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Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 Review


What we look for in a chair is the premium experience we can get just by obtaining the product in only the price it genuinely is worth.

Kahuna LM6800

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna massage chair is not the same as the typical chairs we purchase online that whose photos and descriptions are excellent but in reality are not the same with it. This product gives us the features that are the same in pictures or specifications that are displayed online. It assures us that we get whatever we expect the product to have in reality and what we want from the product based on descriptions.

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Above all its features, what I like the most from what this product offers is the comfort it gives to the users through its parts that guarantee our relaxation when in use. From our heads to our foot, this product can support the needs that we wish to have from a product like this chair. It provides comfort like no other. The experience is like we are lying in our beds but in a more comfortable way. So, this chair can serve as both our chairs or bed itself where we can sleep and enjoy the luxury of a bed. In contrast to similar products such as Kahuna massage chair Recliner LM6800, massage chair, Osaki os-4000cs massage chair, Osaki os-4000, and Osaki os-3d, this model provides more features that secure us the comfort that we need from a massage chair.

 Massage chair

This chair has double layer shoulder airbags that ensure that our shoulders will remain in comfort while we are sitting in this massage chair. The cushion and foam of this chair are more than what we need to feel the comfort we wish to have. Cushions play an essential role in the whole experience that we have as we rest or relax. Most of the time, we receive the kinds that result in soreness in our body as a result because of how hard it is. The cushion of this chair is exceptional because of how comfortable the feeling we get while we sit in this chair. It is not like any other cushions we see in different chairs. It is made from premium quality and very comfortable to use.

osaki os-4000cs massage chair

We always want to relax after a long day or working for several hours and truthfully, sitting in a chair with premium cushions is not enough. Although, it is essential to have this, getting another feature that helps us relax more is necessary. For this model of Kahuna Chair, they add up one feature that guarantees our comfort, and that is the massage technology. We could never go wrong with a massage chair. It just gives us more chances of being relaxed and comfortable in a short period.

osaki os-4000

The Kahuna LM 6800 has a unique specially designed L-track frame structure massage chair with a total of four (4) rollers. Along with these rollers are air-cell massage system that gently massages different parts of our body.  These rollers effectively massage our shoulder, arms, waists, and hips effectively down to our feet. It is shaped like the letter L because it intends to support our heads back to our buttocks. Also, this position decompresses the individual spine in our body which relaxes our backs, and this feature also increases the positive impact and effect of the massage chair to our bodies.

osaki os-3d

This model comes along with a uniquely designed air cell massage system. This system can cover most of the surface area with a small number of air cells which enhances the massage experience of the users. This advanced massage technology also quietly does the work in contrast to the usual machine that creates loud sounds that disturb us as we relax. These air cells function by how the makers of this model programmed it. As it operates, it inflates separately from one another. As a result, our bodies twist and stretch enough that gives us the oozing relaxation afterward. This massage system also covers the whole body, so we get relaxed from our heads to our feet.

The users can adjust the rollers of the massage chair based on how they wish it should function. The users can maneuver the massage chair's air cell massage to up to three (3) levels at most. That gives the users the liberty of adjusting the service of this chair as much as they want.

kahuna massage chair

Most of the time, users focus on helping their backs, and upper body relaxes, and sometimes they forget about helping their legs get comfortable as well. This chair gives us the chance to be relieved from our upper body to our legs and feet. The footer area has dual foot rollers that users can detach whenever they wish. This feature is essential in keeping the footers clean for sanitary purposes. So, users can clean the footers by removing it and sanitizing it before putting it back in the chair. This chair also has an extra for padding that ensures comfort for our legs.

kahuna chair

The users will receive this product in a box. Amazon delivers this product with only a few parts to attach since the machine is already assembled when it is provided directly to our houses. Connecting these parts is secure, and there are available steps that we can get online. There are also videos on Youtube that we can watch to orient us about how to make use of this device and maximize its functions as a whole.

kahuna massage chair lm6800

There are a total of six (6) auto-programs that come along with this chair to give us the premium experience we ought to have including special yoga stretching programs for full body stretching.

