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GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair Review


Parents do so many things for the arrival of a baby. Starting from their bed and toys to their nutrition, everything is arranged correctly before them so that they can feel comfortable. Sure furniture is there so that both the mother and baby can relax by sitting on it. You need a good chair where you can sit and hold your baby and relax. Parents make a perfect nursery for their child and only crowd it with all types of things. But it is rare that parents might have thought about a chair where their child can relax and sleep comfortably.

But gradually, parents will understand the importance of a chair. You need a perfect chair where you and your small child can relax and be comfortable. You need a chair which is flexible, and at the same, it can be used for long years. It must be technologically powerful and long-lasting. To get such type of chair, you need to do some research. GCI Outdoor Freestyle has got a perfect Rocker chair for you looking at your requirements and needs. After a long, exhausting and a tiring day, all you need is a perfect Rocker chair where you can sit with your child and relax.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The Glider Swivel Rocker Chair by GCI Outdoor Freestyle comes with so many excellent features. The Rocker chair comes in beautiful sand colour with an exceptional finish of the colour.

KEY FEATURES OF GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

There are various features and pints of the Rocker chair, and it is required that everyone must know about it accurately before thinking to purchase it. Several advantages are present in a single product. You need to see that the features are best and the product is long-lasting. The product should be trustworthy. Some of the best features of the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker are given below in a pointwise manner for the better understanding of the customers:
gci outdoor freestyle rocker


The name of the brand is the GCI Outdoor Freestyle. The name itself speaks what products is it making. The brand has been making excellent products for the children. It has a name in the market for these products for children who are in their early childhood years. It has been making products for the safety of small children. The brand is trusted one because of its family products. It has been making a wide range of furniture products, especially for the children who are in their growing period.


The arms and the back of the Rocker chair are completely giving you so much support. It will not hurt you ever. You can relax with your growing child. The Rocker chair is a cosy and relaxing one. The entire Glider chair is very supportive, and you can sit comfortably and spend some time with your child. The material used is fabric, which is very soft. Overall the comfortness is very good and is ideal for your child and you.


The Glider chair is made up of a sturdy wood frame which will last longer. The material used in the chair is solid. This frame helps in making the chair stable in movements. The chair is made in such a way that will not hurt your legs and back. Another good factor of the chair is that it has a Swivel and Glide mechanism, which is a plus point. There is a metal gliding mechanism that is present in the chair, and it helps in the smooth movement of your Glider chair. This mechanism used in the chair makes it more comfortable and relaxed. This slow movement of the chair will also help your baby to sleep quickly. There are Steel mechanisms which are very durable, and they help in the actions of the chair in a very silent way. It does not make any sound, which is a significant advantage if we compare the chairs of other companies.


This Glider chair is not for putting it in the nursery. You can put it anything. It has a lovely texture and colour. You can use the chair for other purposes also. The Glider chair looks wonderful everywhere, and it will suit any room of the house. It is the versatile nature of the chair.


There are a lot of factors that a customer must know before buying this Glider chair. There are so many options you need to know before willing to buy this product. The product has come with a number of excellent features. The product must be a good one in terms of durability and affordability. All these must t be known in advance. Some of the technical specifications of GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is given below:

  • Item weight: 71 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 30.2* 32.5 * 35.8 inches
  • Item model number: 72977- 921
  • Maximum Weight recommendation: 250 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 79.2 pounds
  • Material type: Wood and Steel
  • Backrest height: 21 H
  • Seat size: 20.5 W* 21.75 D* 17.5 H
  • Cushion thickness: 5.5."
  • UPC: 080213038038
  • Assembled dimensions: 300.25 L* 32.50 W * 35.75H
  • Number of items: 1
  • Finish: Sand
  • Batteries required: No
  • ASIN: B015EL2Y94

BENEFITS OF GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

There are so many benefits present in the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Glider Swivel Rocker Chair. The customers should know all before they buy the product. The product not only should be durable but also be very affordable. The price of the Glider chair must match with the numerous features. Good price with many features must be the actual benefits of the product. Some of the benefits of the Glider chair is discussed below in a pointwise manner for better acceptance of the product:

1.Cleaning factor:

The cleaning process of this Glider chair is straightforward. You can easily remove the seat cushion, and they are even straightforward to clean. The seat and the arms are made up of poly linen fabric, which is super easy to clean. This is a huge advantage that the material used in this Glider chair is straightforward to clean. It is an important benefit of the product.


