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Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 Review




- Exclusive Features of The PC-8500 Power Zero-Gravity Recline Perfect Chair:

- A precise zero-gravity experience through Human Touch ZeroG™ Technology

- Dual motor for independent back and leg rest adjustment. You can raise leg rest separately!

- One-touch zero-gravity (Go To Zero)®

- Recline to PROZero™ - BEYOND zero-gravity to experience an unprecedented range of motion of recline and elevated leg positions.

- Built-in ergonomic control panel with two personal memory settings

- Articulating headrest with adjustable head pillow

- Molded contour lumbar support

- Memory foam armrests

- Fully upholstered base

- Battery back-up safely restores chair upright in a power outage

- New Chairs include a 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty. (90 Days Parts Warranty for Refurbished)

- One Year Parts and Labor Warranty on New Chairs.

- Ground USA Curbside shipping is included in the price.

- Chair delivery, setup and box removal included in San Diego

- Upright Chair Dimensions    41"L x 35"W x 45"H

- Reclined Dimensions    62"L x 35"W x 29"H

- Operating Voltage    AC110-120V 60 Hz

- Power Consumption    70 Watts

- Product Weight    113 Lbs.

- Maximum Load Weight    285 Lbs.

- Recline Angle    125 - 177 degrees

- Seat Width    24"

According to the brand-

The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 zero-gravity recliner provides more recline positions than any other chair. It has a smooth power recline that transcends you into the precise doctor recommended neutral posture position we call ZeroG®. The breakthrough PROZero® mode reclines you into a deeper relaxation position beyond ZeroG, improving circulation and relieving muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue. Only the precision-crafted PC-8500 takes wellness and comfort to the next degree to further ease the pressure off the spine and elevate your legs to a higher level.

Adjustable Neck Pillow

Provides custom comfort and ergonomic support

Articulating Headrest

Allows users to prop their head forward for different viewing angles

PROZero Mode

PROZero mode allows you to recline back beyond zero-gravity for additional spinal decompression and relaxation

Independent Back and Leg Rest

Dual motor allows users to experience an unprecedented range of motion and a variety of elevated leg positions

Matching Upholstered Base

Provides a streamlined and elegant look perfect for any room décor

Battery Back-Up

Safely restores chair to an upright position in a power outage

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 is an affordable recliner model from the brand but falls into the category of an expensive recliner in the market.



The first thing is the Zero Gravity mode. You can activate it through the control panel that has a button dedicated for it. The zero gravity position is to take the burden off your spine. As a result, it helps reduce soreness, aches, muscle tension, etc. It aids in the expansion of the chest for easy breathing. Plus, since in a reclined position, it helps in blood circulation to the heart. The beauty about the chair is that it reclines beyond the zero gravity position to further 6-7 inches of depth. For this, there is a button on the control panel. It mainly helps to ease back pain, less pressure on spinal discs between vertebrae that enhance the relaxation of the back, and vertebrae remain hydrated due to extra water and blood flow in them.

The control panel is user-friendly and can be used to customize the functions according to the activity you are doing, like maybe watching TV. The interface has been designed well, allowing users to control the functions from the decently sized buttons. It has two memory buttons. The memory buttons can perform functions saved from previous activities. This feature comes handy when you have favorite functions on the chair or multiple users using the chair.

There are buttons to raise or lower leg positions, incline or recline the chair and many other positions with variations. There is a button to instantly come back to the upright position from the zero gravity. Such functions have been incorporated to provide ease to the users from natural inclines and recline and upright positions, however, the user likes.

The chair comes with a battery reserve source. In situations where the power source is not available, the chair utilizes the battery resource. Also, the chair would go back to its upright position removing any chances of injuries. Compared to its other and previous models, Human Touch has done away with its usual regular power source. It is probably as a safety feature in case of any natural calamities. It also prevents the chair from suddenly collapsing and causing potential injuries.

Unlike most chair which comes with a single motor where you can adjust the back and leg rests with just one mechanism, the chair comes with a dual motor feature. It allows users to change back and leg rests independently, have multiple options for recline for a tremendous amount of positions for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The dual motor feature allows you to perform different activities while you relax. For example, a verticle angle while watching TV, a horizontal position while taking a nap or raising your legs after a long day at work.

With the increase of using the internet and working on the laptop for long hours, people tend to slouch, which leads to lousy spine position and often backaches. The Human Touch PC 8500 comes with molded back support, which provides support to the spine to prevent it from a back injury and back pain. The lower spine tends to slump because of the enormous pressure it takes when sitting down. The support cushion in this massage chair allows for a straight and neutral position for the spine, reducing stress on the lumbar spine. Health experts have always encouraged molded back supports for a good sitting position. Constant pressure on the lumbar area can lead to back pain, thus making you bedridden, a case prevalent these days.

