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Office Racing Video Gaming Chair Review


An office gaming chair, or a gaming desk chair, is a type of chair which is designed for use while gaming. It is a swivel chair, with a set of wheels for its smooth mobility and adjustable height for different people. This Up-to-the-minute office racing chair uses alone and unique load-bearing leg (often called gas lift), which is located beneath the chair seat. Near the floor, this leg spreads out into several smaller parts, which are often wheeled and are called casters. Office gaming chairs were developed around the early 21st century as more people started to play a lot more games, leading to the adoption of several features not found on other chairs.
This gaming chair is designed especially for the comfort of video game players who used to play for several hours a day. The history of the gaming chair originated from racing games like Need For Speed, Dirt, FlatOut, etc. this name is given because the only purpose of this racing gaming chair is to replicate the feel you have when driving a sports car. It is the way this chair looks like as a cars seat only to provide you the real feelings. It has very high flared out and backrests sides to give you extra comfort for a prolonged time. The sides of the seat have additional padding to prevent severe back pain. The sides of the backrest are slightly curved inward. This design is done by keeping in mind our healthy body posture. It also has some extra cutouts to make it look more stunning. 
What comes inside the box:
For the best customer impression, we pack our product with extreme precision so that it can be delivered at the buyer in proper unaltered condition. We send this product it wrapping it with sufficient plastics so that you'll not find any scratches on it. You can get one piece of PULUMIS office racing chair with a little amount of paperwork which will direct you how to use it and how to adjust the different heights and other various things.
You will also get the warranty leaflet inside the box.
Available features:
This modern racing gaming chair is ultimately feature rich, which will give an excellent experience while gaming for several hours. Don't worry about back pain or strained muscles, the extra padded seats, arms, and leg rest will give you extra comfort by not letting you feel any discomfort. This Elecwish Video Game Computer Chair is Professionally Designed for Serious Gamers. At first look, you will be attracted by its stunningly modern figure that is designed to resemble the interior of a sports car.
The Whole Set Coverage is very Sleek, and Clean Cut Matte Black and Bright Red Deluxe PU leather which Echoes the Volatility of Spirit. It also comes in several different colors that will enhance your gaming environment. 
This gaming chairs also takes care of your physical health. They are hence designed with S-shape Ergonomic High Back support which is attached with Adjustable Leather Head Rest that will give you extra comfort & Lumbar Supportive Cushion for extra flexion. 
The cushion is made up of high-quality materials that consist of sizable Structured, dense Multi-layered Form which always Maintained Perfect Shape for Both Seating and Sitter.

There is no compromise done with the build quality of this chair. Our aim to provide the best quality product to the users. Keeping that in mind, every Piece of Material of this chair is of Quality and Value. Top Corrosion Resistant PU that will not allow your sweat and other water or dust particles to damage the outer part of this chair. Original HDPE Plastic that provides extra long life which will not make you be worried out frequent replacements of the outer covers. PU + Nylon Casters gives its extra strength for stretching. Standard-3 SGS gas lifter is provided for the smooth movement of vertical movement of the chair, which will not arise any hindrance while playing. At plastic parts Iron Structured Tilt Control is offered to give it more strength and to make it more durable. It is not just an ordinary chair, but it is BIFMA Tested & Patent owned. 
Not just it is enriched with the high build; it is also provided the best appealing design language. This piece of master craft is the prototype of great professional work. Its double Sided Stitching gives it a catchy eye look that will fascinate you to grab it at any instance. It sleek Plastic Protection on Edge that gives this a perfect curvy look avoiding any spear or pinch. The joints are well built along with this the bolts at the joints are provided with Damp proof Caps for corrosion resistance. The metal components are highly polished to give it some extra shine and also to prevent against pricks.
This chair comes with foldable Footrest that will allow for stretching your legs at times without leaving your chair. It is provided with different Layers of Original Foam, which will let it regain its structure after using for long hours. Adjustable Paralleled Arm Rest is given to establish Dynamic Fit for Multi-Tasking. 
It is featured with prime NVH Control by Systematic Support of Foam Seating. For more strength and to make it more durable Sturdy Folding Base are provided. Along with these Silent Soft PU Casters and Reclining, Tilt Control are also there in this chair. 
- Overall size: 26.8"L x 26.8"W x 46.5"-49.6"H 
- Seat size: 21.7" X 21.7" 
- Back size: 21.7"W x 32.3''H 
- Seat height: 18"- 21.3''H 
- Color: Black + Blue

