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Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair Review


We have been reviewing different types of chairs that can provide you maximum comfort and are also worth purchasing. Today, we are not going to look into a gaming or an office chair. We will be looking at a bean bag chair offered by Big Joe. Now, when you think of a bean bag chair, it is for sure that you are looking for something to relax you after a hard day of work or something that you can use to relax while watching television or playing games with your friends. Bean bag chairs have grown in popularity in the last decade. Most of the people are buying this chair to help themselves relax and also make their home decor look much more promising. We have seen many bean bag chairs from different brands, but something attracted us towards the Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair. Well, that’s a huge name. Most of the people don’t think much while purchasing a bean bag chair because it is all about the beans that come inside and no one gives a shit about the other features of the chair. But, when we look for something, features are the most important thing for us. We need to know if the chair is justifying its cost or not. 
Big Joe 345185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair is one of the best bean bag chairs available in the market. It doesn’t look like a regular bean bag chair as it holds the shape of an ordinary chair that we are accustomed to noticing. The casual look is something that drifted us towards reviewing this masterpiece from Big Joe. We never thought a bean bag chair would need reviews, but they indeed do. We don’t want the customers to purchase something that they are not fully aware of because it makes the purchase not worthy. We were excited to learn more about Big Joe 345185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime. So, let us take a more in-depth look inside the chair and its features.

Big Joe SmartMax

Product Overview: Big Joe 645613 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Flaming Red

Product Dimensions: 33 x 32 x 25 inches

Item model number: 645613

Weight: 5 pounds

Brand: Big Joe

BeanSack Big Joe

The Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime arrives in a big cardboard box and is perfectly packed according to the shipping safety standards. Everything in the carton is correctly placed, and as it is a bean chair, the weight of the package can be easily handled by a teenager. The chair comes with an instruction manual that tells the features and necessary details a customer needs to know about the product. The booklet also lists the way of upgrading the beans when you feel they are not as comfortable as they were in the beginning.

Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime

One of the things that bother most of the people while purchasing a bean bag chair is the beans that make up the chair. We all know that the stuffing of the chair worsen as we use the chair, and after that, they need to be replaced. Though in the case of Big Joe chair, you will not face problems like re-filling the chair. Of course, you will have to replace the beans but they are quite durable, and you don’t need to worry about it even after six to eight months of usage.

Big Joe 645624 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Radiant Orchid

Big Joe is easily the most prominent brand that manufactures bean bags. The company started with a simple idea of making bean bags better. Big Joe works on ‘comfort for all’ mantra, and they have reached the goal with precision and use of technology. The company has grown from an ordinary dorm bean bags creator to an international chair sensation. They have launched numerous products as of now and are always thriving to create more manageable and comfortable bean bag chairs. Before purchasing the Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair for reviewing purpose, we went to learn more about the company to understand their perspective behind building these chairs.

Big Joe 645613 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Flaming Red

When you look at the popularity of bean bag chairs, the first question that pops in our heads in when they were first introduced, we looked into this fact and came to known that the first artifact of such kind was presented in 1968 by three Italian designers: Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro. What’s interesting to know is that the chairs were created for lax, hippie community and their non-conformist household.

Big Joe 645182 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Zebra

Big Joe cover: The Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair is made up of SmartMax Fabric which is soft to the touch and can also withstand normal pressure. The cover is water and stain resistant, which means you can easily wash it or clean it with a damp cloth. The reason behind having water and stain resistant cover is because the kids of the house will also use the chair. So, no worries if they spill any drink or water on the bean bag chair, it can be cleaned with ease. The covers are stitched to perfection to make the chair durable.

Big Joe 645602 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Stretch Limo Black

Compact size and weight: Most of the people look for a bean bag chair when there’s no space to accommodate a regular chair. The company remembered this while manufacturing this chair, and they have achieved it to perfection. The assembled height of the chair is 25 inches whereas the length is 33 inches. The complete dimensions of the full setup chair are 33 x 32 x 25 inches. It means the chair is easy to store at a small place too. The chair weighs around five pounds. It makes the chair portable, and you can quickly transfer it from one room to another. Whether you are watching television or playing games, Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair is a great option. It can be handled easily by the kids.

