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Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider Slate Microsuede Review


In the 21st century, everybody wants to do work on a professional level. We all work hard to give our best both in personal life as well as in professional life. Along with doing so many works in the office and home, it gets a bit more challenging to handle newly born babies and small kids in our home. They are so sensitive that you have to look after them carefully. Many of the times, parents fail to do proper care to their kids. They cant carry them properly, and it gets annoying both for the kids and the parents. So considering these problems, we have tried to come with an innovative solution. We are presenting you this Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider, Slate Microsuede. This is a relaxing chair, and it will give you ultimate comfort. This chair has been made with the help of highly skilled professionals and with excellent engineering. The sitting postures will be more accurate and comfortable while sitting in this chair. Forget about old tradition chairs which do not give you satisfaction when we need some rest. They are only meant to be used for sitting purpose, but our vision is to provide relaxation while sitting. When it comes to holding a baby, then you need extra comfort for yourself as well for the babies. Well, this chair must be the perfect choice for you.

The build quality of this chair is excellent. The metal build frame gives it more stability and durability for long time usage. Any category of people can get fitted in this chair easily. Its resizable cushions will provide you with pleasure while you will be getting busy with your siblings. This chair has enough sitting space. Anyone can sit in this comfortably. More of all, this chair can be used in anywhere like in restroom, bedroom or drawing-room. The build is compact. This tiny looking chair is not so small when it comes to giving comfort. The ergonomic 'u' shaped backrest will allow the user to get fitted in this with ease. For loner time usage this will not cause any back pain in your upper back or your lower back area. Keeping the health issues in mind, we have tried our best to give it a proper shape along with a beautiful look and feel.

This chair is not just a simple chair. This chair is movable in a 360-degree direction. That means it will offer you flexibility while working. You can pay attention to other people also just by moving in any direction. The swivel joint is made up of high-quality metal. This joint will allow doing maximum numbers of moves. This chair is tested in the laboratory for some thousand times so that it can perform in real-time usage.

The most important part of this chair is its cushions as we are offering a chair which is meant to give extra comfort, so the cushion and the paddings are our utmost priority. We have experimented with various qualities of foams and cushions. Finally, we have made this fitted with one perfect cushion which will take you to another world during your low time. The covers and the upholsteries are top-notched, and the stitching is made with great precisions, which will make to stand out. This chair also comes with various colour options. Choose any of them to make your home beautiful and attractive. The outer cover is completely waterproof, so don't worry about any accidental water splashes. The cover is also straightforward to remove and easy to clean. That will not take much time to replace the cover with another one.

About Babyletto:

At Babyletto, we make modern quality nurseries for all the stylish mamas in this early 20s, who dont want to make any compromise on design aspects and in safety. With gliders, cribs and bedding (oh my!), we try to design everything that a mom needs to have fun and quite functional space for their babies.

In Slate:

In easy words, we have designed a product to make a mother's life simpler. Although every group age people can use our product. But our vision is to provide ultimate comfort to all the mothers out there.

This chair comes with a smooth and gentle gliding that will tackle any hindrance on the floor and give a hassle-free experience. This gliding component is made up of high-quality materials and is coated with extra added layers; it will be water and rustproof. So that it will give you service up to maximum day possible.

Do you busy in other house works and have to take care of your baby at the same time? Then do not worry. This chair comes with a 360-degree swivel motion that will allow the user to do the multi-task by sitting at one position. This feature will save most of the valuable times of the user and do not let the user leave their chair frequently.

When it comes to comfort department, we don't want to make any mistake by compromising with the cushions and upholsteries. For the cost-cutting purpose, other manufacturers are providing low-quality cushion and backrests, which can not fulfil your requirements, and you end up every time with a horrible experience. But we believe in value and productivity. We have specially made the upholstered by hand with the ultra-soft microsuede. High precisions are taken while making the cushions and covers. You can easily see and feel the quality of materials used in this after sitting in this. While making a relaxing chair, we are very much concerned about the requirements of the users. We look after the demands of the buyer, and then we make lots of prototypes to choose the right one.

Dont think that nursing your babies is a tricky thing. It is our responsibility to make it feel way simpler than actually what it is. We always try our best to add some small footprints in the nursery of your babies.


