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FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion Review


We all need some proper relaxation after our long work hours we spend daily. And the Five Star massage seat cushion is the ultimate source of your entertainment. Perhaps you just got back home from spending long office hours, or you get back pain from sitting on a regular chair and now is looking for some pain reliever, the FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion is for everybody! So before going to buy this cushion, let me take you through my thorough FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion Review on this entire article.
The FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion comes with some smart features, and all those features work out right as your back pain reliever. It is a motor vibration massager that has some pads with multiple vibration levels, intensities, and intervals. According to your requirements, you can change or modify the settings of this vibration cushion.
One of the huge perks of this massage cushion is that it provides you with a comforting heat in the winter season. You can use it anywhere you want; on your car, home/office, anywhere. It is very cozy, well padded and the vibration range is also excellent in this price range.
New FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion Overview
Keeping your back relax after overcoming pain for so long is one of the heavenly feelings. It does not only release your back pain but can also provide you with some other great health benefits too. The FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat comes with four massage programs and three different massage speeds. It has many attractive features and functionalities that will make you want it right now. Let’s have a look at its basic introduction and features.

massage chair

There are ten separate vibrating motors that come with cushion. However, the vibration speed is some kind of hard to adjust, but if you get familiar with it, you can do that easily. In simple words, the massage cushion is very helpful in massaging multiple parts on your body simultaneously. And the size of this cushion is also tall enough to reach out your neck and shoulders to provide you with a full body massage.


Similarly, you can operate the seat better than you can manage other similar models. There are vibrating motors at the underneath of the place for massaging your thighs and buttocks effectively. Thus, anyone can use this cushion for any purpose such as working, gaming, etc. Along with the variant speed of vibrations, you are getting soothing heat for extra comfort. That means, along with relaxing your muscles, you are getting therapeutic benefits. There is a handheld controller unit that enables you to control and set your desired settings without having to leave the seat. Since this is not a chair, but a seat, you can use it anywhere without having to compromise on its comforts. 
FIVE S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion Perks
It does not matter if you are busy with your daily work or is on a trip with your friends and family, this motor seat is offering you relax in all kind of circumstances. If you feel soreness at the end of long working hours, you need something that will erase your discomfort. Massage is one of the most popular and preferred ways to get rid of any kind of pain. Thus, this seat is the one you need. Keep your back relax and keep it away from all types of pain regardless of the places you go and the work you do. This is the ultimate source of enjoyment in your work-overloaded life. It releases tension, massages your back, neck, shoulder, and give you some other health benefits too.
However, this seat is not Osaki os-4000cs massage chair or the Shiatsu kneading massager with rolling balls. So if you are looking for rolling balls, do not buy this chair. This vibration massager works well for your neck, back, shoulders, thighs, etc. with a good vibration speed and soothing heat. Have a close look at its padding which is not thin or robbery, rather smooth and very comforting. People who drive from place to place can get excruciating back pain. If you allow this heating element to provide comfort in your sore areas, you won’t feel any pain while driving.

relaxzen 10 motor

This Five Star vibration seat provides the users with various usages. It is lightweight and portable, that means you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can use it at home, work, vehicle, etc. You don’t have to worry about its settings since all you need to do just pressing a button and the vibration seat will do its job automatically. It will reach various spots of your body including shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs, and lumbar region, where you are more likely to feel pain while sitting.

osaki os-4000cs massage chair

FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion Review- Pros
I bought the chair a long time ago, and after using it, I don’t regret my choice. We all look for something that can change the way of our life and can get you out of the pain we regularly feel, hence, this chair is the must-have thing for you. So let's take a look at the highlighted pros of this FIVE S FS8812 seat that I have so far come across. 
●    Comes with the vibration that can heal your back pain effectively
●    The comfortable hand control unit makes it easier and effortless to change settings and vibration speeds
●    You can easily switch on and switch off the heat as per your requirements
●    Is a pain reliever and capable of reaching four zones including your shoulders/upper back, lower back, lumbar and thigh
●    Comes with an A/C car and 110-volt electrical cable
●    30-minute automatic shutoff feature to provide you with additional safety
●    30-day guaranteed customer satisfaction
●    3-year manufacturer warranty
●    Comes with multiple motors for ultimate vibration
●    Shape, size, heat and the controller are incredibly comfortable

