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HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion Review


Product description for HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat, Zone Control (Targeted Spot, Full, Lower & Upper Back), 3 Massage Styles (Percussion, Kneading & Rolling), Remote & Integrated Strapping System:

Day by day we are getting smarter than before, and we do lots of work on any working day. We travel a lot. Try to explore the world. We plan our trip to several places. In all these incidents, most of the time we get tired. Doing too much work by sitting in a particular position for a more extended period or frequent journey give us body pain and another related health issue. In the process of making our lifestyle productive, these obstacles do not let us do so. We need to go to the massage centre many times in a month. That things take lots of our valuable times and also most of the time, those processes cost a lot to us, that we can not afford them all the time. To stay fit and to get health-conscious, we adopt several techniques and end up by not finding to resolve all those problems correctly. Here we are presenting you the HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion, that will fulfil all your needs and requirements just by making you sitting at your home. This product is an ultimate combination of medical science with excellent engineering. The reliable and soft build quality of this product will give you extreme comfort as well it is durable at the same time. This massage chair is not less than any magic chair. The only thing what you have to is sit in this chair and control it digitally by remote or manually as per your convenience, and you will be relaxed with the help of this massage cushion.

This massage cushion is versatile. At once, it can do massage in three different ways and with different variations. The user can choose the style they need for their body. From essential to intense massage, it will give the user complete satisfaction.

When it comes to the heat-producing system, this cushion produces soothing heat. This smart feature is very much user-friendly because you never want to burn your back by excessive heat. This controlled amount of heat gives comfort to the tight back muscles.

This is nothing specific that you will have pain in the whole back are all the time. Injuries are different types of, and they cause on a different part of our body. Sometimes our upper body needs a massage, and sometimes our lower body needs a massage, and sometimes our whole backside needs a massage. So what could be the solution to that? Well, you do not have to worry about that. This feature-packed cushion also has another smart feature that is called zone control mechanism. This will allow you to focus on any specific area where you need a massage. That feature comes handy when you need a quick massage session in your particular required body parts.

This cushion also comes programmable hand controls that allow the user for customization and convenience.

When it's about the fitting of the cushion, we have not made any compromise with this product. Although we are not providing any chair with it, that means we have made this product to stand out in greater diversity. You grab this massage cushion and fit it with any chair, and you will be ready to go. No issue will happen while adapting it to any chair. For better fitting, we are providing an integrated strapping system, that will help the cushion to get equipped with most of the standard chairs.

Discussing more the zone control system we would like to tell you that you can select massage for your full back, lower back, or upper back. You will also get an option to spot massage.

Keeping the smart functionalities aside, when we come to the build quality of this massage cushion, it will make you happy by its precision-designed edges and the soft foams with the durable cover. The backside of the pillow is designed with a breathable mesh that will give you some extra comfort, and by doing proper ventilation, it will help you not to get messed with your sweat.

Keeping all the requirements and needs of the user, we have designed this massage cushion with high engineering that will make your day better.

The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with produced Heat will be your masseuse. With types of three massage styles and a convenient zone control feature, this massage cushion gives you the control of your massage experience. Whether youre looking for an invigorating percussion massage, a deep, muscle-kneading massage, or a gentle rolling massage, the Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion is for you.

Three massage styles in one cushion that are kneading, percussion, and rolling

Soothing heat provides comfort for tight back muscles

Zone control lets you focus your message on specific areas

Programmable hand control for convenience and customization

The integrated strapping system fits most standard chairs

3 Massage Styles:

The percussion action massage rushes up and down, delivering an intensely relaxing experience.

Zone Control:

Select your massage for your full back, lower back, or upper back. You can also choose a spot massage.


The hand control is programmable, allowing you to create your own custom massage experience.

Soothing Heat:

Choose the soothing heat option for additional relaxation. This feature can be turned on and off.

Strapping System:

Its integrated muscular system matches with most standard-sized chairs and can prevent the cushion from moving.

Breathable Fabric:

The breathable back mesh works as an additional feature over the massage mechanisms that keeps you comfortable.

Product Description:

The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion comes complete with soothing heat and varying massage styles perfect Fi technology allows you to set the massage range to the height that's perfect for your back3 massage zonesAdvanced 4-way massager including kneading, percussion, dual and rolling2 speed settings.

