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Flash Furniture High-Back Chair Review


What do you look out for when buying a chair? Few things that we look out for when purchasing a chair is the comfort, design, durability, and price. That's just us. The points may vary from person to person. But we feel the above points more or less covers the essential aspects that a chair needs to have. 

Buying a chair as easy as it looks, may not be so. With the ever-growing market trends and new technologies, buying gets complicated with too many options available in the market. Each brand tries to better every day, and the products are getting challenging in innovation. With something new in manufacturing and designing who wouldn't want to get the best? That too at a price not too hefty. We're sure we read your mind right. It is where we come in. Right from the dimensions, features to its pricing, our reviews provide customers with a healthy mix to make the right decisions. 

Keeping this in mind we have chosen to review a chair, which has received mixed reactions and feedback in the market. It comes from the house of a reputed brand that has offered quality chairs for years. But just a brand may not always ensure a happy buy. It is, therefore, crucial for us to review them so that it makes your buying decision easy. Owing to this, we are talking about the Flash Furniture High Back Chair. 

The chair has managed to garner love and hate from clients and distributors alike. It is rarely a case that Flash Furniture has faced. Let us straight away dive into the specifications and features of the chair first, to get an idea of what it offers. 

flash furniture high back chair

The Flash Furniture High Back Chair is a contemporary office chair. As the name suggests, it has a high-back design and a headrest. It offers built-in lumbar support. It comes with a tilt-lock mechanism and a tilt-tension adjustment knob. It has a contoured seat and back. The chair provides pneumatic seat and height adjustment. It also comes with padded arms. The product weighs around 44 pounds. It has the product dimensions as follows-27.5 x 26 x 46.5 inches. The assembled height is  46.5 inches, assembled width is 27.5 inches, and the assembled length is 26 inches. 

Flash Furniture says the chair offers good quality leather upholstery for a long day of work or long duration of use. The chair has ergonomic contoured back and seat — also, padded arms. The contoured seat dissipates pressure points for greater comfort.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back

The high back extends enough to the upper end to offer enough support. The high back is to relieve tension in the lower back preventing long term strain.

The chair swivels 360 degrees giving you maximum utilization of workspace without any strain. The pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to adjust the seat to your desired height.

There is a silver nylon base in the chair. It has black caps. The caps prevent your feet from slipping off the chair when you rest them on it.

Let's get rolling in with the review. We got our package delivered yesterday and did not want to waste a single day in drafting the analysis owing to the high demands of our readers.

amazonbasics high-back executive chair

The chair offers some of the most basic features one would find in any contemporary office chair. Let's first review the upholstery. The upholstery is leather and feels comfortable. Is it premium quality? We would say it's okay. Customer feedback has been of the chair according to our research that the leather begins to wear off in some time. It is difficult for us to say since we would only come to know of it with more use. We want to say it lacks in premium quality leather.

flash furniture high back mesh chair

One thing we liked right away is its high-back. Flash Furniture says the high-back extends long enough to support the upper back. It lives up to the claim and more. The headrest too is well placed. Overall, the back support including the extension and the headrest are a good deal.

flash furniture high back leather chair black

The lumbar support is well designed. Like in most Flash Furniture Chairs, the lumbar support is excellent and comfortable. Even after long hours of use, the chair provided excellent support to the lumbar area, and the user felt no strain.

flash furniture high back leather chair

As is the case with most office chairs, the Flash Furniture High Back Chair comes with a tilt lock mechanism and a tilt-tension adjustment knob. There is not much to say about them, and we did test them out. The adjustment knob was for adjusting the height of the chair. The tilt lock mechanism provides for the position of their you chose to be. For example, after you have changed the desired height of the chair, you can lock that position with the tilt lock mechanism. The quality of both the lock and knob is excellent and supports the functions well.

So the chair comes with the pneumatic seat. It means you can regulate the height of the floor relative to the floor. Pneumatic seats offer several advantages. Like excellent, balanced support for lower back, buttocks & thighs. It encourages adequate blood circulation to feet. It helps eliminate pressure points behind knees. Like we saw earlier with most flash furniture chairs this function even with the Flash Furniture High Back Chair runs very smooth and is well made.

flash furniture high back leather executive office chair


The chair offers well-padded arms like shown in the picture. The pads are thick and comfortable when we rested our hands on it.

The chair is sturdy once assembled and has a right length and width for all kinds of users.

