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Lorell Executive High Back Chair Fabric Review


In this contemporary lifestyle, we all are busy doing our jobs. Some of us are working from home, and at the same time, some go to the office and another workstation. So now considering the substantial and more intense workload, we need a better sitting position, and in general, there is a chair everywhere to sit.

However, are they comfortable enough? Are they providing ultimate relaxation? Are they flexible enough to bear all your movements? All these questions arise in our mind when we think of working for several hours by sitting in any chair. After all, your health conditions should be right all the time for better work efficiency. In this early 21st century, there is still a lot of places where the old, traditional, and painful chairs are being used for working purpose. You can not compromise with your comfort after paying an amount for any chair.

We should have very conscious about the performance and reliability of the product what you are going to purchase. In this case, we are here to offer you such a great product, which you can not believe in unless and until you use it by yourself. We are presenting the Lorell high-back chair mesh black fabric seat, a modern age chair that gets all the requirements of the users fulfilled. You won't believe how reliable this is in daily life usage. This chair is very comfortable to use. Its stability and excellent build quality will impress you at the very first glance. You need not worry about further back pains or any severe health issues.

The metals and the plastics that are used in this chair are of high quality, that will give you seamless, comfortable experience for a more extended period. So many people are adopting this chair for them as they find it more useful while doing long working sessions.

Along with a high build, its ergonomics curved backrest gives much more comfortable than any other old traditional chair. This chair is being made by considering the perfect human body posture. Several experienced scientists had combinedly made the outlay of this chair for better user experience.

This chair comes with so many extra features. The net backrest is given for better breathings and proper ventilation so that you will not get messed up with your sweats all-around your outfit. This smart feature comes handy when you are working in a relatively warmer condition. The net structure also gives this a different and more attractive look.

Considering the users multi-tasking process, we have provided a wheelbase to this chair. The five stars shaped wheelbase gives this more stability in comparison to the old four-footed chairs, which are also able to move smoothly. You have to leave from your sitting position, and then you have to move your chair in those cases. But this advanced chair takes care of the requirements of the users and helps the user to save their valuable time.

This chair also comes with god quality hand rests or armrests at both sides. The quality and the joint of the armrest with the main body of this chair seems stronger than any other. For a wide range of activities and for making your work more smoother these armrests come with 2D movements. You can move the armrests back and forth for better working position. The armrests have a spring connection mechanism that gives this a nice feel while keeping the hands on these.

When it is all about your comfort, how can we skip any feature in this product? We have provided all the possibilities that can be given in a working swivel chair. This chair also comes with neck rest that will provide support to your neck from the backside. You do not have to get worried about any further painful neck pain during long working sessions. This given neck rest is also adjustable that you can adjust this as your height and requirement.

Then coming to the main sitting base, this can also be adjustable. Don't get worried about your height. This can be fitted with any people of any height range. You need to pull the lever that is given below the sitting base Land you will be ready to go. The portion of the chair is the most substantial part of the chair, so this part is welded and bolted correctly with the frame of the chair. This can carry a large amount of weight. So people of different weights can get fitted easily in this chair. The working experience is going to be comfortable and efficient when you will use this chair as your working companion.

The wheels are not made of ordinary plastics. These wheels are made up of high-quality plastics that it has the ability to withstand in heavy and rough usage for a long time. These wheels are durable enough to sustain against any water and moisture invasions. So stay stress-free about the life span of this chair. You are paying an amount for this means it's our priority to provide good quality in the product and as well as excellent customer support.

Then coming to the cushion part, we would like to tell you that these cushions are high-quality rubber material and these are durable with heavy usage. The looks and the finishes of the pillows are amazing. You can find the high precision that has been done to the edges and the stitching. The crafting is impressive and outstanding in the cushion department. This chair will give you ultimate comfort along with a great look and feel. This will enhance the appearance of your set up without any saying. The colour options that come with this chair are also really fresh and will improve the aesthetics to the maximum level.

