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OSAKI OS-3D PRO Cyber Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair Review


osaki os-4000

Osaki os-3d pro Cyber Zero Gravity gives us the quality massage and experience we wish to have in the chairs we have at home. Who would not love a comfortable and easy to use a chair. This chair offers full features that ensure us the comfort to achieve our dream of relaxation.

massage chair

This massage chair can accommodate and cover our whole body, from our heads to our feet. We do not need to go to spas or any place away from our homes to receive the relaxation we wish to have. With just purchasing this model, we can get the same experience we get in spas without leaving the comfort of our homes. Plus, this chair fits in the small spaces we have in our homes which helps us save spaces while installing in a device with maximized features. This kind of innovation is user-friendly, and it offers the best experience we can get from a massage chair. The type of features that it also can do are exceptional, and it brings out so many capabilities with the aim of giving us the premium relaxation in our homes after a long day of work or any other day we wish to relax.

Kahuna LM6800

The Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Heated massage chair is a fantastic deep tissue that comes with the next generation airbags, computer body scan, Zero Gravity, lumbar heat, MP3 music system, foot rollers, chromotherapy, and more. This statement is what this product boasts on its website and looking at the product first hand; I can tell that this product's promised features are present and are in the most effective quality.

osaki pinnacle massage chair - os-7200h

This chair gives 3D massage rollers with the quad massage head to provide us with the humanistic rubbing in the body. These rollers ensure that all the parts of our muscles will receive the pressure to help it relax and get the soothing feeling we ought to have. The levels for the rubbing sensation this chair can do ranges from the most gentle to the most vigorous one. The massage rollers secure us the premium experience because it does not only rub up and down to ease the tension of our muscles, it also goes in and out being able to protrude 3.15" which causes marvelous feel after the therapy. 

osaki os-4000cs massage chair

This 3D massage technology allows the users to extend the massage heads up to at most eight (8) centimeters for a supremely intense deep massage. The intensity of this feature could go up until five (5) different levels that allow the users to experience the quality of massage that can go from the least or called mild and to the strongest. This feature is useful because there are times that the intensity that our bodies need varies from time to time, so having the liberty to choose an option that matches our need at the moment is efficient, and it allows us to relax in the best way possible.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer

All these different levels are available only to this model alone while some levels may lack on other similar products such as Osaki os-4000, massage chair, Kahuna LM6800, Osaki pinnacle massage chair - os-7200h, Osaki os-4000cs massage chair. It also has the most number of airbags with a total of thirty-six (36) as compared to other chairs with airbags that average at twenty-five (25).

osaki os-3d cyber pro

What also amazes me about this product is the acupoint technology that it has. We all have three hundred fifty (350) acupoints in our body. Most of it is concentrated in our backs and neck only, and it reaches to approximately one hundred (100). This model, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair aims to target the acupoints with the precise accuracy so that all these parts feel the relief from the process. Acupoints are areas in the body where rollers should apply the acupressure or acupuncture. Through this technology, the rollers automatically target these areas which need the pressure.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer massage chair review

What also adds to the value of this product is its computer body scan. This massage chair surprisingly and satisfyingly has the latest 3D technology. Through this, the rollers can map the individual curves in our bodies with the utmost accuracy. This way, the rollers can adjust according to the different body types of the users. So, regardless of the size and ages of the user, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair can still serve its purpose and perform the same things it can do to whoever the user is.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer manual

This computer scan proves that this machine can serve varied people because it automatically adjusts according to their body types. This device is perfect for groups who wish to purchase this machine to use it on their homes or families that want to have a massage chair.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer review

Children and adults can equally enjoy the features and comfort that the OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair has. It will be worth it to purchase this because the whole family can enjoy it and more people can use it efficiently.

osaki os-3d massage chair

Through this 3D technology, the rollers can reach and target all critical areas of our bodies which result in a more precise massage. It hits the areas of our bodies so that when any part of the body ache, it will still be able to reach the areas that we often least prioritize and give minimal attention. This feature is helpful because it can rub the different areas in our body regardless of where it is. Often, we only want to sit and let the machine do its work, but for this machine, it delivers the perfect pressure to different areas of the body.

