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OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair Review


A gaming chair, or a racing gaming desk chair, is a type of chair which is made for use while gaming. It is a swivel chair with 360-degree rotation, with a set of wheels for its smooth mobility and adjustable height for different people. This racing chair uses one distinctive load carrying leg, which is positioned below the chair seat. Towards the floor, this leg spreads out and divided into several smaller parts, which are attached with the wheels and are known as casters. These gaming chairs were developed around the early 21st century when more people started to play a lot more different games, leading to the adoption of various features not found in any other chairs.
This gaming chair is designed especially for the comfort of computer game players who used to play for several hours in a day and stream that too. The history of gaming chairs originated from racing games like Need For Speed and Flat Out, etc. This name was given because the only purpose of this racing gaming chair is to provide the feel you have when driving any sports car. This is the way this chair looks like a racing car seat to offer you real feelings. It has a very high flared out backrests sides to give you extra comfort for a prolonged time without any interruption. The sides of the seat have additional cushion padding to save you from severe back pain. Physically if you will see, you can notice that the hands of the backrest are pushed slightly inward. This design has made by keeping in mind our healthy body posture. It also has some extra cutouts to make it look more appealing.
What comes inside the box:
For the best customer satisfaction, we pack our product with high precision so that it can be delivered at the customer in proper unaltered manner. We send our product by wrapping it with sufficient plastics and bubble wraps so that you can not be able to find any scratches on it. You can get one piece of OFM Essentials racing chair with its warranty leaflet and little amount of paperwork which will guide you how to use this and how to adjust the different height adjustments and other various things. 
You will also get some of the fitting accessories inside the box.
Available features:
This modern racing gaming chair ultimately features packed, which will give you an excellent experience while playing games for several hours. Don’t worry about cramps, back pain or any strained muscles, the extra padded cushion seats, arms and leg rest will give you some extra comfort. This OFM Essential Video Game Computer Chair is Professionally Designed for Serious Gamers. At first look, you will be tempted by its stunningly modern design that is made to resemble the interior of a sports car.
The whole Set is fragile, sleek, clean-cut matte black and bright red deluxe PU leather, which improves the volatility of Spirit. This also comes in various different colors that will enhance your gaming environment. 
This gaming chairs also take care of your health. Hence this is designed with S-shape Ergonomic high back support, which is fitted with an adjustable leather headrest that will give you extra comfort and Lumbar Supportive Cushion for extra flexion. 
The cushion is made from high-quality materials that consist of sizable, structured thick multi-layered foam which always has its perfect shape for both seating and the sitter.

There is no compromise done with its build quality. Our motto is to provide the best quality product to the customers. Keeping that in mind, every piece of material of this chair is of excellent quality and value. Its top corrosion resistant PU that will not allow your sweat and dust particles to damage the outer side of this chair. Original HDPE Plastic that gives extra long life span which will not make you worried about frequent replacements of the outer covers with high costs. PU + nylon casters provide it extra strength for stretching. Standard 3 SGS gas lifter is supplied for its smooth movement in the vertical direction of the chair, which will not cause any hindrance while playing. At each plastic parts, iron structured tilt control is given to give it more durability and to make it stronger. It is not just an ordinary chair, but it is lab tested & Patent owned.

Not just it comes with the high build but also it is provided the best appealing design language. This piece of master craft is the ultimate prototype of superior engineering. Its two-sided stitching gives it a catchy eye look that will fascinate you to grab it at any instance. Its sleek Plastic Protection on the edges that provides this chair with a perfect curvy look avoiding any pinch or spear. The joints present in this chair are well built. Bolts at the joints are supplied with damp proof caps for corrosion resistance. Every metal components are highly polished to give it an extra shine and also to prevent against unwanted pricks.

This chair comes with a very well sitting position that will allow for stretching your legs at times without leaving your chair. It is also provided with different layers of original foam, which will let it regain its unique shape after using it for prolonged hours. The adjustable paralleled armrest is given to create a dynamic fit for multi-tasking. 
It is featured with NVH Control by Systematic Support of Foam Seating. For more strength and to make it more durable and Sturdy folding base are provided. Along with these silent soft PU casters and reclining tilt control are also there in this OFM racing style chair.
Next level comfort:
 Racing-style gaming chair brings you luxury style and elite performance to your world. So this chair is also not at any lesser point. It will give you all the lavish feature that you can find in any costly racing style chair.
The difference is in the details:
 Unlike any other ordinary chair, you can find out the texture details on its cover. It will not feel cheap. This racing chair has an aggressive Style that will catch your attention at the instance of watching this. Here is the awesomeness when cool meets comfort with classic black leather and various color mesh accents. You will not find your Set up boring anymore with tones of different color options. 
Flip-up Padded Arms:
After very intense gameplay you need some rest. These armrests give full comfort. Take them in action when you need them and conveniently make them out of the way when you don't.