Adjustable Armrest:

We care for the best user experience of our customers. By giving 2-D adjustable armrests, we have made this product an excellent option for the users. Those armrests allow the perfect placement and fittings for all the users. Depth, Width, Height and angle can be adjusted with these armrests for a more comfortable experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Height):

Not only the armrest but also the total centre portion can be adjusted with various levels. The height is adjustable from 49 cm to 58 cm for better accommodation of users of all heights. So stop worrying about height issues, you will not face any painful experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Tilt):

Nowadays in each gaming chairs manufacturer are providing height adjustments. But tilt adjustments are not standard to see in the market. It's back, and forth mechanism in the seat are providing maximum comfort for several hours worth of better working experience.

Box contents:

Inside the box, we are not providing any unnecessary kinds of stuff which will not be useful for the user. We pack our product with two-layered protection. We use enough bubble wrapper to ensure that the product inside the box should not have to get damaged while shipping.

The box includes one number of the chair, some nuts and bolts to fit all the parts correctly, as the chair comes with 2 to 3 pieces to consume lesser space and to avoid customs charges.

Beside the chair, we are providing a user manual. The buyer should follow the user manual to know how to fit all the parts of the chair properly without damaging the chair and causing any kind the injuries to themselves. We describe the simplest way to assemble the chair. By following the manual one can easily set up the whole process within no time.

Keeping the chair and user manual aside we also provide a warranty leaflet. Showing it to us you can avail our after-sell services. We try our best to give our customers the best value service in terms of products as well as customer support.


This chair is made up of high-quality plastic mesh. So it can carry various amount of load. So many people can get fitted in this without any issue. The durable wheels can last for years with no wear and tear.

Then comes to the padding part. The provided cushions are made with high precision and with beautiful architecture that it will able to give you comfort as well as durability. These can resist water splashes, which means it will not take any damage due to water, sweat or dust particles.

We are so much confident about our product that we are giving a lifetime warranty on its metal frame with domestic usage.

All these materials and manufacturing process makes this chair to withstand in any invasions that may occur to it. The five-star shaped base provides this ultimate stability, unlike other four-footed chairs.

Product dimensions:

This chair is made up of durable plastic material to keep it healthy as well as help the user to carry it from anywhere to another place. This chair is lightweight and compatible in any size of the room. This chair weighs 48.4 pounds and a total of 51.8 pounds with all the box contents. The dimensions of this chair are 31.9 x 23.8 x 14.4 inches length, width and height, respectively.

Available colours:

We are providing various colour options to the buyers so that they can choose their favourite colour combination to make a perfect buy. Along with high performance, this also has a great look which will enhance and magnify your working set up. This chair comes with a full black colour that looks classic. If you want to add a bit more fun, then we also providing black colour with funky and highlighted white coloured strips at the backrest.

Warranty and pricing:

While providing high performance, we have not forgotten about the wallet of the customers. We have designed it with such a technique that will demand much from you. You can choose different colours, and you may get a little bit of the fluctuation in the price depending upon the availability and colour options. It will just cost you 169$ in the offer, and we are hoping that that price will not burn your pockets at all.

Now coming to the warranty, we always have promised to provide best after-sale service that the buyer will not face any problems after buying this chair. We are offering a limited lifetime warranty on the metal parts of the chair for domestic usage. We are assuring you that you will not get disappointed by our customer support.

The bottom line:

In a market full of competition, we have always tried to give the best service through our product. Being one of the leading chair manufacturers, it's our responsibility to take care of the customers. With such feature-rich conditions, this product costs less than any other similar product present in the market. We are delighted to provide the best and world-class facilities to the users with such an affordable price point that any user can go for it, considering the feature to price ratio. The extended additional limited lifetime warranty makes this product more reliable. With extra padded armrest, head and lumber pads, this will give you ultimate working experience.

The 360-degree full rotation and the tilt adjustments are making this chair more user-friendly. The height, width adjustments are the icings on the cakes that there will not be any problem appeared for different heights of people.

Along with all the features, the look and feel are also very much appealing that anyone can grab this for their home, office or any other working place. So not doing any further delay, grab this deal and enjoy doing your work sitting comfortably in this chair.

To make your day better and for having delightful working experience, you must look for this product that will not make your wallet lighter than before.

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