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noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair - Office Chair Review


Since we know that sitting for long hours in the same position can cause problems in our back, it is essential for us to choose a good gaming and office chair. Many people begin to face the following challenges at an early age because of desk jobs. Whether it is gaming or working in offices for long hours, a good gaming or office chair can help ease the pain in the long run. Over a few months, we were able to get hands on some new chairs offered by some of the biggest brands in the industry. They are trying to make gaming and office tasks much more comfortable and help the customers in the long run. We have already reviewed some of the gaming chairs, and we were excited to use this one by Nobelchairs too. We dived deep to get the most out of the chair and understand if it is worth the price or not. There are a lot of things that must be taken care of before purchasing a gaming chair or an office chair. The sitting arrangement plays a vital role in maintaining a good body posture. So, we thought of looking at the Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair that is also an excellent alternative to an office chair and desk chair. Nobelchairs have established themselves as a great gaming and office chairs manufacturer. They use essential technologies to build a perfect chair. 
Nobelchairs are a global leader in manufacturing chairs that meet customers’ needs and takes care of their bodies. The chairs are manufactured in Germany, and the company claims to work on the principle of building “inspired by the interiors of luxury sports cars.” Another thing that attracted us was the chairs are made from leather, and the price tag reflects it. If you are a gaming person or someone who spends a lot of time sitting while performing their tasks know how important it is to have a good gaming chair. And, the things become more elegant when you have such stylish options of chairs to choose from. Before people used to ignore the importance of a chair, but as time has passed and after looking at the health benefits, people now tend to purchase a good gaming chair. 
Let us take a more in-depth look inside the functionalities and things the Epic Gaming Chair offers. 

Product Overview: noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair

Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 20.5 x 55.5 inches

Item Weight: 61.7 pounds

Item model number: NBL-PU-RED-002

Brand Name: noblechairs

noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair


The chair arrives in a huge cardboard box with the parts of it wrapped inside plastic and bubble wraps. The carton lists out some of the features of the chair on the outside. The chair comes with an instruction manual that is quite helpful while assembling it. The assembly took us about 45 minutes as we wanted to do it correctly. It may take around 30 to 60 minutes in constructing. The final chair had us utter wow because of the stylish nature, and it justifies its name because it is epic.

The chair is built to last long and is made of PU Faux Leather. It means the chair is firm and better than the ones made of foam and mesh material. It allows you to sit in a perfect position without harming your body posture. We have been looking for a chair like this for a long time, and we were happy that it stood out on our expectations. It can be used as an office chair or a desk chair too. The chair is sturdy and heavy when you complete the assembly. It is made to last long that’s why it comes with a strong and heavy build. The components are also reliable and made of durable material. We were profoundly impressed by the design and build of the chair.

Complete dimensions of the chair:
Total height (with base): ca. 131 – 141 cm 
Height adjustability: ca. 49.5 – 59.5 cm 
Width backrest (shoulder level): ca. 54.5 cm 
Width backrest (pelvis level): ca. 52 cm 
Width backrest (point of contact): ca. 29.5 cm 
Length backrest: ca. 87 cm 
Backrest adjustability (static): 90° – 135° 
Width seat (total): ca. 56 cm 
Width seat (point of contact): ca. 35 cm 
Depth seat (total): ca. 56.5 cm 
Depth seat (point of contact): ca. 49.5 cm 
Width armrests: ca. 10.5 cm 
Depth armrests: ca. 27 cm 
Rocking mechanism: max. 14°

noblechairs epic gaming chair review

Style: One of the things that attracted us towards the chair is its stylishness. Nobelchairs Epic Gaming Chair is designed with the elegance of being an office chair to the style it needs to be a gaming chair. It fulfills both of them with ease. It is unbelievably attractive, and it is made for someone who takes his/her chairs seriously. The design finish is ravishing, and it tempts you to spend more time with it. We added this part especially to let you know that the company has done a terrific job in designing the chair.

Armrests: The Nobelchairs Epic Gaming Chair comes with adjustable armrests. They can also be moved forward and backward, and side to side to get the perfect arm positions while gaming. It is something that gives this chair an extra advantage over the others available in the market. The armrests are made of solid material, and they allow a user to customize them according to his/her needs. Most importantly the adjustments don’t restrict you to play your regular game as it happens with most of the chairs.