The best opportunity to get a message in your upper body and legs simultaneously with  heat, is FIVE-S-FS8812.
FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion Review- Cons
Everything comes with some exciting pros as well as considerable cons. This Five Star FS8812 Vibration Seat Cushion is also not an exception. Since I have told you every single advantage of the chair, it is also my responsibility to tell you about the cons. So let's begin with the detailed discussion of disadvantages of this Five Star FS8812 Vibration Seat Cushion from the below points.
●    It is not a Shiatsu massager, and the motors are not kneading or rolling
●    Rather large in size
If you prefer kneading or rolling, then buy a massage chair or the like that supports that feature. The FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion comes with vibration motors only, and that can be a limiting factor for some users. However, if you have not tried anything like this before, you are going to love this seat. 
Key Features of FS8812
Though I have explained everything about this FS8812 seat, here are some key points to keep in mind when you are going to buy this seat for your car or home or anywhere.
●    New Five Star Massaging Cushion comes with ten vibrating motors
●    Supports lumbar heating
●    Use the push-button controller and the heat will be turned on and off as per your choice
●    The zones include M1 Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back, M2 Middle Back, M3 Lumbar, Lower Back, M4 Thighs
●    This vibrating massage cushion furthermore comes with four programs set up which you can control with the microprocessor
●    If you leave the pillow, then the auto-shutdown option will turn it off after one hour of being used
●    It can increase speeding in every zone when it changes its moves
●    Alternates between one area to another and fades between each one and repeat the process all over again
●    All the zones are activated and operate together, and when it moves from one zone to another, it fades first slowly and then goes to the full speed

Who Can Use This FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion?
The FIVE S FS8812 cushion is for anyone who wants a little bit relax after the heavy workload they manage every day. Anyone who wants a great back massage every day can go for this chair as you don’t have enough time to book an appointment with a masseuse regularly. This massaging cushion is for the people who need a therapeutic massage every day, want to get rid of their back pain, want to relax while working/gaming/ or whatever business they are doing.

five s fs8812 10-motor vibration massage

If you get a massage on a daily basis, it really helps in soothing pain. However, not all of us are that lucky but since you are getting something as cool as this FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion, then what can stop you? This seat is specially designed for all those people who suffer from lower or upper back pain. But that does not mean that people without any back pain cannot use this chair. You can, because it is not only a back pain reliever but also massages various parts of your body very expertly. It will be a great and wise decision to have a therapeutic massage every night before going to bed. It helps a lot in a night of quality sleep.
No matter whether you are using this seat on your chair or car, it is an excellent choice for you. Also, if you are a gamer who spend hours after hours before their monitor screen, then you might experience some back pain. Since this FIVE S FS8812 is here, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Just sit on the seat and play your favorite video game how long as possible without having to care about any sort of back pain.
Who Should Not Use the FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion?
Generally and as per my knowledge, anyone can use this cushion. However, if you have severe back pain or an ailment, then try to consult your doctor before using it. Moreover, if you have overcome a back injury recently, or have an unhealed wound, talk to your doctor and ask if this kind of a cushion can be harmful to you or not. 
If you are the owner of good health, then this vibrating back cushion is not going to be dangerous. However, if after using this, you come across any sort of negative symptoms or face any kind of a pain in your back, then quit the usage and contact your doctor immediately.
Warranty & Customer Support for FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion 
As exciting as its features are, customer support and assurance is also outstanding. If you buy this Five Star FS8812 10-Motor vibration massage seat cushion from anywhere and is not comfortable with its functions or features, you can ask for a refund from the customer support team. However, you have to do this between 30 days period of buying this seat. The customer care agents will ask you no question of why you are not satisfied with the seat and will refund the money you have spent on it.
Moreover, the FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion comes with a 3-year factory warranty. That means if you encounter any manufacturer damage with the product, you can repair it within the guarantee period. In addition to this, every time you buy something from Amazon is covered with buyers protection plan; so that means you are getting an extra benefit if you buy this same chair from the official Amazon website. 
FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion Final Verdict
The FIVE-S-FS8812- Massage Seat Cushion is an excellent choice for those who want to get relieved of their back pain. And the program modes that it comes with are also elementary to operate. When I was very busy with my work pressure, this chair helped me a lot with relaxation and comfort. Therefore, if you are searching for something similar, please go with it. It can also make your blood circulation and comfortable and help you manage your stress level on your day to day life. 

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