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HoMedics NMS-375 Shiatsu Shoulder Massager Review


Continuously performing some kind of task for long hours will make you exhausted. You will gradually feel tired and lazy. Due to less movement of your body muscles, they are in a fatigue position. All this tiredness you can feel comfortable in your back, shoulders and the painful neck. When you are sitting in a single location and that too, for so many hours you will feel all the pain in your body. Especially for removing such kind of pain and for getting instant relief, we use a Massager.

A Massager helps you in decreasing your body pain. The tiredness is felt especially in the back portion and in the neck. A Massager can help you regain your energy that is lost due to the work load. But when you are willing to buy a Massager, you must make sure that you are buying a good one. The Massager must be a durable one so that it can b e used for many years. For solving this problem of a reliable Massager Homedics has got a Neck and Shoulder Massager. This Massager will help the customers in relieving all their body pain problems.

Homedics NMS 375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

The Homedics NMS 375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager come with so many features which are technologically sound and are reliable. It has Massage options as well as flex handles, vibration massage options, and there are even integrated controls. It has Intensity Customization options as well.


A lot of features are present in a single Massager, which is quite impressive. But the customers need to trust the product. They need to check the durability and reliability. The price must be good. The price of the product is an essential aspect, and it must match with the features. If the price is very if we compare with the features, then it cannot be a trustable product. Some of the features of the Neck and Shoulder Massager are discussed below in a point wise manner:
homedics shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with heat


Several Massaging options are present in this Massager. There are three Massager options. The Neck Massaging option is there in this device where it takes care of your neck and shoulder. There are even Shiatsu massage and Vibration Massager options. So many types of Massaging options make it so convenient to use it. Several options for Massaging is generally not present in other Massagers of other companies. In this matter, the Homedics Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager are having a good advantage.


The Massager with so many options gives you perfect Massage time. It covers all the areas of pain. It extensively covers your shoulder and neck region and gives you so much relaxation. After finishing the Massage process, you will feel so much relieved, and your body will feel light. It covers all the areas covering the Neck and Shoulder.


There are Comfort Flex Handle in this Massager where you change the speed of the Massaging process. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the Massaging process as per your requirement and choice. Homedics gives you every possible option of comfortness. Different customers will like the different speed of the device. For all these things, the company gives you so many options.


Heat is the painkiller of everybody pain problem. This Massager by Homedics also uses the Heat application method. When you apply heat after some time, you will notice that the pain in your shoulder and neck are gone. You will feel rather more relaxed and relieved, and you will gain your energy once again. This is the advantage of the heat. The heat applied will help you to regain your momentum, and you can perform your work as before.


The Vibration Massager is a perfect thing in this Massager in which you can release all your tensions. This vibration technique will strengthen your muscles and make them fatigue free. There are considerable advantages to Massager. There is an Integrated Intensity Control where there is an option in which you can select a combination of Shiatsu, Vibration and heated MMassage. This combination of Massage can give you relief from heavy pain in very less time. This technique is very rare, and this option is generally not present in other Massagers of other companies. Homedics is always dedicated to making innovative and creative Changes in its products. This is a scarce and good thing found in the product. You can individually use Shiatsu massage or Vibration Massage. You can even use the blended MMassage of both of them.
homedics shiatsu deluxe neck and shoulder massager with heat


The company tries to make products that will suit the customers. It will help in making a disease free atmosphere in your home. It will help in relaxing your mind and your body. Your mind will become free and free of all types of problems. The Massager will help you in making every work product without any body pain. Homedics is making products with lots of research. The company makes lots of innovations and creations in its products. It has been making wonderful personal products. Homedics has a different kind of position, especially in Massage products. Modern Technology has been properly blended with the older techniques of simple MMassage, and Homedics have invented this combination. It is a very awesome solution, and you will be free from all your stresses.


