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Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair Review


Everyone is a born gamer until and unless they are given proper gaming setups, like gaming computer with 21-inch screen size, gaming headphones, gaming chair, and many other things. Most people buy gaming laptops and accessories, but they forget to pay attention to their comfort when it comes to gaming. Also, according to studies, most gamers recommend using gaming where, but people do not invest in it and use ordinary chairs. Later on, they don't feel the exact gaming vibe when they play their favorite games on a computer.

Poor chair often leads to back pain, neck pain, and some other health-related issues due to playing in a discomfort zone, or we can say in a discomfort-able chair. This types of chair often lead to making distractions for players. But when a gamer has a comfortable gaming chair, they won't be having anybody pain issues and also they may not be having discomfort while playing games. These type of chairs always keep the attention towards the game and helps to increase their efficiency. This, in turn, helps in scoring better in sports while playing in solo mode as well as in online team gaming.

Gaming Chair

This is where the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair comes. It is designed for all gamers. This chair is designed in such a way that players can comfortably sit back and play their favorite games with full concentration, without worrying about anybody pain. This chair keeps the upright position of the person, providing total comfort for the gamer. A person can also roll in this chair for entertainment purpose.

Critical features of Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair comes with most amazing features and is built with good quality of leather that all the gamers would love and would also like to buy one of them. Some of the major functionalities of this chair are:
    Fully adjustable
For total comfort zone, this gaming chair should be completely flexible. This Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair enables the person to adjust it as per their convenience. There is a lever below the seat by which you can increase or decrease the seat height and can sit firmly on the chair. The user can lean back on the chair and can enjoy their favorite game, which is essential as they may be playing games for an extended period.

There is also a cushion available with the chair so that the user will not have any neck pain while sitting on this chair for too long. If the user is not playing games, then also he can sit back and relax on this chair for a long time. The chair also tilts back, and the arm-rest given on this is way more comfortable than any other chair. Any gamer will not regret buying this chair for his personal use.
    Dual-wheel casters
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair swivel to facilitate multitasking. The chairs’ robust dual-wheel casters help the user to roll smoothly from one part of the room to the other.
    Premium quality leather with extra cushions
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair has been given with additional pillows for extra comfort and covered with premium quality leather to give premium looks so that gamers will feel comfortable while playing games. The T-shaped arm-rest provides support for arms, adding beauty to this chair.

    Modern design
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is not only high for maintaining the posture and increasing comfort, but also adding style to your room. This chair has two vents at the back region, which helps in the passage of air so that the person will not feel sweaty all the time. The chair is also designed like a cockpit so that when the person is playing any racing games, he may feel as if he is sitting in one of the sports cars and driving it with comfort. This design for the chair makes it look classier, and every racing gamer like to have one in his room.

Benefits of Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair offers an extensive range of benefits to the user. With the high-end features and functionalities, they are the most recommended choice by every gamer. There are some significant benefits the person can get by using the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair:

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    Comfort

While playing games, the person may spend most of the time in front of a computer screen. This means he needs to relax while playing games. They need a chair that can provide him the highest level of comfort and keep him free of stress. The Crank Series Charlie Gaming offer them with immense pleasure, thereby allowing him to stay calm and complete the game as soon as possible. The support they get from this chair plays a significant role in increasing their efficiency as well.

    Lesser health problems
Poorly designed and cheap chairs lead to various health-related issues such as backache, neck pain, shoulder issues, and hip related problems. The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair helps in supporting your spinal cord, hips, and lower backs, thereby improving your body posture while sitting. This, in turn, helps in lowering your chances of acquiring various health problems related to bad attitudes.

    Easy and simple to use
Gaming chairs should offer the user easy usability. The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is easy to use. As they are completely adjustable, the users can quickly achieve the position they want.

    Easy assembling
You do not have to spend much time in assembling the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair. They can be easily assembled and are ready to be used in no time.

    Stylish gaming room
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is not only the best choice for comfort and prevention of health issues, but they are also great for improving the décor of your room. Their stylish body can add a magical charm to your entire game arena and give rise to confidence.

