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Alera Elusion Series mesh mid black swivel/tilt chair Review


In present-day society, most of us are working in the office or do their office works at home. Previously at home, the office there was a whole different scenario. In that time, people were not much concerned about their comfort while doing their work for a more extended period. For that reason, they couldn't be able to give their best in their work. Many problems came to front like health issues, severe back pain. Hence people have started avoiding those old non-movable chairs. Now in the 21st century, we heading towards a better future are we are very serious about our work performance and as well as about our health. Here we are presenting you the highly comfortable chair, Alera elusion series mesh mid black swivel/tilt chair. This chair will offer you your ultimate level of comfort. The materials used in this chair are of high-quality plastics and metals. These materials can make you sure to get prevented from any kind od corrosion due to external elements after using for a more extended period. The provided cushion is made up of high-quality foams and can regain their shape after the application of high load on it for several hours. The extra added foams will give you some extra comfort while working so that you will not face any issue during your work. As from the name, you can easily guess that this chair has many other functionalities as well. This chair comes with preinstalled wheels that will allow you to move in a 360-degree direction. This feature adds some extra comfort to you while doing multitasking. You can quickly move from one place to another without leaving your chair, which means an additional savings of time. That will be very reliable when you do not want to waste your valuable time. You also can get relaxed by moving this chair back and forth.

This was not an end to the feature list of this chair. This chair comes with double-sided armrests. While working, you can put your hands on these armrests for a better body posture. The armrests come with an extra layer of added cushions that feel comfortable.

The next thing is, are you worried about your height? Have you a very short stature, or are you very tall? Do not get worried. This chair comes with a height adjustment mechanism. The system is placed at the bottom of the sitting position of the chair. By moving this, you can easily adjust the height of the chair. This feature is very much helpful during a heavy work session.

The armrests do not have a reliable fix. It will allow you oscillatory movements due to its spring joints. We have tried our best to provide everything that can be done for your comfort.

This chair comes with a tilt feature. This feature helps the user to move forward and backwards while sitting in the chair. The backrest is also associated with a spring mechanism. After all, you must be enjoying your work what you are doing, and for that a good quality chair is mandatory. We are here to treat you with such product.


We are using great engineering techniques to make this chair. The ergonomic design of this chair adjusts to fit multiple users. So people from any age group can use this chair with great comfort. The s curved backrest will allow you to sit in this chair for a long time. It also has a very cool and breathable mesh back. That will help the user to get proper ventilation not for having sweats all around the back. The net structure backrest has great functionality as well; it gives the chair a premium look.

This chair comes with contoured foam cushion with premium fabric upholstery. This design gives a very appealing look to the eyes, and the colour combinations are also very much attractive. This will improve the aesthetics of your set up. As we have said earlier, the user's comfort is our first priority, so wisely, this chair comes with a waterfall edge to help relieve the pressure on legs.

Height and width adjustable arms are provided in this chair that comes with soft polyurethane pads. It also has five star base with casters for its easy mobility and better stability.

Features & details:

Being one of the great manufacturers, we try to keep productivity and our traditions unmatchable. We are giving this chair an ergonomic design that adjusts to fit for multiple users. People from any age group can sit comfortably in this chair and can enjoy doing their work.

Its cold and breathable mesh back allows the user to stay refreshed all the time by getting proper ventilation from the back. The net structure of the backrest also gives an appealing look to the chair.

Its contoured seat cushion which comes with premium fabric upholstery has a high strength to outperform in long term usage also make your set up looks more lucrative. 

Its waterfall edge helps the user to relieve from the pressure exerted on the legs.

Ergonomic design with s curved backrest is making this chair from other ordinary chairs.

Cool, breathable mesh back is the optional feature which we thought, could be a real cracker.

The chair provides you complete 360 degrees of rotation around your set up and can be adjusted. The built-in Gas Spring system can change the height.

It has five highly strengthened nylon PVC caster. Those help to ensure better stability when having very intense playing movements and moments.

Rich foam backrest and the lumbar supporting cushions increase the working experience and prevent any neck and back pains. 

The extra high-density good quality foam paddings help in relieving pressure and distributes your total body weight over the surface of the chair to help you make more extended periods of sitting more comfortably.