Big Joe 645614 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Sapphire Blue

Refillable bag: As we mentioned earlier, the beans of the chair wear off after extensive use, and it becomes a problem. But, the Big Joe chair can be easily refilled by users. You can easily extend the life of the chair by refilling it quickly. The refillable bag needs to be purchased as an extra item whenever necessary. We were quite happy to learn that other stuffing like foam can also be put inside the chair.

big joe chair

Space Saver: Unless you have a big space or have plenty of money, you always have an option of purchasing a bean bag chair. Most of the students live in small places, and that’s why it is necessary to buy furniture that can be accommodated easily inside the house. And, Big Joe is a moderately sized chair that makes it easy to store at any place we want. Even if you are cleaning your room, you can keep it outside for some time and then again let it in.

big joe chair refill

Convenient to use: The Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair comes with additional pockets where you can keep a water bottle and other stuff. Suppose you are studying and you need to have all the things set up in one place, then there’s nothing better than this chair. You can keep the books in the side pocket and also a water bottle or any drink so that you don’t have to wake up from the chair again and again for getting anything.

big joe chair target

Stylish design: As we talked earlier, one of the things that attracted us towards this chair was its design. It looks like a regular chair but is a bean bag. It is designed for every individual from kids to adults. You can relax, work while sitting on it and what not. It allows you to perform all the tasks that you can do on a regular chair but with extra comfort and solace. The built-in pockets are an added advantage that we get with this chair. We were delighted with the thought process that was put behind building this bean bag chair.

big joe chair filling

100% recyclable beans: One of the things that had us thinking about the bean bag chairs is the beans that are used to fill the chair. We all know that somehow they are made of plastic and cannot be recycled. Though, this is not the case with Big Joe chairs. The company not only aims to provide comfort to the users but also take care of the enviornment. The company also focuses on the sustainability of their products, and they continuously look for ways to reduce the impact on nature. They recycle all the waste including cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, and electronic waste, as well as compost all organic waste. The beans used are made from 80% recyclable materials. However, after the use, you can recycle them 100%. It is something that attracted us to purchase this chair. We are proud of the company that they are thinking about sustainable solutions to save the environment.

big joe chair reviews

Affordable price: Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair is not only a feature-packed sitting system but also affordable. The chair costs around $40, and it can be easily purchased by students too. There are several color and model options available including Big Joe 645613 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Flaming Red, Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Spicy Lime, Big Joe 645624 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Radiant Orchid, Big Joe 645182 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Zebra, Big Joe 645602 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Stretch Limo Black, and Big Joe 645614 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Sapphire Blue.

Pros of Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair:

- The chair is stain and water resistant making it kid-friendly.
- The cover of the chair can be cleaned easily with the help of damp clothes. 
- Big Joe bean bag chair is made with SmartMax Fabric.
- The covers are double stitched, and sealed with safety locking zippers. It makes the chair durable.
- The chair is filled with recyclable UltimaX Beans that conform to you. 
- It comes with built-in pockets to store books, water bottles and other items. 
- The UltimaX Beans can be purchased separately for refilling purposes. 
- It offers extra support in the form of the backrest. 
- The zippers are durable and well-constructed so that they don’t wear off quickly. 
- It can be easily transported from one location to another without any hassle.
- The chair is exceptionally affordable. 

Cons of Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair:

- It requires a large number of beans while refilling. 
- The chair is not an excellent option for stockier people. 

big joe chairs amazon

Final thoughts on Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair:

When we first encountered the Big Joe 645185 Dorm Bean Bag Chair, we thought that it would fail to impress us with the quality because of its low price. But, when we looked and used it for a while, we came to know that it is one of the best bean bag chairs in the market available currently. We are pleased with the comfort levels and features of the chair. It is made up of recyclable beans which means we are indirectly contributing to the safety of nature. Other than this, the built-in pockets and cover material also caught our attention. We didn’t expect the chair to be this good. It is a solid deal when you look at the price.
Moreover, the design of the chair is also a standout factor that impressed us. We have tried to cover all the significant things that you must before purchasing the chair. We would recommend you to consider buying this chair.  
Big Joe is one of the best brands in the market currently that is manufacturing bean bag chairs. It is tough to look for negatives, but still, we have listed them to provide transparency. 

big joe chair bean bag

Big Joe is one of the best brands in the market currently that is manufacturing bean bag chairs. It is tough to look for negatives but still, we have listed them to provide transparency.

Check out some more pictures of Big Joe Bean Bag Chair:

We hope you got all the answers that you were looking for while reading this review. We had a good time while writing it. Consider buying the chair if it satisfies all your needs.

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