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OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Review


There is no more fulfilling feeling than sitting in a chair at our home with the comfort and luxury of an expensive outdoor place after a long day of work and with soreness all over our bodies.

osaki os-4000

What I like about this product is that it gives us the experience of relaxing in a spa or a resort in a single chair that does everything all at once. I like how it functions in the best way possible through its features while giving us the best experience only in a price that is worth it. Also, I love seeing that it is durable and will last a long time through just scanning and examining its exteriors. We can immediately say that we are purchasing a lot more than its worth because of the materials from where it was built and just through feeling the surface of the machine. There are so many things this home chair can offer.

osaki os-4000 massage chair

I love how it appears just like how what the websites describe and how it appears on the pictures we see online. As it arrives at our homes and after initially scanning the product, I can say that it is worth the price. We desire to have a product that is consistent with the descriptions when we purchase online. Here it is! The OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining massage chair!

Relaxation is difficult to get nowadays given the fact that we get busy often and we lack time to insert a schedule to go elsewhere.  This product provides us with the chance to enjoy being comfortable inside our homes or rooms only while we watch the television, surf the internet or as we chill while listening to music. This chair can give us so much while just occupying a small portion of our houses. It saves space, and it serves us with so much in the process.

First, I love the massage that it can give. The seat itself vibrates in the process, so it relaxes the muscles in the lower area of our bodies. While the rollers squeeze and rub our bodies as we sit in the chair, our entire body get the chance of loosing up to receive relaxation. Since not all of us has the same or uniform standard or want when it comes to how we relax, this model provides us the chance to choose the level of intensity of the massage. This machine offers the feature of letting us choose from the least intense to the most intense levels, so we get to manipulate the set-up according to how we wish it to be.

The OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining massage chair also allows us to choose the speed of how the rollers function as we lay our backs in this massage chair. This model gives us several choices which range from the slowest to the fastest option. Unlike similar models such as Osaki os-4000cs massage chair, Kahuna LM6800, and Osaki os-3d pro cyber massage chair, this machine can give more and new features that allow us to achieve our ultimate relaxation.

osaki os-4000 executive zero gravity

This chair covers every part of our bodies, from our legs or lower extremities to our head and upper body. It gives comfort to each part of the body while we lay down inside of our homes. It is very convenient and extremely a wise choice.

osaki os-4000 deluxe zero gravity massage chair

All over the chair lies different airbags that directly rub into the surface of our skin thus relaxing the muscles in the process. There are airbags from the area of our foot, calves, arms, hips, back and lumbar. It makes use of air to massage the different parts of our body. That is why we call it airbags. There are a total of five (5) levels of massage that we can choose from according to what we want any time we want to use it.

In total, this chair has eight (8) preset unique programs that are ready for us to utilize. Other than the intensity and speed of its function, we can also choose from the options that we can automatically locate in the choices of the product. We can either stick to these presets or manipulate the chair so that we can get the perfect one that matches our preferences and we can control it as much as we want as well in an effortless way through just following a few steps.

osaki os-4000 massage chair assembly

We can also select an option where we can limit the time when we sleep so that it will not continue to function when we doze off. That often happens because as we relax, we can get the feeling of being sleepy or after a long day, our bodies could immediately turn itself off, so it is vital for machines to have this option. Having a timer is honestly very convenient for our part. During our massage sessions, the auto timer settings can range from five (5) to thirty (30) minutes depending on our discretion. After this time, the machine immediately goes off depending on the options we have chosen.