Adjustable Armrest:

We care for the best user experience of our customers. By giving 2-D adjustable armrests, we have made this product an excellent option for the users. Those armrests allow the perfect placement and fittings for all the users. Depth, Width, Height and angle can be adjusted with these armrests for a more comfortable experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Height):

Not only the armrest but also the total centre portion can be adjusted with various levels. The height is adjustable from 49 cm to 58 cm for better accommodation of users of all heights. So stop worrying about height issues, you will not face any painful experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Tilt):

Nowadays, in each gaming chairs manufacturer are providing height adjustments. But tilt adjustments are not standard to see in the market. It's back, and forth mechanism in the seat are providing maximum comfort for several hours worth of better working experience.

Box contents:

Inside the box, we are not providing any unnecessary kinds of stuff which will not be useful for the user. We pack our product with two-layered protection. We use enough bubble wrapper to ensure that the product inside the box should not have to get damaged while shipping.

The box includes one no of the chair, some nuts and bolts to fit all the parts correctly, as the chair comes with 2 to 3 pieces to consume lesser space and to avoid customs charges.

Beside the chair, we are providing a user manual. The buyer should follow the user manual to know how to fit all the parts of the chair properly without damaging the chair and causing any kind the injuries to themselves. We describe the simplest way to assemble the chair. By following the manual one can easily set up the whole process within no time.

Keeping the chair and user manual aside we also provide a warranty leaflet. Showing it to us you can avail our after-sell services. We try our best to give our customers the best value service in terms of products as well as customer support.


This chair is made up of high-quality plastic mesh. So it can carry various amount of load. So many people can get fitted in this without any issue. The durable wheels can last for years with no wear and tear.

Then comes to the padding part. The provided cushions are made with high precision and with beautiful architecture that it will able to give you comfort as well as durability. These can resist water splashes, which means it will not take any damage due to water, sweat or dust particles.

We are so much confident about our product that we are giving a lifetime warranty on its metal frame with domestic usage.

All these materials and manufacturing process makes this chair to withstand in any invasions that may occur to it. The five-star shaped base provides this ultimate stability, unlike other four-footed chairs.

Product dimensions:

This chair is made up of durable plastic material to keep it healthy as well as help the user to carry it from anywhere to another place. This chair is lightweight and compatible in any size of the room. The dimensions of this chair are 26.18 x 24.41 x 14.57 inches length, width and height respectively.

Available colours:

We are providing various colour options to the buyers so that they can choose their favourite colour combination to make a perfect buy. Along with high performance, this also has a great look which will enhance and magnify your working set up. This chair comes with a full black colour that looks classic. If you want to add a bit more fun, then we also providing black colour with funky and highlighted white coloured stripes.

Warranty and pricing:

 While providing high performance, we have not forgotten about the wallet of the customers. We have designed it with such a technique that will demand much from you. You can choose different colours, and you may get a little bit of the fluctuation in the price depending upon the availability and colour options. It will just cost you 375$ in the offer, and we are hoping that that price will not burn your pockets at all.

Now coming to the warranty, we always have promised to provide the best after-sale service that the buyer will not face any problems after buying this chair. We are providing a limited lifetime warranty on the metal parts of the chair for domestic usage. We are assuring you that you will not get disappointed by our customer support.

The bottom line:

In a market full of competition, we have always tried to give the best ever service through our product. Being one of the leading chair manufacturers, it is our responsibility to take care of the customers. With such feature-rich conditions, this product really costs less than any other similar product present in the market. We are delighted to provide the best and world-class facilities to the users with such an affordable price point that any user can go for it, considering the feature to price ratio. The extended additional limited lifetime warranty makes this product more reliable. With extra padded armrest, head and lumber pads, this will give you ultimate working experience.

The 360-degree full rotation and the tilt adjustments are making this chair more user-friendly. The height, width adjustments are the icings on the cakes that there will not be any problem appeared for different heights of people.

Along with all the features, the look and feel are also very much appealing that anyone can grab this for their home, office or any other working place. So not doing any further delay, grab this deal and enjoy doing your work sitting comfortably in this chair.

To make your day better and for having delightful working experience, you must look for this product that will not make your wallet lighter than before.      

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