-  You always need such a gaming chair that will allow making movements in any directions that will make easier for better control over your game. Its 360-degree Swivel makes this a perfect choice. Not only just side and parallel movements on the ground but also it provides 90 to 160 degree backward movement that will give you a very comfortable sitting position for the long time period, which is much safer. 
- Along with backward movement, it also comes height adjustment system so that you can adjust the height of the chairs according to yours'. And the smooth armrest will give you more flexibility and dynamic postures to do multitasking with ease. 
- The ergonomic design which looks so appealing is nothing without its best build quality. It comes with a supportive & sturdy Metal steel base with five wheel casters. The steel base will help in preventing dust and water corrosions. 
-  Its 360-Degree Swivel offers a versatile range of motion around your desktop. 
- You don't have to be worried if you are a bit overweight. This computer gaming chair has an incredible capacity of 330 pounds. So medium to high weigh people all can get much amount of comfort while sitting in this chair.   

Features & details:
- This Professional Racing Chair comes with free headrest pillow & lumbar cushion that will help to move your neck and head without any problem. It's much broader, and thicker armrests give dynamic stability for multitasking. Its S-shaped ergonomic shape allows you to sit in it comfortably for several hours, larger-size seat cushion will provide some extra easement, full chair back is provided for better body movements, and the adjustable Footrest will not let your foot freeze. 
- The leg support that can be folded to relax your legs on or fully withdrawn for different activities like gaming, work, or study.
-  It is made with a sturdy metal frame and high-density foams fitted with high-quality PU leather, offers excellent stability, and provides comfortable seating.
- The comparatively high backrest and the s-shape back of the Racing chair ensure proper support and alignment of your spine as well as your neck.
-  Nothing more can be particular about this racing chairs when it comes to warranty. It comes with lifetime warranty on frame, 12 months warranty on other parts.
Product dimensions:
With loaded with so many features and with and very sturdy metal frames, it does not weigh more. It is just 53 pounds. Because of its wheels, you can move this to anywhere in the room. It comes with an adjustable 26.8 ×49.6 × 26.8 inches size. PULUOMIS manufactures this product. 

Available colors:
It is not like that you only have to choose any fixed colors. In the case of looks, we don't compromise. Hence we are proving lots of color options to the buyers according to their preference. This comes with black + red, black + blue, black + green, black + grey, black + orange, black + purple, black + white, black + yellow and with another all black color. So choose as your wish that will make you are set up more lucrative. Among all these color options you can select anyone which price may vary a bit depending upon which one you will choose.
Pricing and warranty:
In the 21st century now there is an excellent demand for gaming, streaming and making videos. So you must not make any compromise while following your passion. This ultimate gaming chair will give you all that you want from a perfect racing gaming chair. It costs just 157.33$. This value is not so high, unlike any other manufacturers. We are giving you the best features at such a price point means that makes this an absolute value for money purchase. Along with this price, how much period of warranty, you will get? Any guess! You get a jaw-dropping lifetime warranty on the frames. What do you need more from such a product? Besides the structure, we are offering 12 months of warranty on the other parts of the chair. Now that sounds like a perfect deal to grab. We are one of the best brand promises you to give the best after-sale service so that you will not be disappointed at all. Our customer care service is always open to you. Just come with any problem and get it to shut out within no time.

elecwish gaming chair

When you are a serious gamer, and you are doing it as your full-time job, then you must be thinking of buying the perfect requirements for your set up. So no more boring painful chairs, no more interruptions during gaming. Take full advantage of our gaming chairs and say goodbye to the ordinary desk chair. This video gaming chair will allow you to give your best without any holdback. It's gas-filled technology will provide an excellent experience while swinging hammock sitting in it. You will not prefer to get up from your position again and again while working or enjoying your game, because that is too annoying. Considering all the features like maximum backward movements, extra padded armrest, adjustable head, and neck rest, you can call it a perfect gaming chair. It is also not like that we are demanding a very high price. It comes with such a price that will not burn your picket at all.

With a high price we are providing a lifetime warranty on the metal frame that means if any bendings or corrosion happens at any time, we will fix it for you with zero cost service.

This one is the product that will give extreme comfort along with stunning looks that we will go. The long-lasting cushions and foams will let the chair to have an un-symmetric look after long term usage. We are proving the world-class technology to fulfill all the requirements of the buyer. You also do not have to compromise with any color options as we are showing lots of color option to choose. If you think any of those colors will not suit your set up look for another one. From straightforward minimalistic color design to very funky attractive color options are available for you.

At last, the only outcome you need is the best gaming experience, and undoubtedly it will help you to get your wish fulfilled. Go one step forward and grab it that will make others stare at your gaming set up with a great jubilance.

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