Several features have been included in the Neck and Shoulder Massager. All these features created by the company Homedics looking at the benefits of the customers. The features are present in the Massager by looking at the requirements of the customers. Some of the technical specifications of the Neck and Shoulder Massager is given below:

  • Package Dimensions: 12.8* 6.1* 12.8 inches
  • Item weight: 1. 14 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 3. 19 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Homedics
  • Manufacturer reference: NMS-375

homedics shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with heat


There are several advantages of this Homedics NMS the consumers should know 375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager and these if they are thinking to buy this product. Some of the best benefits of Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager are given in a pointwise manner for the better knowledge of the consumers:

Heat Option:

There is a Heat setting, which is an option for the customers. By using heat, you can increase the Massage capacity. The Massaging power will be better if heat is applied. The massaging process will be soft and soothing. It will not hurt your back and shoulders. You can relax completely after the massaging process is over. Your muscles, which are suffering from fatigue due to more workload, can get easily relaxed. You can loosen and stretch your muscles, and you can feel that you are relieved. If you combine heat and the vibration massage, then the results are even much better.

homedics neck massager


This Massager is an asset. It will look well after your neck and shoulder. It can be a stress buster for many years. It can remove all your tensions regarding your stressful work. This product has been made looking at your problems regarding your work. Sitting in a single posture for so much time will take all of your energy. The Massager will help you in regaining your energy and your interest. This is an excellent prevention for you. People working in offices and the people working in homes can use it and can become free of all tensions.


If we see the importance of the product, then the total weight of this product is very less. It is convenient to use. It will not put any pressure on your neck and shoulder. It is really, very light.

4. Quality:

The Massager is built very properly, ensuring your comfort. Homedics is known for its awesome quality of products. An awesome blend of options not only makes the Massager comfortable but also light-weighted keeping in mind the quality. The company well maintains quality. The material used in the Massager is very long-lasting. It is made with such materials that it is very comfortable as well as soothing in your neck and shoulder.


1. There are several reasons why you need to think about this product. There are so many reasons to consider this product. But one of the most crucial point about this Neck and Shoulder Massager is that it has many options like the general Heat Massaging. There are even options for Vibration massaging as well as Shiatsu Massaging. The most exciting opportunity in this Massager is that you can use these options individually, and you can use them by even blending the possibilities.

2. The Massager is a real time saver. It will save a lot of time. The time that was wasted by you because of the pain in the neck and shoulder can be easily by the Massager. You can use the Massager and can work continuously again with more energy and interest. After this massaging process, you will feel the difference before as well as after massaging. You can perform continuously as before with the same momentum. You will feel very light and energetic.

3. Since it will save a lot of time, you can easily enjoy with your family and friends. You can give so much time for your family. With this Massager, you can become more active, and you will gain your confidence as before. Neck and Shoulder pain is a real hindrance in your life. You will become gradually lazy by this. This type of pain will decrease your will to do work. The Massager from Homedics is a huge advantage for all the customers.

4. A lot of technology is used in this Massager. Complex flex handles and the integrated controls are the advantages for the users. The enhance the massaging process in a much greater way, and that works for the consumers.


The users say positive about the Neck and Shoulder Massager by Homedics. They feel that the product is extremely convenient in terms of comfort and softness. This has been an advantageous gadget that will relieve you from your neck and shoulder pain. The pain that is caused due to severely stressed work. This Massager will help you in regaining your energy. Several good features are present in the Massager which are impressive. The heat setting and the Vibration massage option in a combination work very well. The Shiatsu massage option is another good feature of this Massager. All the users of this product recommend this MMassager strongly to all the consumers. It can be overall a huge boon for the customers. The people who work continuously in offices and even those people who work at home for long hours can get complete relaxation from this device. You can save a lot of time by this Massager and give your important time to your family and friends. Overall the Massager can be a beneficial thing to the consumers.


The company Homedics has made many products, especially for massaging purposes. The customers have trusted this brand for many years. This brand has always produced environment-friendly products which will help in making you healthy. The products are even available at an affordable price, which will be suitable for the customers in every way. This product will be useful to the customers. The product can be used frequently and is very long-lasting. The product has many impressive features, and it should be a must-try the product for all the customers. It can be a real advantage for all working persons.

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