Tilt lock functionality: Like most of the gaming and office chairs, Epic Gaming Chair also comes with a tilt lock function. The chair is 135° reclinable, which means you can comfortably sleep on the chair too. It becomes almost flat, almost horizontal. It has tilt for every user and different comfort levels. You can adjust the angle according to the place you are using the chair. We mean, if you are using it as an office chair, then you can keep it more upright. But, if you are using it as a gaming chair, then you can tilt it to provide maximum relaxation that is required during long gaming sessions.

noblechairs epic gaming chair - limited edition

Lumbar support: The chair comes with essential lumbar support for the users. It helps in easing the back and especially the spine. Lumbar support is a necessary accessory that most of the gamers look for in the chair. The cover is made up of leather and inside is the high-density foam that relaxes the body. We were surprised to see that it can be so useful. The lumbar support is adjustable and removable. Users can try to put it on for long gaming sessions or removing it when not needed.

Headrest: Another essential accessory that arrives with Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair is the headrest. It is crucial for gamers to give rest to their heads while enjoying long gaming sessions and this is quite helpful. It is adjustable and removable. Users can remove it when there’s no need and attach it when they need the headrest. The cover is made of PU faux leather just like the rest.

Star-shaped base: The chair has a star-shaped bottom, and five wheels are attached to them. It is strong and made of durable material for long lasting. The base is something that allows the chair to hold weight up to 265lbs and that’s a lot. It also clears the fact that more burdensome individuals can use the chair without any issues. The 360-degree swivel also makes it an excellent option for kids.

noblechairs epic gaming chair faux leather

Ergonomic support: The chair is built with the ergonomic backing that aims to protect your back and the spine. It allows the chair to adjust according to the shape of the body to provide maximum solace while sitting on the chair. Epic Chairs are known to provide maximum body support. The back is designed with a sophisticated rocking mechanism, which enables the backrest to be inclined from a 90° to 135° angle. We were excited to see how the support works, and we were delighted with it.

noblechairs epic series gaming chair

Sturdiness and durability: When you purchase a chair it is essential to look at its sturdiness and durability. We were impressed as the chair is sturdy enough and we compared it with the other chairs that are we have reviewed and also the ones that are available in the market. The real PU faux leather is not going to tear up in years, and we were comfortable while sitting on it. The durability is another factor that we dived deep into. The components are built with high-quality material. The foam on the inside is also comforting and relaxing, which is why it is a good option as an office chair too.

noblechairs epic leather gaming chair

Pros of Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair:

- The chair uses top class PU Faux leather cover which makes it durable and long lasting.
- It comes with 4D armrests and practical rocking function.
- It also allows you to adjust the seat height. The backrest can be inclined from an angle 90 to 135°.
- The chair is comfortable enough to be used as a gaming, office or desk chair.
- The built quality and stylish looks are impressive. It is easily one of the best looking large chairs in the market.
- The base of the chair is strong and durable, and it can handle individuals weighing up to 265lbs. 
- Epic Gaming Chair is a bit expensive, but the features make it worth purchasing.
- The assembly of the chair is easy if the instruction manual is read carefully.
- The chair’s foam upholstery is denser than common ones that come in most of the chairs. It makes the chair firmer and more resilient to wear.
- There are several color options to choose from that can also match the interiors of your office or home decor.
- It has a durable hydraulic gas lift and aluminum base. 

Cons of Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair:

- It is heavier just like its looks.
- The chair is costly.

noblechairs epic gaming black & red gaming chair

Final thoughts on Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair:

We were very excited to review this chair when we first saw it. Now, after spending around two-three weeks with the chair, we can say that it is the best chair we have reviewed as of now. We didn’t expect it to be this good. Yes, the price was the factor on our mind always, but the chair justifies it with brilliance. The features, the aesthetics, the stylishness, everything was just perfect. One of the best things about the chair is that it can be used by gamers and desk job workers too. We found it extremely comfortable for all types of individuals even the ones who are already facing problems.

Another thing that impressed is the PU faux leather that has been used to cover the chair. It looks premium and elegantly put together. We will keep it a hundred with you guys and want to let you know that it is the best chair that you can purchase. We didn’t expect it to be this good. We would highly recommend you to buy it. The chair has different color options that you can look before purchasing. There are a lot of gaming chairs available in the market that are made from cheap material and are quite expensive. We would suggest you to not fall for them. In this review, we have mentioned everything great about this chair, and it exceeded our expectations. Everything from backrest to the armrest is perfect. It will not only make your tasks easier but will also keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Check out some more pictures of Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair:

We had a great time while writing the review of this fantastic sitting arrangement partner for your gaming setup or office decor. We hope we answered your questions and hope you will be able to choose wisely.

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