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Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair Review (LYF-007 model)


Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair has ergonomic techniques that every gamer asks for. 

ficmax gaming chair

Comfortable chairs are not so important if we think of it, but when we reflect on the impact of our chairs on our body, we can immediately attest that better chairs give us better experiences.

ficmax chair

Ficmax Ergonomic chair changed the game. It provides new features that are new and also different from the usual gaming chairs that we have.

A comfortable gaming chair is a staple to a gamer's experience especially during times of prolonged use of computers. It is always a need to find the perfect chair that prioritizes the comfort of its users where its makers specially make it for a specific purpose and a duly identified user. The features it offers are the ones that I consider a breakthrough whenever I compare it to similar massage chairs and gaming chairs such as akracing nitro gaming chair, GTRACING Gaming Chair, Homall Gaming Chair, Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair and elecwish gaming chair.

ficmax gaming chair instructionsFicmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the perfect match for gamers as it offers comfort and premium quality through its new and improved features. This chair is not just any other gaming chair because of the different form of relaxation it gives through smart use of the latest addition to the usual gaming chair.

The latest addition to this product is its multiple uses. It is not only used by gamers to sit on, but it fuses with the capability of providing the users the relaxation through its massage technology. Users can enjoy the comfort of having a massage chair through only connecting it with a USB cord. 

That is different from the usual chairs because it provides double of what the typical gamer chairs are. This feature stands out the most because of how comforting and essential this type is for the users over time. Sitting in a long period could cause some pain in the muscles due to minimal movement, so this feature gives so much positive impact on the users.

What we look for a chair is the comfort it provides. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair has a larger size cushion seat that allows the user to sit for long hours comfortably. Added to this feature is the super thick seat cushion that ensures a long-time sitting. The pillows provide extra relaxation for the users because it is placed on places that usually go sore during long hours of computer use. These areas are given much attention because these are often the areas that make gamers uncomfortable during extended hours. Larger seats are what we always look for in products especially on chairs that we use for long hours. This feature answers our plea and gives us the quality that it promises to provide.

ficmax high back ergonomic gaming chair

This chair provides a 4.8 inch thickened seat cushion that ensures its promise that users will be comfortable through time and with it a high-density foam. This provides quality support and high resilience. Our bodies are not the only parts in us that are comfortable because this chair also has a soft headrest pillow that provides comfort to our heads while we use the computer. This pillow can also be removed whenever the users wish not to use it. Removing the pad is very easy to do, and it allows us not to feel uncomfortable. The lumbar cushions are also easy to remove anytime the users wishes to. 

The foam that supports our backs provides so much convenience as we lean against it. On long hours that we sit, we will have times where we lean back and get tired of sitting up straight, so having comfortable backrests is vital to how our muscles feel right after we do our works. Our backs can lean into a sturdy structure that provides a broader space where we can move a bit.

ficmax gaming chair website

But not only are we secured of the seats because this chair also has a 2D Height Adjustable Armrest that we can easily control in times when we wish to move the armrest. Added to this, this chair also has a PU surface that provides a comfortable feeling to the users. This kind of surface restricts any straining to the users whenever is use and the fact that it has adjustable armrests tell that it can serve varied types of customers, whatever the body type they have. These armrests are also full and thick that allows the users to use it at ease.

What makes me satisfied with this product is the quality it has. It is made of excellent materials that last longer than usual and that provide aesthetic appeal to the users. This is made of PU leather with high quality. This allows the leather to be dirt resistant and it does not fade. In contrast to the usual chairs whose colors fade quickly, this quality is remarkably different. Usually, for products like this chair, the problem we face is the physical changes it shows in a period. As it gets older, the more it gets a bit damaged. But unlike the usual, the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is made up of materials that are specially made to prevent the fading. It is resistant to any damage that results from more extended hours of use.

