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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair Review


We had a high demand from our readers and followers to review the Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair from Flash Furniture. Owing to the request, our topic for today is a review of the Flash Furniture Mid-Back. Let's see if the chair is worth all the hype.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back

Before diving in straight into the review, let's take a quick look at the specifications and features of this office chair.

Product Dimensions    25.5 x 24.5 x 41.2 inches

Item model number    BL-X-5M-BK-GG

Assembled Height    41.25 inches

Assembled Width    24.5 inches

Assembled Length    25.5 inches

Weight    30 Pounds


Mid-Back Design. Seat Size- 20.25 W x 19 D inches. Seat Height- 17.25 - 20.75 H inches

Back Width: 17''-20''. Weight Capacity- 250 pounds. Minimum Seat Height- 17.250 Inches. Maximum Seat Height- 20.750 Inches.Minimum Arm Height From Floor- 26.250 Inches.Maximum Arm Height From Floor- 30.250 Inches.

The chair comes with a ventilated mesh back material.

office chair


The Flash Furniture Mid-Back has built-in lumbar support. They have designed lumbar support to prevent muscle tension and stress.

It has a tilt lock mechanism once you set the height. One of the features is the tilt tension adjustment knob. It means you can set the recline of the chair with the adjustment knob.

The mesh back material is soft and has proper ventilation. It allows air to pass through. Suitable for warmer climates, the mesh back prevents you from sweating.

The mesh material offers comfort when you work for long hours sitting on the Flash Furniture Mid-Back. As hours increase, the body tends to get exhausted. Since the material is transparent, it allows air circulation was keeping us fresh and composed despite the workload.

mid-back mesh chair by flash furniture


The chair has padded arms. The arms can be flipped up. It allows the user to flip up whenever they do not need armrest. Unlike other chairs, you do not need to detach them.

There are several advantages to having a padded armrest. When you have padded armrests, it helps take the pressure off your neck and shoulders. When you do not need them for your comfort, you can always flip them up and out.

flash furniture mid-back black mesh multifunction executive swivel chair with adjustable arms

The seat of the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair has upholstered leather. The position is like a waterfall front edge that removes pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation.

The chair rotates 360 degrees, the term they use for this is swivel. It means that the chair swivels 360 degrees. It allows a user to use his workspace to the maximum and without any strain.

There are the tilt tension knob and height adjustment like we talked earlier. It helps in adjusting raising or lowering the height of the chair. The pneumatic seat height adjustment lever enables it.

For the recline, you have to turn the tilt tension adjustment knob to increase or decrease the pressure required for the recline. You can lock the seat in that position with the help tilt lock mechanism. Please note you can also rock the place!

The seat has pads of three inches of CA117 fire retardant foam. It means the foam will not catch fire easily. The chair has a cover of mesh upholstery black in color.

mid-back mesh office chair by flash furniture

The waterfall design of the seat helps in relieving pressure on the buttocks. Such a seat design allows for blood flow to the legs.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can adjust the height of the seat according to your liking with the help of the adjustment lever located under the seat.

Also, you can customize your recline or rock position by turning the tilt adjustment knob. You can fix the situation by locking the seat with the tilt lock mechanism.

The Flash Furniture chair has a heavy-duty, nylon base. It has dual wheel casters making it easy for us to roll across the floor. So on hectic days, you can just run the chair across the room and to your colleagues for communication.

So let's test some of the points that users have been discussing this chair and see if it's worth all the hype!

We tested the comfort of the chair when used for long hours. There was a day when one of us sat on the chair for a good long 9 hours. The user only got off for occasional stretches and lunch, water and smoke breaks. That's all. Coming from our experience, this is way good for a chair where a person can sit and work for this long.


With this 9 hours long experience, we found that the mesh back is super comfy. It provides for air circulation. Despite the hot and humid climate out here, there was no sweat. The AC was on throughout, but our experience with some chairs have been different. Companies claim of comfortable and cooling material, but with the use of the chairs for a long duration you start sweating.

Our experience with the Flash Furniture Mid-Back with the mesh material was excellent. The stuff is cool and comfortable and offers for excellent support during long days of work. There was continuous ventilation sometimes even with just the fan on. The material looks durable and will last you long.

The mesh back also offers excellent support for the bag. Maintaining a good posture for your back will be great. One thing we realized too is that the mesh back has a curved shape. The curved shape of the mesh back felt like it will help one maintain a good posture.

Plus, the back is sturdy and offers excellent support. Chairs with use over time tend to lose this quality. It seems like a sturdy back of good quality.

flash furniture mid-back contemporary office chair

The chair comes disassembled, and one has to assemble it after getting it delivered to your doorstep. Some chairs must say they are a little challenging to assemble despite instructions. 