Along with this auto-programs are five (5) manual massage techniques that are easy to manipulate. These programs are specially made to make us relaxed and comfortable throughout the experience. It has a timer button that lasts until the 30-minute mark. It automatically turns off by itself in a fixed amount of time, so in times when we fall asleep when we are relaxed, we don't waste electricity through the course of our sleep. Most time, machines are left unattended because of the lack of this feature that automatically shuts it down. Thankfully, this product addresses that concern.

What is also unique about this chair is its ability to heat up on areas that are crucial for our relaxation. This massage chair can provide heating therapy on our lower back as well as our legs. This feature adds up to the relaxation of the muscles as it gives heat to these areas.

kahuna massage

What also adds up to the comfort we experience is the fact that the chair comes along with remote control. This chair does not only have a remote control, but it allocates a space where we can place the remote. It also comes along with a remote control holder that keeps the remote safely secured in itself.

This chair is called Zero Gravity chair for a reason. It has three (3) stages of zero gravity positions. The Zero gravity position gives extra comfort for us, and it proves that this chair is worth the money we offer. Zero Gravity Position effectively positions the users in the massage chair to help spread their weight across the chair. That allows users to enjoy the massage as much as possible. This feature helps in relieving our stress in the body and allows a deeper and more intense massage session. It reclines us fully and positions our legs higher than our heart levels. The effects of this position show immediately after the therapy, and it seems to give us the feeling of being weightless.

kahuna massage chair review

kahuna lm-6800

What also adds to the excellence of this product is the space saving technology that it offers. This technology only requires three (3) inches from the wall during the zero-gravity position transition. While it reclines us as it slides forward in doing so, the chair does not need some space in the back that takes so much space. The chair only aligns itself the same way as other furniture in the house. I like this feature because it takes so little space in our homes and it does not look as if we clamped our areas with so much furniture. It aligns to our furniture taking only ample space that it needs. Space-saving indeed! Without this, our arms will not receive the decent massage we can get.

kahuna lm6800 review

What I also like about this product is the fact that it can serve varied body types and different users because of its smart use of technology. Anyone, regardless of weights or body structure, can enjoy the same comfort anyone can enjoy because of how this chair functions. Everyone can enjoy a custom massage therapy session because of the computer body scan technology of the Kahuna LM 6800.

It automatically relaxes or constricts depending on our body types as the massage chair scans our body sizes automatically. Its form is not limited to a single structure alone because it automatically adjusts to the needs of the users. It does not assume a standard size that it takes from when it was made. This machine is perfect for purchasing by a family because it functions regardless of the age or body type of users. This feature is unique and user-friendly.

kahuna 6800

The airbag of this model has a new style. For me, I always consider having a product that has an appealing appearance. I do not only consider the features and other things that the product can do, but I also try to choose a product with the style that matches my taste, so it is good to look for one that is aesthetic enough. This product, with its new form, is an excellent choice for those who wish to find the chair that functions well that is visually appealing.

kahuna massage chair dealer

Its design also fits well in any place we wish to place it. It is enough to make an ample amount of our spaces. It suits well in our homes given its style and structure. I always prioritize these aspects because I consider these to be important for a product to have. This machine can fit the small corners of our homes as it takes so little space. Although it may appear to be huge as we see its physical form, in reality, it is small, and it takes so little space.

What also amazes me about this product is the service it provides beyond the convenience of the chair. It offers the best warranty service for online massage chair company because we easily register for the warranty. The company offers a warranty for all the parts, labor as well as the structural framework of the Kahuna Chair. Kahuna LM-6800 gives limited warranty for three (3) years and the first year covers all parts and labor cost. It is a non-transferable warranty, and the users do not pay anything during the first year warranty period.

lm6800 kahuna

For me, this product's performance is beyond worth it. It gives so much comfort to every part of our body that we get so relaxed after. The massage chair is so worth it because of the different options we can choose from. These options are essential to get the desired experience we need to be relaxed. The photos perfectly match the actual product, and it goes beyond the expectations that I have for the product. Also, it presents a premium quality of the chair, and we can say that its structure is sturdy because of the components it has.

After receiving the product, we can immediately use it afterward because they already assembled the machine and the only parts we need to attach is not complicated to connect. All in all, I can say that the product is worth its price and the features it offers give so much relaxation and comfort. I recommend this to families because the whoever person may use the chair because it adjusts itself to match the body type that the users have. It is totally worth it and very affordable.

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