What also adds to the features that make us satisfied with this product is the strength that it ensures us given its physical structure. It has a steady metal frame which allows us to sit comfortably without worrying about damaging or breaking it. It also has a level 4 gas cylinder of international standards and with heavy-duty chair base. Chairs can become a bit shaky or its base can be easily damaged through time, so it is essential to have the chair that remains intact in a very long time.

gaming chair ficmax

This chair also has wheels for the users to move while in the chair quickly. These caster wheels are remarkable sturdy the same with the overall structure of the gaming chair. These wheels are essential whenever the users wish to move around because some chairs are immobile and are limited to only a single place. Also, these wheels are sturdy so regardless of whatever motion and force we exert, the chair delivers. There are a total of 5 wheels in this chair alone.

ficmax gaming chair manual

This chair can exceptionally support 300 pounds which is proof of how sturdy the materials used are and how all these contribute well on how the chair functions. It can be used by a variety of users regardless of age or weight because it can support that much weight and this proves of the strength this product has. 

ficmax ergonomic high-back large size office desk chair swivel black pc gaming chair

This chair is also very multi-functional because of its 360 swivel chair. Now, this is an exemplary capability because not all chairs can turn all the way around. This is a dream of maybe all gamers out there because things behind the users can be accessible and everything seems to be achievable through this chair. It also has a rocking function which excites and amazes me the most. This chair is also able to tilt from 90 to 180 degrees! The tilting allows the users to move whenever possible. This feature is new, and it amazes me how this chair can seem to do limitless things. Some chairs can be very limited to just a few features, but the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is different. It supplies the most efficient and vital functions that we thought we could only dream.

The seats and armrests are also comfortable to adjust. This feature is what lacks among other gaming chairs because they always have constricted parts that limit the users to just several movements. But this gaming chair gives the users the discretion of having to manipulate its elements easily and with just a few tweaks to follow.

Its footrests are also exceptional! These footrests are retractable. Whenever we sit for hours, our upper body is not only the part that hurts most of the time. Our feet are also victims of our extended hours using the computer, so this chair addresses this concern by giving comfort straight to our legs through its footrests. These footrests are very comfortable in the long run as it provides a space for our legs to rest. 

What I also. Like about this chair is that it is not only intended for gamers alone but for other people who wish to have a chair where they can sit comfortably after long days of work or whenever they watch the television. This chair can also be an office chair given its very convenient features. We sit for long hours in our offices after all! Given its massage lumbar support, users, gamers or not, could sit in this chair to relax with only just connecting it to the USB. Not all chairs provide footrests, so this is also a breakthrough.

ficmax swivel gaming chair ergonomic racing

The width of the chair is 20.8 inches, and its length is 50-53.1 inches. It weighs about fifty-three (53) pounds or twenty-four (24) kilograms. Its frame and quality add up to its weight, but it is worth the extra heaviness because of the features it gives to the users that are exemplary and must-have.

What is also excellent about this product is its excellent after sales service that I think is vital to every customer. Users can have the chance of free replacement or get their money back for any valid reason within the first 30 days of using this. There is also a lifetime warranty on its frame and a year-long warranty on its parts. I there are also questions regarding this product, the team behind it is also responsive and quick to explain and respond whenever possible. This adds up to the ease of using this product. But regardless of this, we, as users must always be attentive to where we purchase our products so that we will not be tricked into buying to those fake sellers.

ficmax gaming chair reddit

This product is also attractive and appealing to look at. At first glance, we can already say that is is made from premium quality materials and that it is stable or may last longer. How a product looks is essential to how the users perceive it and just by looking at this product, the style and appearance are prominently attractive. Given that it is made up of leather that does not fade or get damaged easily, we can tell that the form it flashes will remain the same after a long time. Also, the structure ensures that it is durable and sturdy while not compromising the feature that provides comfort to the users.

What I like most about products today is their innovativeness through fusing their features with the technology we have to offer the best quality we can experience ever. The massage chair is just amazing. I have never thought that two things can be found in a single product with only a minimal price to pay. The massage it offers provides so much comfort for the users without getting another product to do that procedure. 

This gaming chair gives the luxury of having both a comfortable gaming chair and a relaxing massage chair. It is best to consider the efficiency of the product we purchase and this product provides the most capability any gaming chair can offer. It is the best choice regardless if the one who buys is a gamer or not. The chair is a promising product that ensures both quality and efficiency at the same time.

ficmax large size high-back ergonomic gaming chair racing seat

This product is worth every penny that we can offer. It is more than the price we have suggested to have it. What I also love about this product is the fact that all users can enjoy its comfort because of how versatile it may be. Its support extends to those who do not only play but also to those who sit for long hours. I think this is a breakthrough in gaming chairs and I wish others can experience having this chair with them. It is worth it, and it is user-friendly!

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