With this Flash Furniture chair, the case was reversed. There was an instruction card that dropped down the step by step procedure on how to assemble the chair. It came handy. Without any hassle, we gathered the chair. This feature is also helpful in making it portable. In case you want to change the room to place the chair or transfer it to a different home or office, it will be easy to disassemble this office chair and reassemble it.

It has lumbar support for muscle tension and stress. For those suffering from pain in the mid back, pelvis or tissues around those areas, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back should be your choice. Many users including us have experienced that even with prolonged use, it offers excellent support due to the well designed lumbar support. 
Many times we have come across complaints with chairs that offer such facilities, but then fail terribly. The lumbar is a crucial body part and needs ample support during long hours of sitting. Chairs which lack in this capacity, tend to lend users with pain and suffering that can get severe with time. Therefore, an office chair inevitably needs to be designed well in offering good lumbar rest.

The maximum height you can raise this chair to is 21 1/2 inches from the floor. It is ideal as most standing desks accommodating people under 6' tall. The height is easily adjustable. We could quickly increase or decrease the height according to our liking. There is a pneumatic seat height adjustment lever under the chair that lets you adjust the height.

For recline, we tried out the tilt tension adjustment knob. With the knob, we could comfortably recline the chair as we desired. After deciding on the position of recline, we could get without worry and lock the chair in that position with the help of the tilt lock mechanism provided by Flash Furniture with the chair.

Writers would love this because our writer in the office was thrilled about this particular feature that came with the chair. The chair rocks! Yes. We know for a fact that people often who focus on activities like thinking and writing and ideation love to rock in their chair as they do! There's something like their creative juices flow when they rock! 

The rocking of the chair is smooth and feels natural. Not rigid like in some chairs. For all those out there, looking for a chair to buy and is in a profession like the above-listed ones, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back is for you.

flash furniture mid-back office chair with chrome finished base

The Flash Furniture Mid-Back comes with padded armrest. The pads are comfortable and have the right thickness. On placing our arms, we good make out of its material and manufacturing quality. It held a strong position even when moving the arms as we worked.

The pads are removable by flipping them up and away. The chair easily fit in without the armrest near our desktop for smooth operation on our systems. By adjusting the height of the chair according to the user, we could with ease move the chair to the desktop while we work there. Also, the padded armrest was easily detachable and could be again reattached without any trouble.

The chair rotates or swivels 360 degrees. We could see this Flash Furniture chair smoothly rotated 360 degrees, and the swivel was smooth and balanced. Not like some chairs poorly designed where the swivel moves too fast.

flash furniture mid-back chair

It has dual wheel casters. We tried rolling the chair across the office floor, and it was fun. The rollers are of good quality, and even on rolling the chair, it maintained a strong position. Also, the heavy-duty nylon base makes for proper support in the chair. 

The seat of the chair is of a waterfall design. This particular design in chairs is known for giving an excellent posture to the body preventing it from inviting body suffering like pain. It provides for proper support to the glutes or the pelvis region.

When a chair has an open seating area during long hours of use, the pelvis area tends to strain. The waterfall design prevents the user from any such ailments and is known to provide healthy blood flow.

We want to bring in a special mention here of the Flash Furniture High Back Chair. This office chair is pretty similar to our Flash Furniture Mid-Back. There are minute differences between the chairs.

One of those is the High Back Chair has a headrest. While the chair we are reviewing today is a Mid-Back Chair, the other one has a High Back which offers maximum support in relieving tension in the lower back, preventing long term strain. 

Apart from these, both the chairs are similar in design, features, and quality. The High Back comes for a price of $121.35. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back is priced at a very reasonable $94.99. We're not making a comparison out here, as we love both the models. 

We're just saying for a more affordable yet quality buy you can opt for the Flash Furniture Mid-Back. Also, if you do not specifically need the headrest and the high back, this Flash Furniture chair is offering you all the features at a much lower price. 

Flash Furniture has earned a reputation in making quality furniture at affordable prices for both home and office use. Coming from the house of Flash Furniture, this office chair could be your perfect choice if your planning to start up with your office.

At a price point that is affordable and yet has all the qualities of a perfect office chair for those long hours of work, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back is your bet. You can bulk buy since its far from digging that hole in your pocket and offers a competitive price than other brands offering similar chairs.

We enjoyed reviewing this office chair as we felt has justified the worth of all the hype it has managed to create since its time of launch. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back our research says is becoming a popular choice, especially in office spaces.

We highly recommend the Flash Furniture Mid-Back to our readers and followers if you're looking out for that perfect home or office chair that offers comfort and durability!

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