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Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h Review


So we're reviewing the Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h. It got delivered by Amazon, and it came in this big carton. Before diving into the review directly, let's first take a look at the specifications of the Osaki Pinnacle massage chair - OS-7200h.

osaki pinnacle massage chair - os-7200h

Power Consumption & Supply: 210W, AC 110-120V, 5/60Hz
Timer: 5-30 Minutes
Dimension (WxHxL): Upright Approx. 35.4" x 45.3" x 58.3"/Reclined Approx. 35.4"x45.3"x74.8"
Chair Weight: 231.5 Lbs
Recline Angle: 120-170° from the Seat Base
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Environmental Temperatures: 10-40°C
Contrasting Humidity: 30-85 RH (Dry & Low Humidity Conditions)
Safety Features: Equipped with Overheating & Power Surge Protection
Product details
Shipping Weight: 350 pounds

massage chair, Osaki Massage chair

This massage chair is one of the latest and advanced in the Osaki Series. What's impressive about this machine is that in-built micro-computer power it. The result is massage techniques that involve precision and the cherry on the cake is the heat therapy that accompanies the massage.

A specialty in most products by Osaki, this Osaki massage chair carries the feature of computer body scan. Rollers placed inside the massage chair scans the curvature of the body. This Osaki massage chair will automate to give customized massage according to the body type.

The Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h carries a zero gravity feature. Means when you activate the zero gravity feature, it goes in a reclined position relieving pressure off your back. The backrest supports the total weight of your back. The situation is one where your back and your thighs position at a level comfortable to you. The zero gravity position, as a result, can massage and penetrate the body tissues at a much deeper level. A feature like this while massaging reduces the tension of the human body spine. You can intensify the zero gravity position. Here, you're in a fully reclined situation while your legs are higher than the position of your heart. The results of massage are quick and effective in such body alignment.

osaki massage chair

The Oaski Pinaccle massage chair-OS-7200h has LED blue lights which create an ambiance of chemotherapy like when in an unlit space.

The Oaski Pinaccle massage chair has multi-layer padding in the neck region and an air pillow. The user can adjust the pad system to intensify the massage by removing the pads. The air pillow has airbags which inflate if you want massage action like squeezing around the neck. The detachable pads can be washed to maintain hygiene.

This massage chair by Osaki allows massage on the hip and pelvis region. There are airbags in those areas of the massage chair. The airbags inflate and create squeeze action on the hips and pelvis. You can also massage your hands and arms with this model of Osaki massage chair.

Same massage technology is applied even on the shoulder portion of the body. Inflated air bags work on inward squeeze technology. During the same time, the airbags on the neck too massage the neck area.

This Osaki Pinaccle massage chair has with twin rollers that act like human thumbs and fingers. What's impressive is that it has 51 airbags in total that they have strategically to massage the body parts like neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands, calves, feet and the lumbar area.

It automatically scans the length of the calf and foot. After measuring, it adjusts the airbags to massage in the right areas.

The Osaki Pinaccle massage chair-OS-7200h has six preset programs. The upper body has three manual modes of massage. The manual methods include six different levels of intensity and speed which you can adjust according to your choice. You can operate the roller heads in there different levels of width while on manual mode. The remote has a good sized, and brightly lit LED display. 

This Osaki massage chair also has MP3 iPod docks with built-in speakers to enjoy your music while you relax.

The chair also has a stretch mode. You can auto time your massages, so that de-stress without worrying. 

These were the notable features and specifications of the Osaki Pinaccle massage chair-OS-7200h. Now let's get to testing out the features of this Monster of a chair.

Firstly, we tried to get hold of the brown color the model. Sadly we couldn't and had to opt for the black. Trust us when we say this, when the black arrived, it was a handsome black. Jet black, you won't regret having this on your chair. The brown is classy too as we thought, but the black!

We first checked the body scan function. Osaki claims of rollers scanning the body curvature and provide massage accordingly. As we continued, the Osaki Pinaccle massage chair lives up to its reputation. The brand offers body scan technology like no other. This machine is no less. We could feel the rollers moving around the spine, and we got to say, we realized of specific corrections required on our spine.

We here enjoy testing and documenting the review of a product as we list their features and specifications. Keeping this thumb rule let's move on to the next point and significant- the zero gravity feature.

