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HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Massager Review


In this growing and the fast world, there is so much work. You have no time for other activities. The work in the office is so much that we feel drained and exhausted. Our whole body begins to ache. You can explore all tiredness in your back, neck, shoulders and your legs too. These pain are due to continuously working in a single posture for a longer time. Our body stops accepting new work, and we get so much tired

To be free from tiredness, which makes us lazy and dull, there are perfect solutions. To kick out the body pain, many devices are coming in the market. By using these devices for some time, you may not feel tired. A device which is a perfect solution for removing our stress and body pain is a good Massager. A Massager helps us to remove all kinds of pain from our body. When you are finding a good Massager for your rescue, you have to make sure that you are finding a good one. You have to make that the Massager is very convenient in terms of quality and durability. It must be reliable, and at the same time, it must be affordable. Among all Massagers the food Massager is a useful device, and you can get relieved from your foot pain. It is a Massager same as that of other Massagers of Back, neck and shoulders, but the difference is that it is used for the Foot.

A foot Massager by Homedics is a perfect solution for your foot massage and can help you so much with your foot pain. It comes with so many features and advantages. It will give you a soothing and comfortable massage. The consumer should know all these important points about the Homedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager before they buy this product


So many features are there in this Homedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, and all these features must be checked by the consumer properly. The features regarding the price should be checked first. The price of any product is a very aspect, and it should match with the features. Some of the features of Homedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager are discussed below in a pointwise manner:
homedics shiatsu select foot massager


The heat has always been a good pain killer. It can stop terrible body pain. The same technique has been used in this Foot Massager. The application of heat will help you in lessening the pain which is caused due to excessive stress of work. It will help in melting all stress in your Foot. The Foot Massager will gear up your muscles, which were suffering fatigue. The soothing action of the heat will give you so much relief in very less time, and this is the actual advantage of the heat application in the Foot.


This Foot Massager has good size, and it is perfect for anyone. Any size of Foot can be easily accommodated. It completely covers your Foot and ensures that it gives a proper massage.
homedics shiatsu foot massager with heat


There are so many types of technological advantages that are present in this device. This technology makes it more convenient to use the device. There are four innovative counter-rotating massage methods in the Foot massager, which is a big plus point.

These massaging methods can be used by pressing a particular button in the device. It is effortless to use. With the touch of a button, you can enjoy an excellent massage. There is a toe touch control present in the Foot Massager. The work this toe-touch control is that you can have a selection of Massage. By this control, you can use the only massage option, or you can even select a combination of Massage as well as heat. This feature of the Foot massager is very appreciable. This type of combinational methods of Massage is generally not found in other Massagers of other companies. There is even a system of LED used in this device. The LED illumination is present by which you can know whether the Foot Massager is on or off.


Homedics has been making so many products that will benefit, especially to the consumers in their low times. A Foot massager is a really helpful device when you are extremely tired due to heavy work. Homedics has been making this kind of products from so many years. It is a brand on which you can trust. The services of this company are extremely good. There is no doubt of any technical error. The brand ensures that the Foot Massager which it is delivering to the people is free from defects. It maintains all its standards, especially in the category of reliability and durability. Homedics makes sure that the products can touch the minds of the customers. It has always been a dedicated company in providing good service to its customers. Its services are completely unmatched with the other companies in the same race.
homedics fms-270h deep kneading shiatsu foot massager


There are so many highlighted points present in this single Foot Massager by the Homedics brand. It is to be proper by the consumers that the features described are matching with the price. There should be no compromise in durability and price. The device must be free from all kinds of defects and should be ensured that the services provided by the brand for Foot massaging process must be very efficient. Some of the best technical specifications of the Foot massager are given below for the consideration of the consumers:

  • Package Dimensions: 13.8 * 12.4 * 4.2 inches
  • Item weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Homedics
  • ASIN: B005DKJLD4
  • Manufacturer reference: FMS- 200H

homedics shiatsu foot massager


There are so many important advantages of this Foot massager, and these will benefit the buyers. The Massage should be very soothing and soft. It must be a complete reliever to your Foot, and the most important thing is that it should reduce all the stress regarding the daily hard work. Some of the benefits are discussed below in a point wise manner:


