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Caravan Sports Infinity Gravity Chair Review


In the 21st-century, people are having different kinds of jobs. Some are in corporate sectors, and some others are in govt. Sectors. In high competition, some choose to stream videos on many social media platforms. Nowadays streaming different types of PC games come to trending. Except for professional gamers so may gaming enthusiasts also want a perfect set up for their gaming atmosphere. Irrespective of age every age group of people are playing PC games nowadays. So definitely they want an excellent place to play their game for hours and to take the full enjoyment while playing games without any physical aches.

Keeping all the requirements of the users, we have designed this product named as Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chairs which will deliver you the outmost and lag-free experience. We have designed this with proper alignment and perfect geometry. This s-shaped curve chair will let you provide extra comfort while you are on work unlike all other normal office chairs this chair ha movable wheels which will allow you to move in any direction.

Chairs main body is influenced by the cabin of any racing cars that we have tried our best to provide the same atmosphere while you sit in this chair. The ergonomic design language is more appealing when it comes with various colour options.


It has a unique racing-inspired design that gives this gaming chair an enhanced look. This stylish ergonomic gaming chair will make you feel the real gaming experience.

High-Quality materials make it more sturdy as well as make it sustain extreme load applied, along with the metal components there are thick padding provided on the armrest, seat and back that will give some extra pleasure and let you free from body aches.

Not only this chair moves in 360 direction but also this is based on a multi-functional mechanism that comes with a lock for tilt adjustment that will let you stretch your body during several hours of gaming, it easy to reach adjustments are making this chair more convenient while gaming without any interruption.

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is made out of PVC leather with extra added carbon fibre accent for a great luxurious look. The PVC material looks good as well as that last for several years without any kind of damage due to water, dust or sweat.

This Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair has an ergonomically design so that you can sit correctly in a perfect position and play games for many hours without facing any kind of problems.

It comes with a 4 Directional armrest. Those armrests support you in a better way. Those come with soft pad surface. There is also an additional feature of height, width, depth and angle adjustment are present in this chair.

The chair provides you complete 360 degrees of rotation around your set up and can be adjusted. The built-in Gas Spring system can change the height.

It has five highly strengthened nylon PVC caster. Those help to ensure better stability when having very intense playing movements and moments.

Rich foam headrest and the lumbar supporting cushions increase the gaming experience and prevent any kind of neck and back pains.

The extra high-density good quality foam paddings help in relieving pressure and distributes your total body weight over the surface of the chair to help you make more extended periods of sitting more comfortably.

Adjustable Armrest:

We care for the best user experience of our customers. By giving 4-D adjustable armrests, we have made this product an excellent option for game lovers. Those armrests allow the perfect placement and fittings for all the users. Depth, Width, Height and angle can be adjusted with these armrests for a more comfortable experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Height):

Not only the armrest but also the total centre portion can be adjusted with various levels. The height is adjustable from 49 cm to 58 cm for better accommodation of users of all heights. So stop worrying about height issues, you will not face any kind of painful experience.

Multi-Functional Mechanism (Tilt):

Nowadays, in each gaming chairs manufacturer are providing height adjustments. But tilt adjustments are not common to see in the market. It's back, and forth mechanism in the seat are providing maximum comfort for several hours worth of better gaming.


It has a recline capacity up to 180 degrees for lateral gaming or lounging. The recline function is usually found in the high-end models. Those models are giving another level of comfort.


Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair provides ergonomic principles to deliver extra superior comfort and support. These chairs help in the dramatical improvement of the user's gaming experience. These are designed specifically for persons who sit for many hours at the Computers doing office works or playing games, N Seat gives you the desired comfort when you want it most.

Features & details:

It has a racing-inspired design, and this is a stylish ergonomic gaming chair.

High Quality and thick padding of foams on the armrests, Seat and Backrests that gives you the highest possible comfort.

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair comes with ergonomically design so that you can sit perfectly and play games for several hours without any problems. The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is made up of PVC Leathers with highly dense carbon fibre accents for a luxurious and vibrant look.

It has five high strength nylon and PVC casters to deliver better stability when having intense gaming situations and movements. Its multi-functional mechanism with a lock for the tilt adjustments give full access to adjust the chair. It also comes with easy to reach controls.

It comes with 360 degrees of rotation.

It has an adjustable height.