When it comes about your performance that entirely depends upon how much comfort you are getting during the gameplay. This chair has an extra padded headrest that will not bother you at any instance.
Ergonomic design with window for breathability.

Video Gaming Chair

Its world-class cushion will not allow you to make any complaint. These are durable and can regain their original shape after several hours of sitting.
Segmented Padding:
Its seat and back feature segmented cushioning that keeps you comfortable during long, intensive sessions.
Reliable Roll:
The casters are tested for rolling for over more than 40 miles and comfortable enough to take all day use.
This chair is very stable and sturdy
. You will get peace of mind after knowing the ESS-3085's frame is sturdy enough and various impact-tested.
It is 360-degree front-to-back durable. Its slope has been tested 100,000 times for total mechanical satisfaction.

Homall Gaming Chair

The Essentials by OFM seating collection is the place where quality meets value, and now it's taking the annoying, painful sluggish desk chair to a whole different level with the ess-3085 series. This chair is designed as an ergonomic race car style with contoured segmented padding, high back, and integrated headrest and lumbar support; this chair provides you high-performance comfort whether used during heavy gaming sessions or any long work days. The thickly padded armrests can be moved down for upper body support or flipped up to allow you an uninhibited movement whenever you want it. Additional features include various seat height adjustments, tilt lock or tilt tension control and full 360-degree swivel. Its soft head leather and pleasing contrasting color mesh upholstery fulfill the modern, high-quality look and feel of the ess-3085. The comfort, style, durability, and competitive price of this chair make this one perfect addition to your home or office. This chair meets or sometimes exceed all the industry standards for safety and durability. Our Essentials back this by OFM limited lifetime domestic warranty support. The ess-3085 has a massive 250 pounds weight capacity that will allow any person from medium weight to heavyweight. 

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Features & details:
COMPUTER GAMING CHAIR: A race car style chair that provides you luxury and comfort whether used during any intense gaming sessions or any long workdays
ERGONOMIC SWIVEL CHAIR: With different contoured segmented padding with integrated padded headrest, and padded adjustable arms, this video game chair will provide you quality support and comfort for hours of play.
ADJUSTABLE RACING CHAIR: this features different height adjustment, a seat back reclines control, flip up and flip down arms and full 360 degrees of swivel.
PREMIUM LEATHER CHAIR: Upholstered in Soft thread leather and pleasing contrasting colored mesh for an aggressive look and fresh feel.
DURABLE OFFICE FURNITURE: This heavy-duty chair has a massive 250-pound weight capacity for extended lasting use that will allow any person to fit in it perfectly. 
WARRANTY & SUPPORT:  Relax knowing the Essentials provide this gaming chair by OFM Limited Lifetime warranty for domestic uses.

E-Sports Chair

Product dimensions:
This gaming chair comes with a very lightweight. It only weighs 37 pounds, and it means you can move it to anywhere in or outside of your house. Its dimension is 30 x 13 x 26 inches. It will not consume more of your room space.
Warranty and pricing:
We produce world-class chairs for extra comfort and luxury feel. Along with long-lasting products, we also provide a lifetime warranty on this gaming chair. That means it will allow you to take the service benefits our customer support at any time once after purchasing this product. The stainless steel and iron parts are super durable. So you need to be worried about any damage to this chair.
That was all about the warranty. Now coming to the pricing of this product, we are happy to say that it comes only at a price point of 108.54 $. For a better set up and elegant look, you might not have any problem to invest in it.
It also comes with a bunch of color options. The blue, gray, green, purple, red, and white color accents look great with black color. It also comes with a full black color that looks stunning.

essentials by ofm racing style gaming chair


The bottom line:
No more annoying, painful chairs, no more obstacles during gaming. Take full enjoyment of our gaming chairs and say goodbye to the ordinary desk chairs. This video gaming chair will help you to give your best without holdback. Its gas-filled technology provides an excellent experience while swinging hammock sitting in this. You will not prefer to get up from your place again and again while working or playing your game. Considering all the features such as maximum backward movements, extra padded and adjustable head and armrest, you can call it a perfect racing style gaming chair. Most importantly, we are not demanding a very high price. It comes with such a reasonable price that will not burn your pocket at all.

essentials racing style leather gaming chair review

This one is the product that will give ultimate comfort along with appealing looks that we will go for it. You do not have to compromise with any color options as we are proving a bunch of color options to choose. From straightforward and minimalistic color design to very funky contrasting color options are available for you.

At last, the only outcome you need is the best gaming experience, and undoubtedly, this will not leave any hitch. Just grab this and make others get refreshed by looking at this fantastic piece of engineering.

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