Many Chair companies try this feature and few till date has managed to master it. Let's see if Osaki passes the test with this new model. As the model description talks of two zero gravity alignments, we did not want to miss out on any. We first wanted to check the optimal alignment of the back with the thighs. They have designed the recliner alignment well. We also wanted to check if the recliner provided excellent support to the back or not. The recliner is a winner not only in back to thigh coordination but supports the back well. Next up was the position where the thigh is above the location of the heart while the back in the position of recline. This position is known to be intensive and therapeutic. After we switched on to this position, it was almost painful to give up. Must say, when you place your body in this position, it's like you're in heaven. The Oaski Pinnacle massage chair-OS-7200h is charisma in zero gravity. We guarantee if you own this chair in the future, there'll be fights in the family for the zero gravity reclines!

Before we move on further, we did check online, and found out, when the body gets massaged in positions of these kinds, it gets an opportunity to the body deeper. Just like Osaki with this model talks of deeper tissue massages.

Who doesn't want an ambiance right? Talk of an ambiance that's creates an aura of therapy and de-stress, and this massage chair does not disappoint on that as well. This Osaki massage chair boasts of creating a chromo-therapeutic environment. Chromo-therapy? On googling this work, we find chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. The sides of the chair have LED blue lights. Switch off the room lights and turn on these. It takes your massage experience to a whole new level. Osaki has invested time and effort in designing this baby.

Let's test the head pillow and the padding in the neck area. It has dual padding system which allows you to increase the effect of the massage. The head pillow is well placed and detachable. Which means you can wash it at intervals. Head is that region which tends to be oily and smelly over time. Hence, with multiple users, it may get dirty and smelly. This removable feature of the pillow helps us to maintain hygiene. 

We tested the massage on both the neck and the head. It is a hands-down winner. The inflated airbags with their squeezing action fo full in action as they massage the neck and the head area. The dual pads on top of that give ease and comfort while the airbags are in motion. 

Often, massage chairs fail in mastering the hips, pelvic or the lumbar area. The Osaki massage chair of this model not only massages the hips and pelvis when you choose this function but at the same time works on the thighs too. With its full 17 inch space, the chair has maximum space for the chair to cover these body parts with equal attention. After, this particular massage mode, it was as if the body loosened up and eased.

There is this massage called outer shoulder massage as we already discussed in the specifications — the airbags around the shoulder section of the massage chair squeeze in inward directions. Side by side, the neck portion is massaged by the bags in the pillow area. While all this happens, the rollers are in full action. This entire affair loosens the shoulders and neck and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. What's impressive is the movement of the bags around the joints. It offers an exhilarating experience maximized by the rollers in full coordination with the bags.

Special mention and applause go to the highly advanced twin rollers called the 'Quad Roller Head Massage System.' They rollers replicate the feel of human thumbs and fingers. We're sure you must have taken a head massage. We mean every one of us has. A reason why this massage is something everyone can evaluate based on massage by human hands. Believe us when we say this, they've done a job so well in the roller system, that once you get acquainted with this massage chair, you'll never opt for a human massage.

This is also is an indication at finally your freedom from burning those big holes in your pockets for spas and massages month on month!

osaki os-7200h

With a promising 51 airbags, this massaging monster covers right from the neck, shoulder, back, arms, calves, feet and the hips and pelvis. What more do you want from a comfortable chair? 

It doesn't stop here. Osaki has now actually leg scanning too! It scans for the length of your calves right to foot. As we tried this feature on us, it just ended on a high note, this ensemble of a massage that we went through to review the massage chair

The remote is well designed and streamlined with proper labeling of the buttons for the functions they stand for. The instructions in the manual should be more than enough to get you started. 

The material is synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is known for it's quality of smoothness and long lasting. This material type looks great in the black color or brown. So you see, you comfort with style and durability. 

We should bring to your notice that there are other models from Osaki available in the market with similar, less or more features. Like Osaki os-3d pro Cyber massage chair has all the features that the Osaki Pinaccle-OS-7200h has. It surpasses the Pinaccle model as the Pro Cyber comes with 3D massage. However, the Pro Cyber comes at a steep price of $5,795. On the other hand, the Osaki OS-400CS massage chair mechanized by zero gravity and heat technology but misses out on the crucial aspect of body scan for perfect massage experience. Our vote goes to the Osaki Pinaccle massage chair-OS-7200h which comes with the body scan feature, heat technology, and zero gravity all at just a $3,795.00.

Osaki has managed to manufacture and design some of the best-engineered massage technologies that have helped reduce airbags making more space and surface area in the chair. Owing to its legacy and our review of the Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h should give you points enough to make your choice while you're on a hunt for your massage chair

Our verdict: The Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h powered with all the leading innovations and technologies available in the market by promising and competitive brands, stands tall with its quality, design, appeal, and value. If you're looking out for a massage chair, you definitely should give this massage chair thorough research, and we promise it won't disappoint you. Plus as you'll move on to aspects like pricing as we did, it won't difficult for you to narrow down in on the choice!

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