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OSAKI OS-4000CS Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair Review


We will review in this blog the Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair. We had ordered it in the color ivory, and the delivery arrived from Amazon. The color options available at the time when we placed the order were black, brown and ivory. So, this time we chose ivory compared to the regular black and brown. As we unboxed the packing, we were a little anxious about the color. On first glance, we did not regret placing the order for that color. It is a mild color and had a beautiful appeal. It also brought in a certain amount of brightness to the room as we unpacked it. For people, who're looking for a comfort or massage chair, do give a thought of breaking from the monotony of black and brown. Highly recommend this color, as apart from standing out in the family of a massage chair, the color ivory brings in sheen and an alluring appeal.

So let's list down the specifications of the product we ordered-

Item Weight    250 pounds
Product Dimensions    63 x 30 x 47 inches
Item model number    OSAKI OS-4000CS Ivory
Assembled Height    47 inches
Assembled Width    30 inches
Assembled Length    63 inches
ASIN    B01M0XO9E5
Shipping Weight     275 pound

The Osaki OS -4000CS massage chair comes with the zero gravity feature. It means the backrest of the massage chair fully supports the back. This form of position helps to intensify the level of massage. In such situations, the rollers placed in a massage chair can penetrate deeper areas of the back. This Osaki massage chair has a zero gravity position in which your legs are higher than the position of your heart, and the back reclines. The setting offers maximum relaxation and penetration in tissues. It provides for a relaxing feeling and a decompressed spine, a great tool after the end of a long day

The specialty of the Osaki OS-4000CS is that it has L and S track rollers. It means that the rollers move in the shape of the letters 'L' and 'S.' The rollers massage the body covering right from the head to the buttocks. The massage is a remarkable 42 inches wide of S & L-Track roller massage covering from your neck to the buttocks. You can opt for a medium to deep massage with the L and S track rollers.

osaki os-4000cs massage chair

The Osaki OS -4000CS massage chair comes with the space saving technology. It is highly portable as it can be dismantled and taken through minimum areas. Also, it can be assembled only at the time of use. The massage chair helps in saving space you place it. It has just 4 inches at the back and is terrific for small areas.

osaki massage chair

The Osaki OS-4000CS has a USB charging station near the armrest. A user can plug in their phones, music players easily as they enjoy the massage. Also, this helps to charge a phone and keep it by your side. 

An easy to use remote accompanies the Osaki OS-4000CS. It has a large LCD screen which is easy to operate and navigate for the different massage modes for the various massage areas that the rollers have to offer. 

osaki os-4000

The full body compression air massage utilizes internal airbags including the ones in the shoulder area. The shoulder area bags are adjustable to accommodate for many shoulder bones. 

The Osaki OS-4000CS is excellent for exercise recovery and naturally energizes the body. It also offers invigorating stretches. 

The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair is an upgraded version of the Osaki OS-4000 and Osaki OS-4000T models. The OS-4000CS model has higher quality upholstery. 

osaki os-4000t

It has three levels of adjustment for the shoulder airbags. It means a person has enough space for the shoulders which sometimes may be a problem with the OS-4000 and OS-4000T.

The adjustment in the shoulder area allows a user of medium size to adjust by the width, by pulling in the modifications. For a person of bigger capacity, he can pull the changes out to fit in. 

osaki os 4000 massage chair

OS-4000CS is capable of making adjustments according to each's leg length, ensuring that the massage chair bags are concentrating on the right areas.

osaki os 4000t

The L and S track body massage provides massage right from the neck to the glutes. The chair has a body scan technology which will provide the chair with the data of where the shoulders are which allows proper placement of the rollers for better massage experience.

It offers full body air compression starting at the shoulders going to the arms, calves, and foot. The massage chair also has some lumbar airbags. Despite just 24 airbags, Osaki has re-engineered the chair in such a way that it offers full body air compression. There are heating pads on each side of the lower lumbar. It helps to increase the blood circulation and to loosen tense muscles.

osaki os-4000 massage chair

The chair features six different automatic programmes like deep tissue, relax, stretch, energy, full air, and manual air. The most vigorous one out of the lot is the energy massage. 

The Osaki massage chair also features various styles of massage like kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and dual action massage. Double action massage is multiple massage modes inside the manual programmes. 

There is also target specific spots and partial functions. It means you can select one place on the back or area of the back. You can choose for specific manual massages for those areas. It's excellent for night neck and shoulders!

The Osaki Os-4000CS has vibrations on the massage seat. The chair comes with a spring-loaded footrest extension. The chairs have a three year structural, 2-year parts and one-year in-home warranty.  

It was now time to put this baby to the action!