Built-in locking function that will help to the lock the tilt positions.

Highly dense and better quality foam padding helps in relieving of pressure and to improve the user to make more extended periods of gaming by sitting at the same place with more comfortable manner.

Foam head Rested and provided lumbar support Cushions are very much helpful in increasing the gaming experience and prevents severe back pains.

4-Directional armrests provided to support you better.

The adjustable soft pad surface is given for extra comfort.


As heavy gaming requires more amount of pressure on the chairs for multi-directional movements. Considering that point, we have designed this chair with high-quality metals that can sustain any kind of wears and tears. Those are water and dust resistance. They can be used for several years. Only care should be taken while transferring this from one place to another place. The metals and the alloys present at the joints are adequately welded under expert's supervision. Extreme bend tests are applied in the laboratories to making it full proof in day-to-day scenarios.

Besides the metal part, the cushions are made up of high-quality foams that they will regain their position even after hours of application of pressure on it. More than that those cushions are covered with high-quality PVC and leather covers, that will give them a classic look as well as better durability.

Looks and finishes:

Looks-wise this gaming chair is very eye-pleasing. The design aspect is very appealing. This looks like the interior of a racing car. That will enhance the looks and feels of your gaming experience. The s-shaped curved body gives it a nice looking as well as give place for a beautiful body resting posture.

The chrome finished metal parts shine in light that will be very eye-catchy. The leather finishes with dark funky colour strips give this chair a fresh pleasing look. Those design aspects are making this gaming chair look more aggressive.

Package contents:

We always have tried to make our packaging clean and bright. That will create a good impression in the mind of the customers. Hence we have not included any unnecessary parts inside the box. The chair comes in various roles. It is divided into the foot, central body part, and the cushion rests. You just have to align them properly.

Along with one number of the chair, we are also providing all the necessary nuts and bolts to assemble the chair.

The user manual comes out of the box that will help you to assemble the chair in a time as less as possible. That will help you to save lots of your time.

You will also get a warranty card that will help you get the free benefits of our after-sell supports after purchasing the product under the warranty period.

Product dimension:

This chair comes with a very compact design. It can be moved easily inside the home from anywhere to anywhere. The foldable armrests will help to save some more space while they are not in use. It is also very lightweight that anyone can carry it very quickly. The use of polycarbonate makes this chair super light with a weight of 55 pounds only.

It has an adjustable height of 49-58 cm

The total chair height is 124-132.5 cm

It has a 50 cm of seat width

Its seat depth is 48 cm

Its backrest height is 80 cm

Its weight carrying capacity is around 158 kg

Available colours:

We are providing various colour options to the buyers so that they can choose their favourite colour combination to make a perfect buy.

Along with high performance, this also has a great look which will enhance and magnify your gaming set up. This chair comes with a full black colour that looks classic. If you want to add a bit more fun, then we also providing black colour with funky and highlighted colour strips. You can buy a black with blue or black with red or black with a white colour option. Choose a perfect colour that will suit your gaming interior and also that will be very soothing to look at.

Warranty and pricing:

While providing high performance, we have not forgotten about the wallet of the customers. We have designed it with such a technique that will demand much from you. You can choose different colours, and you may get a little bit of the fluctuation in the price depending upon the availability and colour options. It will just cost you 247.02 $ in the offer, and we are hoping that that price will not burn your pockets at all.

Now coming to the warranty, we always have promised to provide best after sale service that the buyer will not face any kind of problems after buying this chair. We are offering a limited lifetime warranty on the metal parts of the chair for domestic usage. We are assuring you that you will not get disappointed by our customer support.

The bottom line:

In a market full of competition, we have always tried to give the best service through our product. Being one of the leading chair manufacturers, it's our responsibility to take care of the customers. With such feature-rich conditions, this product costs less than any other similar product present in the market. We are delighted to provide the best and world-class facilities to the users with such an affordable price point that any user can go for it, considering the feature to price ratio. The extended additional limited lifetime warranty makes this product more reliable. With extra padded armrest, head and lumber pads, this will give you ultimate gaming experience.

The 360-degree full rotation and the tilt adjustments are making this chair more user-friendly. The height, width adjustments are the icings on the cakes that there will not be any problem appeared for different heights of people.

To make your day better and for having a delightful gaming experience, you must look for this product that will not make your wallet more lighter than before.

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