GCI Outdoor Freestyle has been making such products whose price is low. This brand has the name of making excellent products for the children in very less price. Since the company is making products for the families, so it has made its products very affordable and dedicated to the small children who are in their childhood years. If we compare the price of this Glider chair with other companies, then you may not find such a chair at such a low price. The price of this Glider Chair by GCI Outdoor Freestyle is just unmatched and unparalleled with other companies competing in the market.


Another huge advantage of this Swivel Glider Chair by GCI Outdoor Freestyle is that it is straightforward to set up this complete chair. It is effortless to assemble. You can easily put all the parts of the chair, and this process takes very less time. This work is straightforward.

4. Weight:

The glider chair is convenient and compact and is even lighter in weight, and even the Glider glides very smoothly.


Several and numerous reasons are there for investing in GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker, and the points are discussed below in a pointwise manner:

1. This Glider Chair is a massive requirement for your baby. You can comfortably relax with your small child for some time after the exhausting and tiring day. You can sit in this comfortable Glider and enjoy your crucial moments with your child and family.

2. The chair is very safe, and it will not hurt you when you are using it. Although it is made up of a sturdy wooden frame but is very comfortable to sit and enjoy your crucial moments. There is even a gliding system which helps in the movement of the chair. By this slow movement, your child can comfortably sleep in less time. The Swivel and Gliding system is a plus point.

3. The seat of the Glider chair is entirely padded, which makes it more comfortable. The Glider is made up of very soft and highly long-lasting fabric. It is a very soft material used in the chair.

4.the seat cushions can be easily removed. You can easily clean the cushion cloth, which is a very thing for cleaning purposes. By this, you will be using clean cushions every day.

5. The company has made the Gliding chair a very affordable product. It is exclusively made for the families. The price is very reasonable if we see the numerous features and benefits embedded in this product.


They have acknowledged that the product has helped them profoundly in terms of support. Each satisfying sitting experience begins with expert knowledge about the furniture, which it promises that to its customers. GCI Outdoor Freestyle is a big brand which is delivering only children furniture products. Especially for children who are in their childhood years, the company makes fantastic products for them. The customers feel that the product is very convenient in terms of price and features. The product is ideal for the parents and they will very comfortable in this Glider chair.

The Glider chair is made up of comfortable fabric. The cushion is exceptionally soft. You can comfortably sit with your baby and relax. The Rocking motion of the Glider chair is another significant advantage. This Glider chair will not only be helpful in your child nursery, but it can be kept anywhere. The colour and texture of the cushions of the chair are so shining that it adds a unique beauty to the entire space. Where ever you like to keep the Glider chair it will look beautiful and will give a classy look to that space.

It is a very Gliding chair, and it can withstand daily uses. It is a chair which can be used frequently without the tension of cleaning it. As cleaning the seat cushion is very easy, you can clean it almost every day. It is even effortless to assemble. The setup process of the Gliding chair is straightforward and can be done in very less time. The Gliding chair is very lightweight. The chair even has a perfect space. Once you assemble the parts of the Gliding chair, you will get to find that the chair has so much space. It has plenty of space, and it can accommodate comfortably every size of a person, which is a perfect thing about the chair.
gci outdoor freestyle rocker mesh chair

FINAL WORDS ON GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

After a long, tiring and exhausting day you will want to sit with your small baby and relax. The brand GCI understands this, and it has made such products looking at the families. It has made the right furniture, which is very affordable, and you will get it at a low price. The features of this Swivel Glider chair are just incomparable with other chairs of other companies in the market. It is a recommendation for the consumers as it is a suitable product in terms of durability and reliability. It is a long-lasting product, and it will help you and your child for so many years.

The product will ensure complete comfort ness and softness. The cushion material used is very soft and soothing. It will not hurt your back. This is a must-try product for all consumers. It can be boon and a significant advantage for your growing family.

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