Manufacturer Contact Information:

quality and customer service team is 800-466-3342

Features & details:

THREE MASSAGE STYLES: you can choose from the three distinct types of massage styles with this Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion. For a fast, more relaxing and refreshing massage want the percussion set. For an in-depth and more effective muscle massage, choose the kneading setting. For a gentle, comforting massage, choose a rolling background. With three massage styles to choose from, you can customize your massage to your needs for faster relief from stress, tension, and sore muscles

SPECIALIZED ZONE CONTROL: Treat yourself with a completely customizable massage with this zone control feature. Besides selecting the massage style, you can choose to focus your massage on some areas of your back, including the full-back, lower back, and upper back. For targeted pain or tension, choose the spot massage feature to concentrate your massage on a single point on your back. The specific zone control feature allows you to have complete control over your massage.

SOOTHING HEAT: The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushions heat feature will help you to further relaxation of your muscles and to melt away the tension. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles and tissue in your throughout your entire back. Turn on the heat to improve your massage experience and fatigue tired muscles. The heat will help to stimulate blood flow and promote healing

EASY TO USE: The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat is very easy to use from right out of the box! an AC adapter powers this, and you have to plug it into the wall socket and adjust it in any of the standard chair chairs. This massage cushion was designed with an integrated strapping system s so that it fits easily on most chairs at home or the office! This cushion also has a convenient and easy to use hand controls, that allows you are adjusting the settings, and you can customize your massage with a single push of a button.

Whats inside the box:

We believe in quality and productivity, and we are very much concerned about our product and initial impression of the user on our product. So we have not provided any unnecessary kinds of stuff inside the box. Straightly coming to the point, we are proving one number of massage cushion and some paperwork. The paperwork includes a user manual and a warranty leaflet.

By using the user manual, the buyer will get all the necessary information about the product and get to know the proper usage of the product. Without knowing anything, no one can get access to any product. Just grabbing it and using it by your own may not give proper satisfaction, so that we are proving this user manual which will let the user know the correct and correction direction of usage.

We also provide a warranty card inside the box content by the help of which the buyer can avail the after sell service for the product. Besides these things, you will not get anything more inside the box packaging.

The main product comes with sufficient protection. It comes with enough bubble wraps so that it will not take any damage while shipping process too remote places.

Solid overview:

This cushion is very compact and easy to use. Anyone can use it very quickly. The size of the buffer is so nicely managed that it can be fitted in any place of your home. You also can take it with you while you go for outings. Carrying this massage cushion from one place to another place is also very easy as it just weighs 11.73 pounds. This is lightweight as well as durable being made from high-quality materials. The product material can withstand any external or internal invasions. This cushion also can bear a little number of water splashes that means this thing makes this cushion sweat proof. The used material is also dustproof, and this product will last long easily with moderate to heavy usage.

The dimensions of this massage cushions are 29.3 x 17. 7 x 7.6 inches. These numbers are saying about how compact this product is. The total box packaging weighs around 16 pounds.

Warranty and pricing:

Our only vision is to serve superior quality service at an affordable price. This is an obvious thing about how many features you may add to the product, but in the end, it should be pocket-friendly. So can you make any guess about the price of this product? We have kept its price below 200$. This product will cost you just 170$. Is not that a fantastic deal? With such smart features, this massage cushion comes with such a low price that anyone can afford this product easily for a better lifestyle.

Now coming to the warranty specifications, you need not get worried about our after-sell services. We care for our customers. So you will never be disappointed with our support. If you will face any technical issues under the warranty period just come to us and we promise that we will fix your problem within no time. Being one of the most trusted manufacturers, this is our primary job to provide optimal customer service to our buyers. Millions of people are using our product now got satisfied with our product and service quality. We promise to offer you world-class service even after buying our product.

The verdict:

Before ending, we want you to think about this deal at least once. With such advanced technologies which come at a reasonable price must be one of your best buys.

The versatile working modes will help you to get a massage as per your own needs and requirements. And the comfortable paddings will help you to enjoy this massage cushion for a longer time. After all, to take productivity level to the maximum, you need to stay fit, and that will be our responsibility to keep you fit and healthy all the time. So without doing any further delay, grab this product to your home and take the ultimate pleasure what we are offering through this product.

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