osaki os-3d pro review

What also amazes me about this product is the 2 Stage Zero Gravity that it can provide to the users. It reclines enough to give us the relaxation that we need. It is called zero gravity because it reclines enough as if it defies gravity. It appears as we are lying down, but the truth is, we are only sitting in our chairs. This stress-free position relaxes the different parts of our body and along with it is the minimizing of the pressure felt along the back and spine region. This position enables us to in a reclined or tilted position while the rollers massage the areas in our body and it gives the soothing feeling in our muscles.

osaki os-3d review

There are comfortable airbags that surround this chair which functions to cover various areas in our body. The airbags allow the muscles to relax in comfort as we sit or lie in it for an extended period.

osaki os 3d pro cyber assembly

The cushions are soft but are not too delicate that it makes us uncomfortable in the long run. It is soft enough to make our muscles rest in a manner that is not uncomfortable.

black osaki os-3d

Across the chair, we can see the airbags spread in it, so it reaches different parts of our body. Specifically, it covers our arms, shoulder, lumbar and hips. It twists and rubs into the surface of these areas that soothes it while we lie in the chair. Its softness is relaxing while the pressure of the rollers is enough to apply force in the different areas of our body. Sitting in this chair never felt so relaxing and comfortable at the same time. What amazes me is that we do not need to travel to different places to get this experience because we only need to purchase it and we can experience this kind of relaxation in our homes any time we want it.

osaki os-3d cyber pro massage chair

What adds to the comfort of using this chair is the addition of the remote control. This remote is in full size, and it is easy to use. There are a total of nine (9) pre-set massage programs available that we can choose from depending on what we want and what our bodies need. These nine (9) pre-sets enough that we can select comfortably and with the assurance that it could attend to all the needs that we have.

osaki os-3d cyber pro massage chair manual

Through this remote, we can also adjust the intensity of the air in it. In total, there are five (5) levels of strength from the 3D massage technology that I explained earlier in this article. Through all these levels, we can select the perfect standard that suits the need that we have as of the moment. Not only are we able to choose the level of intensity of the massage technology because we are also able to control the speed of the rubbing of the rollers.

osaki os-3d cyber pro massage chair assembly

There are times that the rubbing can be a little bit fast or slower than we expect it to perform so this model, Osaki os-3d pro Cyber Zero Gravity massage chair allows us to find the perfect speed of the rollers according to how we want it to perform.

osaki os-3d cyber pro massage chair review

The use of technology of this product is smart. Incorporating technology to only a chair is innovative in itself. The company equipped this chair with the MP3 connection. Through this, we can play our favorite music through the quality speakers that we can find in the location by our ears. This MP3 connection is built-in to the device, so we need not worry about installing speakers. So, while we relax, we can choose the music that we hear in a simple way of connecting it through MP3. Plus, the quality of the speakers is exemplary.

We can also connect the music through the connector in the same location by our areas to easily connect our music.

Like how this device can adjust to the bodies, this chair can also change based on the orientation and length of our legs. The calf and foot massagers can conform once we turn on the machine according to the individual's leg length or size of the calf. This device automatically does the job as we turn the device on when we use it. Not only our bodies enjoy but also our legs and feet as well.

osaki os-3d pro dreamer massage chair

Once we receive this model of a massage chair, we can say that the leather that covers it is merely in premium quality. We cannot easily remove it, and the color does not quickly fade through time. It is made up of quality materials that ensure that it will last for a long time.

The leather that covers it extends until the back of the chair which is nice. The leather does not only cover the front portion of the chair but also the back portion of it.

At the back portion in the lower part, we can locate the cords that connect the device to the power source. It does not obstruct the ways and alleys we have in our homes because we can see this in the back portion of the device.

What I also like about this product is that it can be placed in different areas in our house and still look stylish. We can choose various colors of chairs according to what we like, and it is available online!

The structure of the chair is also admirable because by looking at it, we can say that it is firm and sturdy. At the side, it incorporates its structure with a style that is visually appealing for me. I think that the company does not only consider the features, but they also prioritize how the machine will look physically.

osaki os 3d pro cyber manual

Because of its size and style, we can place this machine anywhere, in our living rooms or even outdoors.There is also a screen available in the package where we can see the different options of this chair. There are plenty of choices so it is only reasonable that we can view all on a bright screen that we can quickly locate and see.We can attach this screen to a lever in the chair that allows us not to hold it while we sit and relax. Through this long rod, we can also tilt the screen for easy access while we use it.

All in all, this mode is worth its price. I love its features and the different additions that accompany this chair.

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