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AutoFull Gaming Chair Review


Over the years, it has been observed that most of the people who perform their tasks while sitting on a chair face many back problems. Sitting for lengthy durations create this problem, and it is easily fixable. It depends how we are trying to cope up with it. Proper sitting chair and posture can make things a lot easier on our bodies. It ensures long-term health benefits and also saves you from facing problems at a young age. It is essential to get off the chair and do a bit of exercise to keep the body function correctly. Many professions require long sitting hours and one such is gaming. Most of the gamers spend 10-12 hours in gaming, and sitting throughout the time can make things worse for the back. So, it is crucial to take the right precautions. One of the things that you can do to take care of your health is by purchasing a gaming chair. Yes, this may sound a little corny, but a good gaming chair can help ease the pain in the long run. 

AutoFull Gaming Chair

We were continuously looking for something that can be perfect for gamers and other individuals too who perform most of their tasks while sitting on a chair. And, we finally found the AutoFull Gaming Chair. It is one of the perfect things a gamer can purchase to ease his/her body. It may sound like a no big deal, but a chair can indeed help a lot. There are a lot of features that make this one a perfect gaming partner. There are a lot of things that we considered while purchasing this chair like safety, comfort, sitting postures and how it can be useful. So, if you are a gamer and looking for a chair to meet your setup requirements and is stylish, then this one will be perfect for you.
Let us take a deep dive into the AutoFull Gaming Chair and what it offers.

Product Dimensions: 34.6 x 25.2 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight: 57 pounds
Item Model Number: AF047UM/IN

AutoFull Gaming

AutoFull is one of the biggest and most trusted gaming chair brands in the world. They have been known for manufacturing some of the best and comfortable chairs for long sitting hours. They are not only making luxury for gamers but also sponsoring tournaments like WCA, LPL, MDI, WCS, MDL and CSGO minor. The sitting arrangments created by the company are known for their unique design and comfort level it provides. They have been manufacturing the chairs for a long time. The company also supports over 20 professional teams including RNG, NewBee, 4 AM, 17 and more.

AutoFull Chair

 The gaming chair arrives disassembled and has all the parts included in the shipping package. It contains instruction manuals that you can read to assemble the chair. The sitting arrangement systems for a gamer is a necessary thing, but most of them neglect it. But keeping the health benefits in mind, it is a must-needed luxury item. We were excited to assemble the chair so that we can get a more in-depth look into the build quality, which looks sturdy.

Assembling the chair is a pretty tough task, but the company has made sure everything is in the right place even for a beginner. Everything is mentioned in the booklet, and the assembly can take upto 20-45 minutes depending upon on your speed.

autofull gaming chair website

Complete dimensions of the chair: When you ultimately set up the chair, you can see a clearer picture of how well it has been designed. Every element has its speciality. Talking about the dimensions, the backrest’s size is 20.87” x 32. 68” (W*H). Whereas, the size of the seat is 18.90” x 20.08” (W*D). The adjustable height of the seat is between 16.93” to 19.69”. On the other hand, the height of armrest is between 11.02” to 13.39”.

autofull gaming chair canada

We were profoundly impressed by the built quality of the chair as it is one of the most critical factors. You don’t want to look at the comfort if you fall from it. It’s simple as that. The chair has a durable diamond shaped base which is made of high-quality nylon. It is durable and has wheels to transport it easily from one room to another. The rollers are also made of durable material. Overall, the base of the chair is perfect, and it helps in handling a lot of weight with ease. The chair is capable of handling 400lbs, and the capacity of the base to handle the load is 1136kg.

autofull gaming chair pink

Lumbar Support: Gaming is not as easy it as it seems. The back goes through a lot of pain after the long gaming sessions. Therefore, it is necessary to give our waist the right kind of support. For this, the company has provided lumbar support, just around the place where the waist rests. The whole lower back gets benefited by it and gamers can enjoy long gaming sessions without any worries. If you don’t like the lumbar support, then you can also remove it with ease.

autofull gaming chair assembly

Tilt lock function: Whether you are looking for an ordinary office chair or a gaming one, you want it to have the tilt lock mechanism. It allows the person using it a bit of relaxation. AutoFull Gaming Chair comes with this functionality, and it will enable a user to lock the chair’s back at any angle between 90 to 170 degree. It also ensures that you are in a comfortable position and even at the right corner from your desk. It is one of the best features of this chair, and the comfort level is excellent. The seat adjustment feature comes in handy while using the tilt lock function. It allows for better body adjustment. One can even see what’s perfect for him/her.