Just going by random, we choose to test the shoulder adjustments. A person of medium size tried first. Then, a person of a bigger size sat. Both of us worked the shoulder adjustments. The adjustments are made and fit in such a way that it works without the hassle and with minimum effort to adapt to the right size of the person — well done Osaki on this, compared to your other models that lack in this capacity. The comfort of changing the shoulder space enhances the massaging experience.

Next, we checked the zero gravity feature. It requires no mention that Osaki has mastered this technology. They have designed all the recline positions so well that your back rests assured. The support on the back is well made and provides ample cushion. 

osaki os-4000t massage chair

Then was to test the full body scan. The work of a full body scan is always for the rollers and airbags to massage at the right places. We checked this function for both the airbags and the rollers. Like mentioned earlier, the rollers in the neck portion placed themselves accurately in problem areas. Also, we check for the shoulders and the spine. The airbags in the shoulders offered to squeeze in the perfect areas post the body scan. So did the rollers for the spine. It diagnosed the areas where real massage was required. The chair automatically placed the rollers there and was in prompt action.

Then we went on to test the different modes of massage that is, kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and dual action massage. We have earlier reviewed these modes of massage with other chairs. The Osaki OS-4000CS does a great job in each of the massage modes. The rollers are well placed to provide the kneading, tapping, rolling to perfection. The tapping on the spine felt great. The shiatsu near the neck area was excellent. 

It was time to test the dual action massage. Like explained earlier, double action massage is multiple massage modes inside the manual programmes. We mixed and matched several and had a great experience. The technology is well-built by Osaki, and the body scan lets the rollers to be placed in the right areas. 

The significant feature of the Osaki OS-4000CS are the L and S track rollers. Here, the rollers move in the shape of the letters L and S covering right from the neck to the buttocks. Do the rollers provide a massage as L or S? They do! They do. It was excellent as the rollers moved in such a way covering a wide area. This experience was relaxing and stimulating at the same time! It is one of the rare traits this chair has, and it's been designed well. 

The chair also offers six different automated programmes like deep tissue, relax, stretch, energy, full air, and manual air. We tried each one, one after the other. The zero gravity takes the deep tissue to another level. The air compression is well made for enough pressure to form on the desired areas in yet so gentle and relaxing manner. The relax mode could be called the favorite of most of us here. Great after a long day at work, and ease out with soothing music. Many may like the energy program. It's vigorous and fast and wakes you up. It's energizing and revitalizing. If you are feeling drained out at the end of the day and yet have tasks at hand, the energy mode can come to your rescue! Believe us when we say this, the energy mode will get you started at the end of the day!

os 4000

We also wanted to test and review the heating system, especially in the lumbar and glutes. The brand claims of relaxing heat throughout and could be opted explicitly for the lumbar and glutes. The heat takes time to build, but as it does, if you're suffering from any discomfort in that area, this one is for you. Even for women with periods can choose this particular feature to address problems of pain. 

The seat offers vibrations. Often other chairs include this technology but fail terribly. The Osaki OS-4000CS does not. The vibrations are felt well and are comforting and not vigorous at all unlike in the case of chairs by competitive brands. 

The remote design is such that it can be handheld with a big LCD and with good lighting. The operations and functions are marked well and can be figured out with or no instructions from the manual. However, we recommend going through the manual at least once. 

Big question! So does the Osaki OS-4000CS deliver with just 24 airbags? The company has a legacy of making massage chairs and is a leading manufacturer in the industry. So when it says only 24 airbags, despite the long run reputation, we too did wonder how it will manage? They have intelligently placed the airbags. So much so, that even the lumbar got airbags! Don't believe it? You have to because it does. That's the beauty of being for so long in the business and having mastered the ways of engineering the products. The airbags are distributed well to offer compression on all body parts and with the right intensity.

The holster of the massage chair is soft and comfortable. It looks durable and has a premium feel to it. Not to forget the USB port intelligently placed near the armrest. It helps the user to enjoy the massage with any mobile device next to them. You don't need to be charging your phone anywhere else and be worried about getting calls. With the telephone nearby or any device you can relax and de-stress and attend to important calls at the same time. 

osaki os-4000 zero gravity massage chair

Does the chair provide for specific spine challenges? That we cannot say entirely and it would be good to consult a professional. The Chair offers most facilities that are available in the market today. However, for more deeper tissue massages and concentrated compressions you might have to opt for higher technology chairs. 

The ivory Osaki OS-4000CS that we ordered came for a $3,295. It's decently priced for the values that it offers. It has been engineered and upgraded well from its other models. You can consider this one at this price level or the Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair-OS-7200h priced at $3,795 as both the chairs come for almost the same price with minor differences.

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