This soft and Bcosy glider's rounded back and spacious seat make for heavenly cuddling and storytime. The Madison Glider's metal-built swivel mechanism base lets you to turn and glide in a complete 360 direction and you can quickly switch to talk with your other family members while taking care of your baby. This swivel chair is upholstered by hand, and it comes with ultra-soft and stain-resistant and water-repellent microsuede, the ergonomic and classic early-century curves of this Madison Swivel Glider will give you superb comfort during your nursery years.

Features & details:

This swivel chair is made with a stain-resistant, water-repellent microsuede and metal base. These things make this chair durable and make this usable for a more extended period. The rounded base gives this extra stability and hassle-free movements.

This not only a still chair but also it has a feature of gliding over the floor by the help of its swivel that will improve your workability along with nursing your baby. The ultra-smooth and effortless gliding motion will give you a pleasant and beautiful experience; as the Swivels are provided with 360 Degrees rotation.

The used upholstery is free of any chemical flame retardants, and this meets all CA TB117-2013 flammability requirements.

This chair is Formaldehyde and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) free; this is 100% polyester fabric and made up of TSCA compliant plywood, which will help it have a higher life span.

This swivel chair comes with such a compact dimension that it is space-saving, and let you have a small footprint.

Solid overview:

To make this chair look cute and compact, our designer has chosen a unique design aspect. Being smaller in size, this chair has enough sitting space that people of any age group can sit in this chair comfortably. This chair also lightweight that anyone carries it to anywhere inside your home. Lifting this chair may not be possible for everyone, that times the swivels come in play. You can quickly move it by gliding this on the floor. The wheels are made up of polished materials that they will not leave any marks on the floor.

This chair has a dimension of 29.8 x 29.8 x 33.5 inches. It's a quite compact design that can get fitted anywhere in your home. The design of this chair is pleasing, and it looks like a small iceberg in the island. The ergonomic rounded back is designed to avoid any back pain that usually causes due to other regular chairs.

This chair weighs 61.6 pounds, making it is too easy to transfer to anywhere inside your home. Ultimately it will be your daily life companion to meet all your expectations. The firm built of this chair has a recommendation of 300 pounds weight carrying.

Colours and finishes:

To give you high comfort along with a classic look, this chair also has a variety of colour options. It comes with 4 to 5 colours. It's up to you what will be your choice. This chair will give an elegant look to your room. The upholsteries are hand-made, that defines the high precision work done with this chair. The perfect stitching gives this a refined look and feel. The covers are easy to remove and also easy to clean. In case of any dropped water splashes, you can easily wipe that with a damp cloth.

Whats inside the box:

We have decided to keep our packaging clean and transparent. We are just providing one number of Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider which comes with a user manual and a warranty card.

By using the user-manual, the buyer will get to know about the materials used in this product and how to take care of them. The manual will show you the proper usage of this chair.

As one of the leading manufacturers, it is always our priority that we will give the best product quality and customer service to our customers. By this warranty card, we can avail the warranty for any problem during the warranty period.

Warranty and pricing:

The price for such a great product is comparatively very less than any other competitor. It will just cost you around 250$. It may vary a little bit depending upon the colour we will choose. We are trying our best to keep the price as low as possible. At this price point, this chair is giving very tough competitions to the other manufacturers.

When it comes to after-sale service, we have never compromised with that. For us, user satisfaction is the priority. Just come to us with your problem, and we will always be ready to sort out your problem. This chair comes with one year of manufacturer warranty. Under this period, if anything happens to this chair, we will take the whole responsibility to fix that out. Although the build is top-notched, still we are providing a warranty on the frame of the chair only to make you assure about all kind of insecurities.

Being one of the leading companies, we always try to keep our legacy and keep our product quality up to the mark that people will keep using our services. Millions of people are getting satisfied by using this chair. So why are you doing lately? Go and grab one of this chair and feel what ultimate comfort is!

The verdict:

Coming to an end, we want to tell you that invest your money in this product and we are sure that further, you will not regret that. With such a build quality and uncountable free movements will treat you with an exceptional nursing experience that we have never thought. At this price point, all these features and all the positive user reviews are making this Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider chair a perfect buy for productive nursing.

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