    Perfect for all gamers.
This chair is perfect for gamers of all age and can also be used by older people just for relaxing purpose. The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is all that you need for achieving the goal.

How to assemble the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair?
Assembling the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is easy, and the process gets complete in very less time. Mentioned below is the entire procedure you need to follow to make the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair ready to use:

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    Turn the star-shaped based in an upside down manner. Press the casters correctly into holes located at the end of every base leg.
    Turn the star-shaped base upright. Take the lift and insert it correctly into the star base's center hole. The lift must be added along with the cover.

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    The arms should now be attached to the chair’s seat cushion by making use of the bolts and washers. 

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    Align the chair's seat plate just over the drilled holes provided beneath the chair's seat cushion. You should make sure the front side of the chair's seat plate faces the front side of the chair's seat cushion. Fix the chair's seat plate properly to the chair's seat cushion by making use of the bolts and the large washers. Tighten the bolts using a wrench. Make sure that you do not end up miss-threading the locks and damaging the seat.
    Attach the chair's back cushion correctly to the provided drilled holes by making use of the bolts. Make sure that you tighten all the bolts using a wrench.
     Turn upright the chair’s seat cushion. Align the seat plate’s center hole just over lift. Push down the chair’s seat cushion firmly onto that lift until you achieve a secure connection.
Safety tips for assembling the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair
Although joining the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is super simple, yet you should abide by some precautions to avoid awkward situations. Mentioned below are some of the essential safety tips that you should keep in mind and follow when assembling the chair:
    Be careful when handling
    Make sure that you go through all the instructions given in the manual completely and thoroughly before proceeding towards assembling the chair.
    Take out all the parts from your carton and make sure that all the pieces are there before you start assembling the chair.
    Consider assembling the gaming chair on a carpet or the carton itself for preventing any potential scratches on the body of the chair during the process.
    Be careful that you do not end up cross-threading the screws.
    When assembling the chair do not make use of power tools.

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Why should you invest in the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair?
According to a study, pro-gamers, who owns this chair, says that this chair is worth the money. It includes all kind of facility like total comfort, can lean back and forth, and many more reasons. You should also consider the following points before buying this chair:
    The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair is very much comfortable.
    This chair improves body posture while sitting. Therefore a person will not have anybody pain.
    User can sit for an extended period and can enjoy the game.
    Even if the person is watching a movie sitting on this chair, he'll be relaxed.
    It supports the spinal cord, pillow support for neck and back, shoulders, and hip.
    Can also be used by old age people suffering from back pain.
    Can also be kept in a private office cabin or can be held in the conference room for private meetings.
    When a gamer is using this chair, even if he’s sweating, the air vents provided at the back will be of great use.
Who can be benefitted from the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair?
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair can be used by a person of any age group and can sit comfortably for hours without any pain. It helps prevent health conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, and hip related issues. Most gamers recommend this chair as they provide full comfort while playing games. This chair can also be used for general purposes like while watching movies or while working on a computer. The primary purpose of this chair is to avoid any pain related issue for a person. 
This chair comes with a warranty period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Many pro-gamers like the design of this chair and claims that this chair gives the feeling of driving an original racing car. Amateur gamers usually use a regular chair and later on complaints about back problems.

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User reviews of Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair
The users of Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair are pleased owning this chair. They appreciated the product and also recommended it to their family and friends. Every user is talking about the positive impact of this chair. Every gamer plays their game with full concentration without any fail. They have witnessed a significant level of improvement in their body pain. Some companies also are using this chair for conference meetings, and most officials have a positive review for this chair. They also said that this type of chair should be kept in every conference room so that they can attend meetings without stress. 
Final words about the Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair
The Crank Series Charlie Gaming Chair comes with a comfortable seat and stylish body. The air vents given at the neck region for attaching neck pillow and for ventilation provides a person with the most comfortable feeling. This chair is easy to assemble and is ready to be used within no time. Supporting the back, spine, neck, shoulder, and many other body parts, this chair can be considered as the best investment a pro-gamer can ever have.

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