autofull gaming chair gordon hayward

One of the best things about the chair is that it comes with ergonomic support. The gaming chair takes and adjusts according to the shape of your body to provide maximum comfort. It helps in maintaining the standard psychological shape of neck and back. The hard-edged, “spider” type looking chair gives a NASCAR chair feeling to the gamers.

autofull gaming chair black & red

Adjustable armrest: Now, this is another thing that we all look for in a comfortable gaming chair. The armrests on this one are adjustable upto seven level height. We have already mentioned the dimensions of the armrest so that you can get a clearer picture. It has ergonomic support and is made of XL soft PU surface and plastic sprayed iron. It makes them much more comforting. The locking system while adjusting the armrest also works smoothly.

autofull gaming chair black & red

Breathable soft mesh back is another quality that impressed us. Other than being comfortable, the gaming chair is designed by keeping long duration plays in mind. The breathable mesh makes it non-sweaty and less irritating for the gamers. Otherwise, most of the times, the hot seat can irritate anyone in a jiffy.

autofull gaming chair malaysia

The chair has been designed perfectly for gamers. The company offers free replacement or money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. The warranty on the frame is of a lifetime, whereas the parts get a warranty of 36 months. If we look at the price, then the warranty on the parts could’ve been more. But still, it is a great deal. The manufacturer also offers customers an excellent after sales service. If there’s any problem with the chair, then you can directly contact the customer service, and the issues will be resolved.

autofull gaming chair black & blue

Headrest: We completely forgot to mention the headrest. Well, it is fantastic. It is removable and can be adjusted according to the needs. It is made of high-density mold shaping foam and also antioxidative PU clothing. It provides a perfect solace, and that’s something a gamer who plays for long duration needs.

autofull computer gaming chair

Pros of the gaming chair:

- The sitting arrangement makes it easier for gamers to play for long durations without any distress.
- The seat is made from high-density foam making it much more comfortable.
- The frame of the chair is robust and can be used for a long time.
- It offers ergonomic support for relaxing the back and neck. It adjusts according to the shape of the body for providing maximum solace. 
- The seat and armrests are adjustable. They are made with precision, and the changes in height are reasonable.
- It comes with a diamond shaped base made with high-quality nylon. It can handle weight up to 1136kg.
- The robust build and reliable configuration of the chair also attracted us.
- It comes with lumbar support for comforting back, and it can be easily removed and attached. 
- The chair is perfect for significant body individuals who face problems regularly while sitting on a chair for long durations.
- It can be reclined to a full 170 degrees backward. The tilt lock function is perfect. It has the best 360-degree swivels we have ever seen in a gaming chair.
- The ideal value for money and worth purchasing.

Cons of the gaming chair:

When you look at the things the chair offers at a reasonable price, it is quite tough to find flaws. But, we have tried to keep it transparent, and there are some things that we didn’t like about the chair, and they are: 

- The setup can be confusing if manuals are not read correctly.
- The cushion is a bit stiff in the beginning but gets comfortable as you start using it.
- Some of the screw anchors are tough to locate while assembling the chair.

autofull gaming chair instructions

Before purchasing the chair, there’s a need to understand why it is necessary to have one. We were also negligent of the fact that an accessory like this can have health benefits. For gamers, a good ergonomic support gaming chair is a must. Most of the gaming chairs are nothing but an upgraded version of the ones that are used in offices. There are several types of chairs available in different shapes, sizes, and design, but we found the AutoFull Gaming Chair as a perfect partner for gamers. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the gaming chair is necessary and not a luxury. So, first and foremost, let this thought sink in. With this review, we not only tried to assist you in buying a perfect gaming chair but also make things easier to understand things a lot better. Whether you are a casual gamer or a professional one, a gaming chair like this one can make a difference in your play. It doubles the concentration and ensures you are giving your 100 percent.

Now, talking about the gaming chair. We have mentioned all the features that you need to know while purchasing a chair. We tried to spend around six to eight hours straight using this chair. We were four friends playing games, and after the extended session, we didn’t find any discomfort in our bodies. Our backs and necks were doing good. It became possible because of the comfort that this gaming chair offers. We are satisfied with the build quality, and it can handle significant individuals too because I am one also. Now, the question is whether the gaming chair is worth its price? Well, it is a question that only you can answer. Yes, we can make it clear that it is a perfect gaming partner and long durations sitting is smooth. We would recommend you to purchase the chair, but it depends on your usage and what are you looking for. Other than this, it is an excellent sitting system provided, and we are delighted with the product.

Check out some more images of AutoFull Gaming Chair:

We hope we answered your every query related to the gaming chair. It is worth purchasing, and we spent some considerable time while writing this review. We hope you enjoyed reading it too. Check the complete review correctly before buying it.

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