What I love about this product is the fact that anyone in groups or our families could use it because it adjusts itself based on the users. It scans the body of the users so that its form matches with that of the user of the chair. It automatically functions as a customed massage chair in just a few seconds. The description states that it is equipped with the computer body scan system that allows it to transform based on the curves on our body.

osaki os-4000 zero gravity heated reclining massage chair

os-4000 zero gravity heated reclining massage chair

What also amazes me about this product is the 2 Stage Zero Gravity that it can provide to the users just like the similar product called Osaki os-3d pro Cyber Zero Gravity Heated Massage. It reclines enough to give us the relaxation that we need. It is called zero gravity because it reclines enough as if it defies gravity. It states that what inspired them was NASA, so they try to mimic a setup of having no gravity just like in space.


osaki os-4000 massage chair manual

It appears as we are lying down, but the truth is, we are only sitting in our chairs. This stress-free position relaxes the different parts of our body and along with it is the minimizing of the pressure felt along the back and spine region. This position enables us to in a reclined or tilted position while the rollers massage the areas in our body and it gives the soothing feeling in our muscles.

osaki chair os-4000 new manual

What also contributes to the soothing feeling we can get in using this product is the presence of heat therapy. We can actualize this heat therapy by just choosing the right options. The heat allows the muscles to loosen up so that we can immediately feel the relaxation in those areas. This feature adds up to the capability of the product to give the users the comfort and relaxation we wish to have. That is new to chairs like this one. We do not only get a massage chair but also a chair that has the choice of heating up. It does everything already!

osaki chair os-4000 new

We can also enjoy this machine with only a few clicks through its easy-to-use large LCD Display. This monitor is not too small that we cannot see the display enough and it is not too big that it makes us uncomfortable in the process as we relax. It is enough that we get to see the graphics clearly and not be disturbed while we rest. The remote serves in communicating relevant information from the chair to us and through the screen, we can see the exact position we are in as we enjoy the session.

osaki os-4000 executive zero gravity massage chair review

We can see that the screen is attached and connected to the chair itself through a rod. Through this rod, we can assure that we can easily remove the monitor from the security of the chair. Also, we can adjust this rod so that we can see from any angle we are in as we use it. It is adjustable and flexible so that when we move it, it will not quickly break but will follow just on the directions we lead it to while we use it.

That is helpful as well in keeping the screen still and secured while we enjoy the massage. The vibrations might be too shaky that it might trigger the screen to be removed but thanks to its strength it will not come off quickly.

Adding to the value of comfort of this product is the presence of remote control. This remote is wireless, and it allows us to manipulate the options of the chair easily. The remote also gives us the chance to go through the options and locate the options as easy as possible. With just a few clicks, we can now get the choices that we desire.

osaki chair os-4000 new manual

What I also like about this product is its visual appeal. I love how it looks, and I think it is perfect to put in the living room or any part of our homes. I consider the style of the product when I purchase it so that it matches the different areas of our home. Thankfully, this product looks fantastic. Its exterior is attractive and makes me glad to have this kind of display because I genuinely appreciate products that are cool to look at at all.

osaki os 4000 price

Also, even, at first sight, I can say that what composes the product are materials that are from premium quality and I think that I am not wrong. Scanning and feeling the product gives me the chance to examine it. Just by doing so, I can already tell that it is sturdy and robust and that it would last in a long time.

What covers the chair is a premium and upgraded PU covering. This material ensures the durability of the exterior of the chair while ensuring us of the relaxation we need because it feels comfortable as we sit on it. It is different from the rest of similar products because it is fade resistant and it does not damage quickly. They already tested this kind of material, and the reviews prove that it genuinely makes its promise.

osaki massage chair os-4000

The structure of the chair is also admirable because by looking at it, we can say that it is firm and sturdy. At the side, it incorporates its structure with a style that is visually appealing for me. I think that the company does not only consider the features, but they also prioritize how the machine will look physically. This aspect is vital for me as well.

osaki os-4000 problems

The item's weight is 230 pounds, and its dimension is 47 x 32.5 x 46 inches. Upon getting the experience after the purchase, I can say that the price is worth it given the features that his product has and all the things that it can do to us. The features are new, and it matches with the primary concerns that we have in a chair. I can say that it is not a typical model and it prioritizes our welfare the most.

The OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining massage chair is worth its price and I recommend this to groups and families with many members because anyone can try and utilize this product. I love how it functions, and I can say that it is worth it.

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