The headrest and the pillow placed have been positioned and designed well. It offers good cushion as support and relaxation for the user. It prevents neck pain and stress on the neck area. By the way, you can adjust the headrest which can be put in multiple positions. The pillow on the headrest provides extreme cushion support to the user. So, now whether read a book, browse online on your laptop do all of it with ease.


Everything about this chair is to love. Even the armrests have been designed to provide comfort and relieve the tension of the elbows and forearms.  Many chairs do not come with armrests. With such chairs, even in the sitting positions without reclining the chair, the arm has to take a lot of stress. The armrests come with ample space for users of different sizes to comfortably place their arms on them.


- Premium massage chair

- Multiple recline positions

- Premium leather quality

- Enhanced zero gravity feature

- Independent back and leg rest adjustments

- Aids blood circulation

- Prevents backaches, back pains, sores, stress, fatigue, muscle tension

- A durable and comfortable chai


- Price range

- Needs space to the chair

- Limited color options

Let us first bring in a few user questions and answers before diving into the verdict-

Can I buy a remote for this chair?

The control panel is attached to the chair.

Is this bonded leather?

No these are Not a Bonded Leather. They are a Genuine TOP Grain Leather.

Is the chair comfortable?

Yes, very comfortable. Everyone in my family wants to sit in it.

What is the weight limit for this chair?

These are tested to 285 lbs.

Is it made from non- toxic and sustainably harvested components?

They have made the Fabric version tweed

They have the leather version of top-grain leather

Do you have or know of any company that has a Zero Gravity recliner with a weight capacity up to 450 lbs?

The Perfect Chairs are not tested to this weight capacity. The newer models are tested to 400 but not 450.

What is Seat depth measurement?

The seat depth is 22".

Is the 3-year warranty available for Amazon purchases? sometimes buying on amazon voids warranties

Yes, BACKSTORE is an Authorized Retailer so it has the full factory warranty plus you can order extended warranties from us as well.

Would a 5'2'' person be able to find a setting that is comfortable for her?

I am 5'2- bought the chair for my husband- he loves it - I think for me it is not comfortable in that my feet dangle off of it in the upright position- it is comfortable in the recline position.

How high is the seat?

From seat to ground is 20."

Is the massage shiatsu or vibration?

Hello! It is not a massage chair at all, but rather a zero gravity chair. Think of it as the most comfortable and healthy recliner you could sit in — and way better for your spine!

Do any of these chairs come in a rocker recliner model?

Sorry, no the PC-8500 does not rock.

Does it have heat?


Is this an FDA certified medical device?

NO this is not a medical device.

What height was the chair developed for? Will a very tall person's feet hang over the footrest?

6'5 customers have expressed much delight sitting and reclining on these chairs.

Can additional lumbar support be added "behind" the seat back? Also, will the jade heat kit work with this chair?

Hello! Unfortunately, the jade heat it is only for the Perfect Chair 420 and 610 models, as well as the memory foam. Have you looked at those chairs?


Few user reviews that people have found useful-

First user review-

A chair, very comfortable, and the dual motors make finding the perfect position a breeze. My only con with it is that it requires the chair to be a good 2' from a wall, which makes placement difficult.

Second user review-

An excellent chair does what it says it does. The 2 independent motors make the difference. Endless positions to find your happy spot, and once you find your comfortable place, there are two memory buttons so you can't go wrong. Delivery was a breeze; it was here on time, with no fuss. Yes, the chair is expensive, but it feels well made, the leather is top quality. It's not a plush recliner where you plop down and sink in, it's firm yet comfortable, but if you're taller than 6' 2" then I'd opt for a newer more substantial model if offered...

Third user review-

Love the chair. Works great quality leather .but being out in the center of the room, they have covered the back flaps with huge white "content and warning tags" that you can see to the back of the flaps. Notice they do not show pictures of the back. They warn you if you try to remove them you may void the warranty.

It is challenging to put back on the chair. Pieces of foam in the slot. Best to have someone laying on the floor to aline the brackets, and guide them in.

The chair's self is excellent.


So the final question is that does it deliver? What is our verdict?

It delivers, and it provides high. Human Touch has earned itself a high reputation with its innovative technologies and premium manufacturing and design qualities. But, because of its premium range of products, the price range is also accordingly.

Despite the not so affordable pricing, the chair has given remarkable results and rightfully so. Coming from a reputed brand and with functions with multiple options, it provides ease and comfort to the user. Apart from that, the Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500  has helped people to get rid of back pains, backaches, straighter spines, better postures, and many more.

If you are thinking to correct your spine, cure back pains, backaches, and have the money to spend, do not think twice this chair is for you. Check out the chair on Amazon as it always has some fantastic deals.

If you are looking for massage chairs and not a zero gravity chair you might want to check out Osaki os-4000cs, Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h, Osaki os-3d pro.

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