shoulder blades and knees or forearms, can create a pressure ulcer. If you are going to spend a substantial amount of time in the chair and find it hard to ease the stress on these fields by moving around, you need to acquire appropriate pressure relief cushion.
  5. Your stance–that's where you're holding your body. You need to be able to keep a comfortable, stable, secure, and endorsed sitting position when using a wheelchair. To provide comfort and assist you in retaining your place, you may need unique pillows or support, mainly if your sitting tolerance is reduced.
  6. Your view, perception, remembrance, and cognitive ability – if you are losing your visual, perceptual, memory or cognitive skills, it is unlikely that a self-propelling manual chair is appropriate for you, but an attendant controlled chair could be more suitable.
  7. Your body height and weight–you'll need to look for a wheelchair that's suitable and secure for you if you're a very tall or big individual. Measure and correctly record your height and weight and check the information of the manufacturers. A tall person will need a chair capable of supporting longer legs, more extended spine, and potentially more significant feet-your limbs and body should be fully supported in the chair.

A wheelchair should add to your freedom and independence; it should make your comfort and well-being possible and not restrict the motion of your body or cause pain or pressure.

In case if you are planning to buy a wheelchair and you are confused to buy which, then do not worry Permobil C300 is the ideal choice.

This Permobil C300 Power Chair is fully loaded with 18 x 19-inch Deluxe Adjustable Rehab chair, move back and forth away R-Net Joystick with assistant Control, 14 inches Solid Drive Tires, up to 15 Miles Battery Range, and Electric slope lie back, Legs & 8 inch Seat Lift! This chair is as comfortable as you are on the air! The Permobil C300 Electric Wheelchair is a classic and has only a few rivals about ergonomics and adaptability. This is one of the individual's best-constructed energy chairs that likes Dependability, Comfort, and a Great Ride!

Permobil is a Swedish made wheelchair company that has been around for 40 years, and they strive to provide quality power chairs that are efficient and ready for today's activities. Permobil has global support and service, which guarantees the safety and positive wheelchair operation, through the lifetime of your mobility power chair. The company has been working with and for individuals with different types of functional disabilities for more than 40 years. It has met and got to know more than tens of thousands of individuals who outlined the facts of their handicaps and their dreams and needs.

This is the reason that Permobil products and services have been so successful. The company always concentrates on individuals and their needs. Products are the outcome of distinctive cooperation among customers, occupational therapists, and our entire organization.

Let us know about the Permobil C300 Wheelchair in detail

  1. A Permobil C300 is a motorized vehicle must be therefore used by people who have difficulty in walking. This wheelchair is designed to move automatically using joystick turning the front and rear wheels to the direction required. The wheel locks can be released to allow manual movement of the wheelchair in which anyone from behind can push it. Flexibility is one significant feature that can be obtained in this wheelchair.

permobil c300 weight

  1. Permobil C300 wheelchair is a chair with wheels to help people move around. It is used by individuals who have impairments that limit their ability to walk. It typically consists of a seat supported on two large wheels attached towards the back of the place and two small wheels (castors) in front near the feet, an excellent braking system, footrests, and a cushion. Also, it has removable armrests that can be slide whenever required. Before using this chair, it is advised for users to read instructions carefully, and incorrect use may harm the chair.

permobil c300 troubleshooting

  1. The Permobil C300 designed especially for people who have functional impairments. The chair is embedded with chassis that which supplies power to drive the function. The chair is designed considering all comforts a person who uses this chair. The chair comes with headrest, half rest, armrest, etc. with the equipment of drive package that consists of an electric motor accompanied with dive gear and wheel lock.

permobil c300 accessories

  1. While designing Permobil C300 every possible factors are considered, since it is equipped with two shock absorbers in standard position. The shock absorber makes the wheelchair suspension smoother. The chair cannot be adjusted when it is required, and it should be modified only with the help of the nearest service provider. The front and drive wheels are air-filled while the rear and guide wheels are made of rubber wheels. The wheelchair also installed with reflectors in all the bikes, these indicators are optional.

permobil c300 service manual

  1. The Permobil C300 wheelchair is embedded with batteries that are situated in under the wrap of the chassis. The battery replacement is easily accessible; thus, maintenance and battery replacement are not troublesome. This wheelchair comes with the main fuse which should be replaced if it is blown out. The main fuse is located beneath the front end of chassis. Wherein the charging socket is placed on top of the control panel. The blown out main fuse must be replaced only by the experts.

permobil c300 battery

  1. As per experts Permobil C300 the service and maintenance should be carried out only that is stated in manual. The Permobil's company technician must perform other all functions and safeguarding. The service on the Permobil C300 wheelchair must be performed only using gloves and goggles as it might lead to personal injury. The batteries of the wheelchair must be charged in a ventilated room but not in closet also it should not be charged in wet places such as the bathroom.

permobil c300 parts

  1. The entire wheelchair is operated with a joystick that regulates the wheel to front, back, or turn and brake. Proportionally moving the joystick forward and backward can control the movement. The wheelchair can be turned left and right, moving the joystick to the same. In case if the wheelchair has to be stopped, the joystick has to be transferred to the neutral position. To warn others who are approaching near.

permobil c300

  1. In case if your wheelchair needs to be in motionless, then the wheel has to be locked. The wheelchair has to be switched on before locking the wheel. To perform that it is necessary to follow specific steps in which a key should be inserted and taken from the panel outlet, the speed indicator will wave up and down. This indicates the wheelchair has been locked. In case if the wheels have to be unlocked like same, the key should be inserted and removed, the speed indicators will remain constant and thus it will be ready to drive further.


  1. The wheelchair is designed for the usage of both indoor and outdoor. When driving indoors, you must observe care when driving in, for example, narrow passageways, when passing through doors and entryways as well as when using elevators, ramps, etc. Also, be conscious of the risk of things getting caught in the machinery when you use the electrical seat lift and tilt in particular when the wheelchair has been run under the table.

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  1. Permobil C300 wheelchairs can recline or tilt in the room. These would assist someone with weak upper body strength or back and hip pain experiences and need to rest.

These are two distinct mechanisms for motion. There is a reclining back on the reclining chairs, but the seat stays static. It may be necessary to lift leg rests on making this a comfortable choice.

Quantum Q6 Edge Power Wheelchair

  1. The footrests on a chair could be used when sitting in the chair, but when moving in and out of the chair should be shifted out of the manner. Usually, the footplates swing to the side and flip out of the way. Your feet should not' dangle' but be backed by the footplates, thereby stopping all the weight of your legs from being carried on your thighs back. Usually, there are heel straps connected to the footrests that cup your heels and prevent backward slipping off your feet. If you find them inconvenient, these can be withdrawn. If you have unusually large feet, this can happen.

Permobil C300



A wheelchair helps individuals become more autonomous and mobile. Many distinct wheelchair kinds are used for different purposes. Understanding the constraints and secure operation of whatever wheelchair you choose is essential. Out of another brand, this Permobil Wheelchair is ruling in the market. Hopefully, now you might get a clear idea about the product.


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