Our favorite part of the chair is the contoured seats and back. The contoured seat is known to dissipate pressure points for greater comfort. 

flash furniture high-back leather executive reclining office chair


The chair has ergonomic contoured back and seat — also, padded arms. The contoured seat dissipates pressure points for greater comfort. So did they fulfill the need? As you can make out from the pictures, they have contoured the seats and back throughout, and the shape is designed to offer maximum curve and shape fitting the human body. Almost came as a surprise, why none of the customers or users who have reviewed it so far haven't talked about it. The trend is such that most users and reviewers tend to forget some crucial aspects while discussing a product. We believe that's where we manage to make our mark. Our reviews over time have been received well, and our readers are only growing by the day.

Apart from the ergonomic contoured back and seat, the Flash Furniture High Back Chair living up to its name offers a great high back. The back extends fully up to the upper body. One of our colleagues here, who has a considerable height tried sitting on the chair for the whole day of work and has given excellent feedback. He said the back was well rested because of the width and length of the back of the chair. Even after the use for the whole day he gave the feedback that did not feel the strain on the back even for the slightest. He also added that the contoured seat made the difference in providing wholesome support throughout the day of the use.

As a result of the high back, the strain on the back was nil. The high back support manages to dilute the pressure felt on the lower in most chairs. Aspects like these are where Flash Furniture lives up to its name.

flash furniture high back executive office chair


The chair comes with a nylon base that has black caps. Like shown in the picture, the brand says the caps prevent your feet from slipping off the chair when you rest them on it. The brand did deliver well in that aspect. The caps prevent from letting the feet slip off the chair. The caps felt smooth on the soft skin of the feet. It offered for the flat base even where the caps ended on the silver base.

flash furniture high back leather executive office chair black

Last, but not the least, the chair swivels 360 degrees, a feature found in most office chairs today including those from Flash Furniture. 

Many users have complained of the chair squeaking post a few months of use. Do we say it would not? Cannot comment on that since it's been a day of use for us and it's too early to judge on anything like that. So is there any probability we feel may be in the coming months? Let us keep our perspective broad and say that it could also be the defect of maybe just a few pieces of the product. We may not be able to generalize that as a flaw for the entire model of the Flash Furniture High Back. 

Let us draw in a little from the Flash Furniture Mid Back which could be another option for the High Back. The Mid Back has most features same except for the mesh back, and the seat and back not contoured. Also, the caps at the base of the chair and the pneumatic seat. 

For someone looking for a more more uncomplicated yet comfortable chair, please check our review of the Flash Furniture Mid Back.

We cannot help but draw in comparison to the Amazon High-Back Executive Chair. It needs no mention how awesome that chair is, our review on the Amazon High-Back Executive Chair will help you get a fair enough idea. Both the Flash Furniture High-Back and the Amazon High-Back are quite similar in their features. In the Amazon High-Back, the seat and the back come with excellent cushion and thick padding. The padding is soft. It easy to assemble compared to the Flash Furniture High Back. In the Amazon chair, everything is well marked for example to fix the arm. The left is marked as 'L' while the right is marked as 'R' which makes the process of assembling very easy. 

The Amazon chair has special padding on it that does not crush down after extended use unlike the Flash Furniture one. As we mentioned earlier, some users have reported of the leather wearing out after several applications with the Flash Furniture Chair. The Amazon High-Back Executive Chair offers durable leather though faux-pas that has received a lot of appreciation from customers.  

The Amazon High-Back Executive Chair priced at just $111.99 is value for money. Do check our full review on the chair.

Coming back to the Flash Furniture High-Back Chair let's take a look at its pros and cons-

Contoured back and seat
Padded arms
Nylon Caps for feet at the base of the chair
The extended high back
Pneumatic seat
Lumbar support

Upholstery, leather quality

The Flash Furniture High-Back Chair comes for a $144.61. The chair reasonably performed at most the features that the brand has listed apart from a few here and there that we've already talked about. Like, the leather quality on the seat and back, we are not too confident about, honestly. Apart from that, we do have to agree with the masses on assembling the chair. With bare minimum instructions, the assembling is not marked well or adequately labeled. It may take a while for a user to assemble the pieces. Apart from these aspects, we felt the chair performed well. Excellent in areas like the contour back and seat, the lumbar support, the well-padded arms, the caps for the feet and few others.

flash furniture high back leather chair review

Our verdict is that the chair is a little steep on the pricing part. When we say that do we have an alternative. As we mince no words here, the Amazon High-Back Executive Chair is our first bet. With a price so reasonable, and passing with flying colors in all of its features, readers should opt for this chair first.

However, for the loyalists or Flash Furniture fans, you can opt for the High-Back as there are a few complaints, but then they are just a few. We would recommend you to check on the hardware of the chair as soon as you begin using it. It should give you an idea of any probable flaws if any that have been surfacing about the chair.

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