This device can be a relief for the customer. It is a perfect stress buster, especially for your legs and the Foot. It is a supportive device. It will not only remove all the pain in your Foot; rather, it helps in making all your tension go away. It will help you in making your foot muscles pain free, and overall, it helps in making your Foot feel light. After this mechanism of Foot massage, you will feel very energetic and active. The Massager is working as a good preventive of all your problems. Eventually, it will help in relaxing your mind, and you will continue working with more enthusiasm and hope.
homedics shiatsu air pro foot massager


If we see the weight of the device, then it is not very much. You can easily carry it anywhere. That is a good plus point of this Foot massager. It is a device which can be carried anywhere. The weight of this machine is very less. That makes this device a good and acceptable product. The low weight of this Foot massager by Homedics makes it a very suitable product, and it is very productive to use it. The efficiency of the Foot massager by Homedics is awesome.
homedics shiatsu foot massager


When we are physically tired, our Foot aches the most. With this heavy tiredness, we are just not able to do any work. We feel very restless and with 100% tiredness. All these things happen due to the overload of work. With excess hard work, our whole body is tired, and due to this, our Foot is the most vulnerable parts for aggravation of pain. For the solution of this foot pain, you need a good foot massager. Homedics has got you a perfect solution. This device can be used every day, without no hesitation. It is ideal to use this Foot massager daily. It can be used for frequent uses. It can be used everywhere. By this, you can save a lot of time that you were wasting due to laziness and this practise can regain your confidence.
homedics shiatsu air pro foot massager


1. It can work for you if you are exhausted after your heavy work. It can make you calm and relax. The Foot Massager comes intending to relax your Foot. The muscles get tight after every work, and this leads to fatigue. The Foot massager can make your muscles in a working position, and you can continue with your work with lots of energy and interest. Your body will be relaxed, and you will feel it extremely light weighted.

2. The Foot Massager by Homedics can help you in saving so much time. The time that you waste by becoming lazy due to the stressful work can be recovered. With the use of this Foot massager, you can do your work more effectively with more interest.

3. One critical point about this Foot massager is that when you are using the device, you can even do other works. You can put your Foot in the Massager, and at the same, you can do some other work which is a good advantage.

4. The Massager easily fits every kind of Foot. It is very accommodating. Your complete Foot can easily adjust in the Massager.

5. The Foot massager by Homedics is a portable one. It can be taken everywhere, which is a plus point.

6. The heat application technique is also used in this Foot massager. You can get relieved from stress. Heat works extremely well in massage techniques. The heat helps in loosening your tight muscles, which are suffering from heavy fatigue.

7. There is a LED Lamination option in the Foot Massager which acts as a good indicator.

8. The four massaging options are very sound, and they will you all relief from your pain. There is even another option called toe-touch control by which you can easily select your massaging options. There is an option for only using the massage technique as well as in another option, and you can use the combination of both massage method and heat.


The customers who are already using this product find it as a real requirement. This device is needed for consumers who are working very hard every day. This is a help for the customers. The users of this product find it convincing in terms of durability and price. The Foot massager will help you with all your tensions. The foot massager can be used anywhere. It is effortless to carry.

The users who have already used this particular Foot Massager product by Homedics have already given excellent reviews about the set-up of the product. They have like the quality of the material used in this product. They find the Massager a very soothing thing, and it can be used daily. If you even use this Massager frequently, it does not get affected. It is completely safe to use the Foot massager daily. It can withstand frequent use.


The company has been making beautiful products which will help the customers. It makes sure that the product is free from every kind of defects. The products services are even excellent. The products by Homedics are completely unmatched with other products of other company. The Homedics makes such products which are a real requirement by the consumers. The Foot Massager has an excellent price with so many features. The product is very convenient in terms of affordability and durability, and that is why people trust their products. It is a recommendation by all the existing users to buy this product. It can be a good advantage for the customers.

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